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From the Brandcast stage: New star-studded shows for audiences around the globe

Kevin Hart. Rhett and Link. Ellen DeGeneres. Katy Perry. The Slow Mo Guys. Demi Lovato. Ludacris.

These amazing stars all have something in common: They're starring in new shows premiering exclusively on YouTube. And since these shows are ad-supported, youand every single one of our billion-plus viewerscan watch for free.

Bringing even more can’t-miss content to audiences globally

For years, we’ve been proud to work with creators like Casey Neistat, Jackie Aina and countless others who have turned their channels into daily destinations. And with these channels packaged within Google Preferredour offering that allows brands to advertise on some of the most-loved and most-watched content on YouTubebrands have been able to support the videos you love, so you can enjoy for free.

These channels continue to be hugely successful. That’s why, starting in 2016, we made the decision to take YouTube to the next level. We began making premium original content for our subscription service,, releasing 30 series and movies in just over a year. And we kept hearing from brands they wanted to be more involved in these premium series.

Launching new ad-supported shows, exclusively on YouTube

When excited fans, brands, and creators tell us something, we listen. We’re thrilled to announce that beginning later this year, some of the biggest YouTube creators and Hollywood names will be featured in seven new series on YouTubebringing more can’t-get-enough-of and can’t-find-anywhere-else shows to everyone, everywhere. With these new shows, brands can be a part of content that’s generating buzz around the world.

Check out the must-see lineup:

  • Ellen’s Show Me More Show: Like nothing Ellen has done before, Ellen’s Show Me More Show is a twice-a-week series built just for YouTube, giving fans behind the scenes access to some of the biggest stars and her favorite moments.
  • Good Mythical Morning: Worldwide YouTube superstarsand hosts of YouTube’s most popular daily showRhett & Link will go to new heights in a long-form expansion of Good Mythical Morning, giving fans even more of what they crave: larger-than-life stunts, zanier challenges, and over-the-top laughs.
  • Kevin Hart: What the Fit?: Kevin will team up with celebrity friends and YouTube stars each week as they attempt to master a different trending, grueling and sometimes ridiculous workout routine.  
  • I Am: Demi Lovato: Global music sensation and social advocate, Demi Lovato reveals a yearlong personal journey of music reinvention and deep discovery as she dives into the writing and recording of her new album in her new series, I Am: Demi Lovato.
  • Best.Cover.Ever.: From Ryan Seacrest Productions and Endemol Shine North America, Best.Cover.Ever. is a cutting-edge talent competition series hosted by Ludacris where emerging talent from across the globe submit covers to YouTube to vie for the ultimate prize: an opportunity to perform a duet with a superstar artist. Submit your cover now at
  • The Super Slow Show: YouTube stars The Slow Mo Guys will test the latest in technology to reinvent the way we look at celebrities, music, pranks, comedy sketches and more, giving a one-of-a-kind glimpse into what the world looks like in slow motion.
  • Katy Perry Live Special: It's real. It's raw. It's Katy Perry. Live on YouTube, The Katy Perry Live Special will take you inside of her world, revealing the experiences and emotions she poured into her all-new soul-baring music on the eve of her highly anticipated album launch. With unique access, global reach and surprise fun packed along the way, Katy will break it all down in this album listen-along, and if you stick around long enough, there might just be fireworks.

We’re excited to partner with top creators and world-class production companies to offer these new shows to audiences globallyon the platform where the world chooses to watch over a billion hours of video every day. People turn to YouTube to express themselves, engage with creators, and connect with the thriving communities they’re proud to be a part of.

This vibrant fan and creator community is also why brands turn to YouTube. And we're excited that Johnson & Johnson Consumer Brands will be our first advertising partner of this new content. In addition to a major investment in our creators through Google Preferred, they’ve signed on as the exclusive sponsor of Best.Cover.Ever., helping to make the talent competition accessible to YouTube viewers.

Check out #Brandcast to see highlights from the night and look here to see what new YouTube trends were announced.

Robert Kyncl, Chief Business Officer, YouTube

Marketing in a Multicultural World: 2017 Google’s Marketing Forum

The Google US Multicultural team hosted the first ever Multicultural Marketing Forum (MMF) in the NYC and LA campus late March. The Forum, previously focused on the Hispanic audience, evolved its scope to include African American, Asian and LGBT audiences. The theme of the forum this year, “Marketing in a Multicultural World,” urged brands to continue to think of Multicultural audiences in all of their company’s initiatives and not as a niche audience. Those brands who successfully shift their mindset will reap the benefits and experience brand growth. Both event keynotes, John Leguizamo in NY and Soledad O’Brien in LA, shared their personal stories on how the lack of diversity in the media has created challenges in their career and presented opportunities for them to change the conversation in the industry. Both John and Soledad are now using their own voice to influence how consumers and executives think of Multicultural audiences.
Kicking off the forum, Eliana Murillo, Head of Multicultural Marketing, gave insight into Google’s latest Global Youth study exploring Multicultural teen’s behaviors, tastes, and wants. Making up 37% of all US teens, Hispanics and African Americans are getting phones at younger ages, value personalization by brands, shopping more online than older segments, and are more comfortable using credit cards (see below for additional Teen stats).
Oona King, Director of Diverse Marketing at YouTube, took the stage to discuss with clients and agencies how African American audiences want advertisers to connect with them. Through an engaging story that started with the beginning of time, Oona shared pieces of advice from content creators to brands, made the case that Black Audiences and creators are not “niche”, and built the argument for more inclusive ads on YouTube. In addition to YouTube as a platform to engage Multicultural audiences, Kelsey Price and Diego Antista and Yesenia Bello from the Multicultural team, unveiled new research in partnership with ThinkNow and Ipsos for Hispanics who search. Both behavioral and survey based research shows that Bilingual audiences are search superstars (Highest avg. number of search pay views per session, Highest search share % of all views, etc) and Hispanics are not as brand loyal as you think. In fact, 85% Of Hispanics are not certain of brand choice when they first begin looking for information online meaning brands have an opportunity to influence decisions.
In addition to Googlers sharing the latest and greatest pieces of Multicultural research, this forum featured three branded case studies from Nestle, State Farm and TMobile/MetroPCS. Margie Bravo joined Salvador Maldonado on a fireside chat to discuss their success in 2016 with Coffeemate, Nescafe and other brands. Margie discussed Nestle’s effort to bring together the company through summits and top-down leadership to help empower Nestle brands to embrace Multicultural efforts. Nikki Newsome from OMD discussed how their agency has helped State Farm amplify their brand message through the passion point of music and leveraging influential music icon, Prince Royce. Lastly, Judy Popky and Daisy Terrazas-Cole discussed TMobile & MetroPCS’s success partnering with digital first content and testing different ad formats that have resulted in a growth in store visits.
Hearing from those who develop content for YouTubers, Seth Baron, Head of Creative Buisness Partnerships at the Zoo, hosted a fireside chat with YouTube content creator Gabriel Zamora who most recently partnered with MAC cosmetics. Together the two discussed Gabriel’s journey on YouTube and how he builds authentic connections with his Multicultural audience. Closing out the event, Susanna Kohly and Jackson Georges brought the magic of Google to MMF by presenting Google’s journey in Cuba and the initiative behind the island’s first ever VR experience.  During the cocktail reception, attendees were immersed in a live Cardboard demo of the video taking viewers through the life of the National Cuban hero, Jose Marti.

It’s time to recognize our Premier Google Partners

Our partners are critical to the health of the global marketing ecosystem. With the help of Google Partners, every business -- whether it’s a small business or a big brand -- can take advantage of the power of the web to deliver business results and grow.

One year ago we launched the Premier Google Partner badge to recognize advertising partners who manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and consistently deliver great results for their clients.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Premier Partner Awards. These awards will celebrate our Premier Partners and their contribution to their clients’ performance and success over the past year.

At Google, we believe that a stronger agency ecosystem makes everyone better. I encourage you to apply for our Premier Google Partners awards and share the magic of what you’ve accomplished.

Mary Ellen Coe
President, Google Marketing Solutions

Premier Google Partners globally are eligible to apply for one (or more) of the six award categories below. This year’s application process is open from April 24 until May 26, 2017.

Product Innovation
Awarded to Partners who have demonstrated expertise, excellence, and innovation in any of the following five product areas: Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping and Video.

Growing Businesses Online
Awarded to Partners who have had a significant impact helping businesses get online and grow with Google.

Judging will take place in June and July 2017 and will include reviews from both Google experts and third-party ad industry experts. We’ll announce local and regional winners in North & Latin America (Americas), Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific (APAC) in August and September.

Regional nominees will then go on to compete in the global awards, where global winners will be announced at the Google Partner Summit on September 28, 2017.

Introducing Marketing Mix Model Partners: Helping brands better understand the impact of their marketing

CMOs and marketing executives use marketing mix models to understand how their marketing investments are driving sales and how to optimize their spend across multiple brands, channels, and regions. With rising investment in digital and mobile advertising, marketers want to be sure the models they use correctly value the impact of these channels.

Today we’re excited to announce a program to help marketing mix model providers better incorporate Google media data into their services. The Marketing Mix Model Partners program is designed to ensure advertisers can accurately measure the ROI of their digital investments and confidently understand the digital drivers of ROI to improve returns year-over-year.

The Marketing Mix Model Partners program offers:
  • Data Access: Partners get access to accurate, granular campaign data across all relevant Google video, display, and search media in a standardized format. We’re also making the data easier to access by providing data from multiple properties, like Search and YouTube, in one centralized location. 
  • Expertise: Partners also get dedicated training, resources, and specialists to better understand Google advertising products and practices and incorporate digital data into their model methodologies. 
  • Actionability: We provide Google account and technical teams to help advise on results and strategies designed to understand the drivers of ROI and improve returns over time. 
Our partners

We’re excited to be working with the initial participants in the program, Marketing Management Analytics, Neustar MarketShare, and Nielsen. Google customers can talk with their Google representatives about working with one of these partners on using Google data in their marketing mix model engagements.

Here’s what our partners have to say about the program:

“The ability to collect and analyze digital data at extremely granular levels enables both marketers and their advertising partners to more successfully measure, predict and action the most effective and profitable means of optimizing each digital channel to achieve their business objectives. We are excited that Google has taken such a proactive approach in working with MMA and analytic companies within the marketplace in providing such a high level of objectivity and transparency."
— Patrick Cummings, CEO of Marketing Management Analytics 
“Today’s measurement solutions need to be connected, always on and incorporate the myriad of channels, as well as critical econometric externalities in order for marketers to truly get an accurate view of marketing’s impact. We are thrilled to be a Google launch partner as this signals our commitment to helping brands understand how their marketing investments are driving business results. Through this partnership our advanced analytics models will incorporate more accurate, granular data, giving marketers a more complete understanding of the effectiveness of their marketing and how best to optimize their spend to improve future outcomes.”
— Julie Fleischer, Vice President, Product Marketing, Marketing Solutions, Neustar 
"As the marketing landscape rapidly evolves, it is critical to use the most robust data-streams in our Marketing Mix models to ensure the highest standard of insight quality. Working with Google, we will have better input and better consultative output so that our advertiser clients can best understand what is driving their performance today and make informed decisions for tomorrow.”
 ‒ Jason Tate, VP of Global Analytics at Nielsen 

As part of our commitment to providing the industry with trusted, transparent, and independent third-party metrics, we’ll be expanding the program over the coming months. If your company provides marketing mix model services and you’re interested in learning more about the partner program, please sign up here.

Expanded safeguards for advertisers

By Philipp Schindler, Chief Business Officer, Google

The web has opened a door for new communities and platforms that help people find diverse views and have a voice. Today, anyone with a smartphone can be a content creator, app developer or entrepreneur. And Google has enabled millions of content creators and publishers to be heard, find an audience, earn a living, or even build a business. Much of this is made possible through advertising. Thousands of sites are added every day to our ad network, and more than 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. We have a responsibility to protect this vibrant, creative world—from emerging creators to established publishers—even when we don’t always agree with the views being expressed.

But we also have a responsibility to our advertisers who help these publishers and creators thrive. We have strict policies that define where Google ads should appear, and in the vast majority of cases, our policies and tools work as intended. But at times we don’t get it right.

Recently, we had a number of cases where brands’ ads appeared on content that was not aligned with their values. For this, we deeply apologize. We know that this is unacceptable to the advertisers and agencies who put their trust in us. That’s why we've been conducting an extensive review of our advertising policies and tools, and why we made a public commitment last week to put in place changes that would give brands more control over where their ads appear.

I wanted to share that we've already begun ramping up changes around three areas: our ad policies, our enforcement of these policies and new controls for advertisers.

Raising the bar for our ad policies

We know advertisers don't want their ads next to content that doesn’t align with their values. So starting today, we’re taking a tougher stance on hateful, offensive and derogatory content. This includes removing ads more effectively from content that is attacking or harassing people based on their race, religion, gender or similar categories. This change will enable us to take action, where appropriate, on a larger set of ads and sites.

We’ll also tighten safeguards to ensure that ads show up only against legitimate creators in our YouTube Partner Program—as opposed to those who impersonate other channels or violate our community guidelines. Finally, we won’t stop at taking down ads. The YouTube team is taking a hard look at our existing community guidelines to determine what content is allowed on the platform—not just what content can be monetized.

Increased brand safety levels and controls for advertisers

Every company has brand guidelines that inform where and when they want their ads to appear. We already offer some controls for advertisers that respond to these needs. In the coming days and months, we’re introducing new tools for advertisers to more easily and consistently manage where their ads appear across YouTube and the web.

  • Safer default for brands. We’re changing the default settings for ads so that they show on content that meets a higher level of brand safety and excludes potentially objectionable content that advertisers may prefer not to advertise against. Brands can opt in to advertise on broader types of content if they choose.
  • Simplified management of exclusions. We’ll introduce new account-level controls to make it easier for advertisers to exclude specific sites and channels from all of their AdWords for Video and Google Display Network campaigns, and manage brand safety settings across all their campaigns with a push of a button.
  • More fine-tuned controls. In addition, we’ll introduce new controls to make it easier for brands to exclude higher risk content and fine-tune where they want their ads to appear.

Increasing resources, accelerating reviews and improving transparency

We’ll offer advertisers and agencies more transparency and visibility on where their ads are running, and in the coming months we’ll expand availability of video-level reporting to all advertisers.

We'll be hiring significant numbers of people and developing new tools powered by our latest advancements in AI and machine learning to increase our capacity to review questionable content for advertising. In cases where advertisers find their ads were served where they shouldn’t have been, we plan to offer a new escalation path to make it easier for them to raise issues. In addition, we’ll soon be able to resolve these cases in less than a few hours.

We believe the combination of these new policies and controls will significantly strengthen our ability to help advertisers reach audiences at scale, while respecting their values. We will continue to act swiftly to put these new policies and processes in place across our ad network and YouTube. But we also intend to act carefully, preserving the value we currently provide to advertisers, publishers and creators of all sizes. In the end, there’s nothing more important to Google than the trust we’ve built amongst our users, advertisers, creators and publishers. Brand safety is an ongoing commitment for us, and we’ll continue to listen to your feedback.

Join us live on May 23, 2017 as we announce the latest Ads, Analytics and DoubleClick innovations

What: Google Marketing Next keynote live stream
When: Tuesday, May 23 at 9:00 a.m. PT/12:00 p.m. ET.
Duration: 1 hour
Where: Here on the Inside Adwords Blog

Be the first to hear about Google’s latest marketing innovations, the moment they’re announced. Watch live as my team and I share new Ads, Analytics and DoubleClick innovations designed to improve your ability to reach consumers, simplify campaign measurement and increase your productivity. We’ll also give you a sneak peek at how brands are starting to use the Google Assistant to delight customers.

Register for the live stream here.

Until then, follow us on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn for previews of what’s to come.

Introducing OREO Space Dunk

The OREO Dunk Challenge is currently running as a global digital, print, and TV campaign promoting the iconic cookie’s long-standing relationship with a cool glass of milk.
To connect with more fans, and bring this worldwide celebration of dunking right to the palms of their hands, OREO invited its agencies and The ZOO at Google to push the creative campaign – and its signature ritual - further with mobile.

The ZOO is Google’s creative think tank that helps brands and agencies unlock the creative potential of Google technology and data.
Over the past few months, 360i, Carat and The ZOO developed “OREO Space Dunk,” a web-based application that leverages Google Maps to let cookie-lovers virtually launch OREO cookies into space as an innovative way to dunk within the OREO Dunk Challenge.  The result is a customized, personalized dunking experience.
Using their smartphones, fans scan an original OREO cookie, unlocking a mobile site that recognizes and transforms the real cookie into a digital version.

Users then swing their phone to send the virtual cookie into the stratosphere, starting from the user’s location in Google Earth before  descending and “dunking” into a glass of milk placed in a location across the world via Google Street View.
Built by the award-winning production company Jam3, “OREO Space Dunk” launches February 21 in the U.S. and will roll out internationally over the course of the campaign.
“Our deep collaboration with OREO and their agencies represents a solid model for the future of brand advertising in the digital space," said Michael Yapp, director of The ZOO at Google. "We're thrilled to see our products integrated into OREO's campaign in a fun, creative way and look forward to seeing the journey each OREO takes."
“While we know nothing beats dunking a real OREO cookie in milk, it’s exciting to see variations of the ritual, including one that takes it into the digital space,” said Kerri McCarthy, Senior Global Brand Manager, OREO. “The innovation behind the ‘OREO Space Dunk’ is the result of true collaboration and it’s a great way to further diversify the array of OREO dunks that make up the OREO Dunk Challenge.”

Building trust and increasing transparency with MRC-accredited measurement

Measurement has been top of mind in our recent conversations with advertisers, and for good reason. As we’ve said many times, “If you can’t measure it, how do you know it worked?” Committing to measurement is critical, but just the first step. We believe that that the industry needs metrics that are trusted, transparent and easily verified. Today, we’re pleased to share several updates on the work we’re doing with third party verification and audit partners to ensure that the metrics available from Google are objective and accurate.
Transparency and trust are the core principles of our measurement strategy. We strongly believe in the need for third-party accreditation through the Media Rating Council (MRC). We gained our first accreditations back in 2006, and for over ten years we’ve partnered with the MRC, advocating for standards across the industry and contributing to ongoing discussions that set guidelines for measuring the effectiveness of ads. We currently maintain over 30 MRC accreditations across display and video, desktop and mobile web, mobile apps, and clicks, plays, impressions and viewability.

MRC accreditation for 3rd party viewability reporting on YouTube

Since 2015, we've completed integrations with Moat, Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify to enable third-party viewability reporting on YouTube. These integrations offer advertisers additional choice for measuring viewability on YouTube, alongside Active View.
Today, we’re announcing that each of these integrations will undergo a stringent, independent audit for MRC accreditation. The audit will validate that data collection, aggregation and reporting for served video impressions, viewable impressions, related viewability statistics and General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) across desktop and mobile for each integration adheres to MRC and IAB standards. In short, advertisers will have even greater confidence in the metrics returned by these third party partners about their campaigns on YouTube.
“Google’s announcement that they are undertaking an independent audit of their 3rd party viewability reporting integrations is a positive step forward for marketers. At the ANA, our goal is to create transparency for the advertising supply chain. This action from Google today demonstrates their commitment to partnering with us to deliver this goal."
—Bob Liodice, President and CEO, Association for National Advertisers

New MRC accreditations for DoubleClick and AdWords

Our commitment to MRC accreditation goes beyond our media to include our platform solutions as well. We maintain several accreditations for DoubleClick already, and today we’re announcing that we are now fully accredited for video impressions and viewability statistics for desktop web, mobile web and mobile app in DoubleClick Campaign Manager.
We are also seeking MRC accreditation for video impressions and viewability statistics and GIVT detection for display and video in both AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager. These MRC audits will span across all video available through these buying platforms — including YouTube and partner inventory.
"Google's commitment to MRC's initiatives has been unwavering over time, and their participation in industry standards projects has been helpful. We look forward to working on these new audits and expanding the industry's trust as it relates to YouTube's third party integrations and DoubleClick Bid Manager."
—George Ivie, CEO and Executive Director, Media Rating Council
“Google’s announcement to bring more media transparency is important progress that will help move the industry forward. At P&G, we are encouraged by Google’s actions, which should make a positive impact on creating a clean and productive media supply chain.”
—Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, Procter & Gamble

With so much activity underway, we know that it can be difficult to stay current. For an up to date list of all MRC accreditations, click here.
Transparency and trust are fundamental to measurement, and they’re fundamental to our strategy for giving marketers and publishers the metrics and insights they need to make better decisions. A solid foundation has been created, but there is much more work to do. In 2017, we’ll continue to seek ways to raise the bar on transparent and trustworthy measurement, and we welcome your partnership along the way.

Mobile Live Streaming: Now rolling-out to more channels

YouTube is constantly working to develop new ways for brands, creators, and audiences to interact and connect with each other through video. It’s why we’ve supported live streaming since before Beyoncé even had a baby – way back in 2011. And just last year, we witnessed the most-viewed political live streams of all time – the 2016 U.S. presidential debates – and we launched the world’s first 360-degree live streaming support with full 4k video, at scale and for free.

So what’s next? The roll out of our new mobile live streaming feature to channels with more than ten thousand subscribers (and coming to more soon). It’s a launch that’ll put the power of live streaming in the hands of your brand and hundreds of thousands of YouTube creators, giving you a more intimate and spontaneous way to connect with your audience on your channel in real-time.


Mobile live streaming has been built directly into the YouTube mobile app. All you have to do to start streaming is open YouTube, hit the capture button, and your brand is live! Streamed videos will have all the same features as regular YouTube videos. They can be searched for, found via recommendations or playlists, and protected from unauthorized use. Our mobile live streaming uses YouTube’s rock-solid infrastructure, meaning it’ll be fast and reliable, just the YouTube you know and love.

We can’t wait to see what you stream.

Kurt Wilms, YouTube Product Manager, recently watched "Bored at Target"

A modified version of this post announcing mobile live streaming and Super Chat appeared on the Official YouTube blog.

#TheYouTubeAd of 2016 – The Results Are In

In partnership with The Webby Awards, we invited marketers and fans alike to vote for their favorite YouTube ads from nominees across six categories -- and the results are in.

We’re pleased to share the results of the #TheYouTubeAd of 2016 contest:

Category: #TheYouTubeAd That Goes Straight To The Heart
Winner: Budweiser | Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions | Harry Caray’s Last Call | Fly The W (VaynerMedia, MediaCom) -

Category: #TheYouTubeAd That’s Your Guilty Pleasure 
Winner: Dear Kitten: Beginnings // Presented by Buzzfeed & Friskies (Buzzfeed)

Category: #TheYouTubeAd That Puts Stars In Your Eyes 
Winner: Best Fiends - WARNING: Don’t Download Best Fiends (Best Fiends In House)


Category: #TheYouTubeAd That Knows No Limits
Winner: #Pokemon20: Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial (Omelet, MediaCom)

Category: #TheYouTubeAd That Takes A Stand 
Winner: The Unseen | It Can Wait | AT&T (BBDO, Hearts & Science)

Category: #TheYouTubeAd That Says It In Six
Winner: Old Spice | Sweat | #smellegendary (Wieden+Kennedy)

Thank you for voting and congratulations to the winners!