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Tune in on July 10, 2018 as we announce our latest product innovations

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It’s that time of year again! Join us as we unveil the latest Ads, Analytics and Platforms innovations at Google Marketing Live. Get a first look at new features and tools that will help you grow your business. Also gain access to the latest insights and trends that are shaping the future of the industry.

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Get recognized for your great work at the Premier Partner Awards 2018

Announcing the Premier Partner Awards 2018 — a time to recognize innovation and performance in digital marketing. Winning an award results in more than a trophy. It's a way for Premier Partners to showcase their strengths to current clients and attract new ones.

We’ve listened to your feedback and made some adjustments to this year’s awards. The application process has been streamlined to focus on your great campaign work and the submission window has been extended to better accommodate your schedule.

The judges will review every case study and be looking for innovative uses of technology. Regional events will bring the finalists together and give Premier Partners the chance to meet and celebrate. Winners will be awarded at the regional or country level only.

Join us and apply here for the Premier Partner Awards 2018 in your region.

About the awards
The Premier Partner Awards 2018 honor great work with Innovation Awards in the following areas: Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping and Video.

Additionally, we recognize one partner in each region with the Growing Businesses Online Award. This award goes to a company that helps clients get online, stay online, and grow online with interesting and thoughtful methods.

Important dates
All applications are due online by June 29, 2018.
The finalists for each award will be announced on August 27, 2018.
Winners will be announced at regional events between October and December.

More information
Check out the Premier Partner Awards site to learn more and apply before the June 29 deadline.

Top agencies partner with YouTube to bring UN goals to life in a new campaign

Last year at Cannes, we announced a partnership with Common Ground and the United Nations for The Common Future Project, bringing together talent from the world’s largest agencies and communications groups to mobilize Generation Z around the UN’s Global Goals.

Over the past few months, our team has been working together to build #LittleXLittle, a global campaign launching today on YouTube. We’re working to inspire 2 billion young people to take simple, micro-actions that can collectively save the world.

Because this generation is more than just big, it’s a passionate group of young people who are fired up. They know what they care about and which issues matter to them but they don’t think they have the strength or the numbers to make an impact.

The campaign encourages each member of Gen Z to take one simple, six-second action for the cause of his or her choice. And we can show that those little actions—when multiplied by the largest generation in human history—can make progress on history’s ambitious roadmap to save the world. Why six seconds? We know that even in this short amount of time, you can take one small action, and deliver one powerful message—just like how YouTube encourages brands to deliver messages in six-second ads.

We’re building on the buzz of our anthem spot by calling on global creators, UN influencers, and members of Gen Z to share their tips, ideas, and inspiration and show how we all have the power to change the world in as little as six seconds. The campaign will include a range of ads, including short-form bumpers—perfect for showing how small things can make a big impact.

The teams also partnered with FameBit to enroll a range of influencers and creators who can galvanize and mobilize Gen Z and add their voices to the movement. Creators from the U.S., U.K., and India have already created their own videos encouraging their fans to support their causes Marissa Rachel whose YouTube channel has over 1.5M subscribers, for example, aims to inspire her community to take action against goal #4: Quality Education.

The campaign will be supported by a media grant from YouTube, and will run in U.S., U.K., Nigeria, and India. We’re thrilled to be able to shine a spotlight on the great collaboration of these agencies coming together for the common good.

Feeling inspired? Visit the to get involved. We hope you’ll take a picture, share a video and tag it with #LittleXLittle to show the world how you’re taking action.

The benefits of consolidating media buys on a single platform

Cross-posted from the DoubleClick Advertiser Blog

With DoubleClick’s Programmatic Guaranteed solution, advertisers and media owners can transact both reservation and open auction media buys programmatically, using a single platform. This means advertisers get one view of all their buys across a campaign, allowing them to more effectively control reach and frequency so they get better results. And advertisers and media owners each benefit from a simpler and more efficient workflow.

We worked with Nielsen and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to quantify the benefits of this technology for advertisers, agencies and media owners.

Across 10 global campaigns, we found that the consolidated ad buying approach offered by Programmatic Guaranteed drove an 11% increase in reach efficiency. This means that marketers in the Nielsen study reached 11% more unique consumers -- without increasing their campaign investment -- when using Programmatic Guaranteed compared to a siloed approach where reservation and open auction buys were managed separately.[1]

Buyers and sellers also save significant time when using Programmatic Guaranteed: from insertion order to billing, agency marketers in the BCG study spent 30% less time on set-up and ongoing management of campaigns compared to traditional reservations. Media owners in the BCG study spent 57% less time on set-up and ongoing management of Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns compared to traditional reservations.2

To learn more about the full results make sure to download the full report

Posted by Andrea Vassalli, Product Marketing Manager, DoubleClick
[1]Results based on a Google commissioned study conducted by Nielsen. The siloed media buying portion of the test reached on average 322,575 unique consumers for each million impressions compared to the consolidated media portion that reached 359,617 unique consumers.
2 Results based on Google commissioned study conducted by, The Boston Consulting Group, “A Guaranteed Opportunity in Programmatic”. February, 2018.

Storytelling in Six Seconds: Sundance Edition

In the nearly two years since we launched six-second bumper ads, we’ve seen that big creative ideas can come to life in the smallest of spaces. The world’s most creative minds have tested the limits of building evocative work in six seconds—and the ad community’s enthusiasm has spread beyond YouTube, as bumpers now regularly appear on TV and other digital platforms.

At Sundance this week, we’ll continue spurring on this creative revolution and unveil this year’s six-second challenge. We enlisted some of the brightest minds in creativity, film, and storytelling to draw inspiration from a timeless story, like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, or Snow White. These tales have survived as fables, story books, animated movies, live-action films based on animated movies, and hit songs. Will they survive as six-second stories?

Amid the indie films, documentaries, and star sightings, there will be a handful of top creative agencies from all over the world contributing to this year’s six-second challenge—showing how the way we tell stories continues to evolve through different themes, voices, and media.

The agency interpretations of these stories cover a broad range of imagination and creativity, and demonstrate how much focus, emotion, and complexity can fit into a six-second format. They also show how just six seconds can trigger the desire to see much more. The following short films showcase the diversity of storytelling on display at Sundance, and we hope they inspire you to explore the power, possibility, and impact of short-form storytelling.

Agency: BBH London
Story Inspired By: The Ugly Duckling 

Agency: BBH China X Eagle Media
Story Inspired By: Hansel & Gretel

Agency: Energy BBDO
Story Inspired By: Three Little Pigs

Agency: Grey New York
Story Inspired By: Little Red Riding Hood

Agency: Hecho En 72
Story Inspired By: Puss in Boots 

Agency: J. Walter Thompson New York
Story Inspired By: Beauty & the Beast 

Agency: Ogilvy UK
Story Inspired By: Rapunzel

Agency: 72andSunny Sydney
Story Inspired By: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day
Story Inspired By: Cinderella 

Agency: The Richards Group 
Story Inspired By: Rumpelstiltskin

Agency: Ogilvy India
Story: Thumbelina

Agency: Publicis New York
Story: Snow White

Posted by Sadie Thoma, Head of Creative Agency Development, Google

Academy for Ads- Your New Home for Ads Education

A Google certification shows your clients that you have the skills that can deliver positive results for their business. That’s why we offer professional certifications in AdWords, Analytics, Mobile Site development, Digital Sales, and more - so you can show you have the product knowledge they’re looking for.

Starting today, exams and certifications in Partners will be moving to a new home for growing and perfecting your advertising skills -- Google’s Academy for Ads .

Academy for Ads offers fast, easy-to-use education, with training, assessments, and certifications. It will help you learn advertising concepts in an interactive format and is perfect for agencies that need to develop and demonstrate knowledge of Google ad products like AdWords or DoubleClick.

Sign in to Academy for Ads to see your new account, where you’ll find your existing credentials from Google Partners. And when you’re due to retake any exams, you'll be able to do so from there.

This change is only related to education and certification, so you'll still be able to access your Google Partners account at for company affiliation, company profile, Partner status, promotional offers, and insights.

We hope you enjoy the new experience with Academy for Ads!

For more information, please visit our Help Center . You can also contact your Google Partners advisor to learn more or join the Google Partners North American Advertiser Community to ask questions and chat with fellow Partners.

See you online,

The Google Partners Team

Meet the Winners of #TheYouTubeAd of 2017

In partnership with The Webby Awards, we selected 30 of the most iconic ads on YouTube from 2017 based on this year’s YouTube Ads Leaderboard. Then, you voted for your favorites across six categories covering all kinds of ads. And now, the results are in. Six winners of #TheYouTubeAd of 2017 contest have proven themselves as the most loved ads on YouTube, and we’re thrilled to share them with you:

Category: #TheYouTubeAd That Goes Straight To The Heart
No, you’re crying—these tears are just allergies. Yeah, sure. Vote for the ad that really moved you.
Winner: Following, Neighborhood of Good | State Farm Insurance | DDB

Category: #TheYouTubeAd That’s Your Guilty Pleasure
Cats. Cooking shows. Unboxing. We all have our favorite distractions. Vote for the one you secretly love.
Winner: Hay Day 360 Hug | Supercell | Barton F. Graf

Category: #TheYouTubeAd That Puts Stars In Your Eyes
Who doesn’t love a good celebrity cameo? Vote for the best star-studded spot.
Winner: “Hero’s Journey” Starring Melissa McCarthy | Kia Motors | David & Goliath | Horizon / Canvas Worldwide

Category: #TheYouTubeAd That Knows No Limits
Get inspired, seize the moment—and vote for the ad that made you live for today.
Winner: Clash of Clans : How Do We Get Over There? (Update Teaser) | Supercell | Barton F. Graf

Category: #TheYouTubeAd That Takes A Stand
Ads can be a powerful voice for change. Vote for the one that moves you to work for a better tomorrow. 
Winner: The Story of Lucy | Windex | Energy BBDO | PHD

Category: #TheYouTubeAd That Has Six Appeal
It doesn’t take long to grab our attention. Vote for the six-second spot that makes a big impact. 
Winner: Dina Tokio Tube Makeup Teaser | Revlon UK | Mediacom

Thanks so much for voting, and congratulations to this year’s winners! If you’re looking for even more great ads, dive into the 2017 Year-End YouTube Ads Leaderboard.

2017 Google Partner Summit: Marketing In the Age of Assistance

Last month, we held our largest ever Google Partner Summit in New York City, bringing together more than 1,000 1,029 executives from Premier Google Partners from around the world. The event featured some of the brightest minds in the advertising industry and allowed attendees to build connections and leave with new insights that can help them walk confidently into the Age of Assistance.

The day kicked off with President of Google Marketing Solutions, Mary Ellen Coe, who shared how customer behavior is changing as the mobile age gives way to automation and how marketers need to adapt. Several senior Google product leads and experts highlighted recent Product launches in mobile, audience, video, local & attribution. And the main stage concluded with Google’s Head of Behavioral Science, Maya Shankar, who spoke on how applying the principles of behavior economics can drive growth for a diverse set of companies.

In the afternoon, attendees had the chance to attend various breakout sessions, which offered a deeper-dive into the topics most relevant to their business. Content covered how science and data apply to hiring practices, utilizing YouTube to not only increase reach but to drive results, and how to lead in an era of complexity.

The day culminated with the announcement of this year’s global Premier Partner Awards winners. The six winners hailed from Thailand, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, India and the United States, and were chosen from hundreds of high quality nominees representing incredible diversity of thought, strategy and innovation. Congratulations to our global finalists and to all regional winners and shortlisted Partners from around the world!

To see more posts and learnings from the event, check out our Twitter Moments collection here, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @GooglePartners to continue the conversations started and to build on the learnings shared.

Thank you to everyone that travelled thousands of miles to New York to join us at the event and for all of your feedback. We heard you liked content covering Behavioral Science and new Product releases, while wanting more charging stations and restrooms. We’ll do our best to best to fix this at next year’s Partner Summit.

See you online,
The Google Partners Team

Finding and Reaching Your Best Customers on YouTube

A recent ComScore study found that customers who visit a brand’s website after engaging with that brand on YouTube spend more than customers who come from anywhere else. The same study also showed that 20% of those customers will buy from that brand again in the future.1 As if in response, direct-response-focused advertisers who may have previously scoffed at video are rethinking their strategies. Read on to see how three such advertisers --, Batteries Plus Bulbs, and CarGurus -- are now using YouTube to reach their highest value audiences. reaches millennials and empty nesters at the same time
With Mike Bozeman, Vice President of Media Solutions
Through their consumer research, found that they could divide their audience into two groups you don’t normally see together -- millennials and empty-nesters. “Though these two audiences may seem dissimilar at first glance,” says Mike Bozeman, vice president of media solutions, “their housing spend habits actually look quite similar, and these housing spend habits make them both’s target consumer.” already knew they’d be able to reach millennials on YouTube, but quickly realized that empty nesters conveniently are also spending more and more time on YouTube. Now the brand turns to YouTube to reach both of these audiences at the same time, with slightly different messages.

“We’re trying to segment and create a storyline that resonates with each consumer and ultimately drives awareness and consideration,” said Mike. To do so, in addition to using keyword and channel targeting, used in-market segments to reach people in-market to rent and lookalike audiences to reach people similar to others that have already visited “YouTube’s advanced targeting options are working great so far -- so much so that we even stopped all our print advertising in January.”

According to Mike, “We’re still experimenting with formats to figure out what the best mix looks like. But today we lean into TrueView for introducing our brand and bumpers to re-engage people in a nice, quick way. We’ve already seen a 1200% increase in brand interest alone. But beyond that, we’re seeing that about 20% of people coming from YouTube end up searching for an apartment at”

Car Gurus brings an edge to YouTube
With Sarah Welch, Senior VP of Marketing

For performance advertiser CarGurus, YouTube is primarily a top-of-the-funnel, attention-grabbing solution. “Because of its unparalleled reach among video platforms, we rely on YouTube to tell our brand story and extend the reach of our brand in effective and interesting ways,” says Sarah Welch, senior VP of marketing at CarGurus.

CarGurus’ video media strategy relies on using TrueView and 6-second bumper ads to build awareness among In-Market Auto Shoppers who haven’t yet visited CarGurus site. “Car shopping isn’t something people do every day,” says Sarah, “or even every year, so we want to make sure that when people are actually in market, we reach them.” In addition to In-Market Audience targeting on YouTube, the brand is now taking advantage of the newly available option to leverage Google Search data in its YouTube campaigns as well. Employing YouTube’s powerful audience tools, CarGurus reached 12.5 million entirely new users in Q4 2016.

CarGurus’ video creative strategy is still evolving as the brand develops its YouTube presence. “So far we’ve been using our TV spots but with slightly different endings for YouTube to appeal to the slightly edgier humor of our audience there. Our first foray into video was functional and instructional,” says Sarah. “We laid out brass-tacks case examples of how CarGurus can help you decide what car’s best for you. It’s been a nice workhorse piece of content, but now we’re starting to get more creative with our storytelling.”

CarGurus’ new campaign takes one step back before educating about its products and instead focuses on pure and simple name recognition among their highest value audiences. “Our ‘motivational guru’ campaign is all about name recognition. It’s intended to be hard-hitting and humorous. We take the guru concept and hammer it home hard with a bit of edge to build brand awareness for ourselves. And it’s performing quite well for us, based on our video measures of success: view-through rates and brand lift.  Of course we look at ROI too, but our primary goal on YouTube is to capture attention and build our brand among the right people. Then we follow up with them elsewhere via remarketing.”  

Batteries Plus Bulbs takes the “DIY” out of screen repair
With Bob McKinney, VP of Digital Marketing

Performance advertisers are increasingly turning to YouTube to drive lower-funnel actions. In the case of Batteries Plus Bulbs, they used hyper-specific targeting on YouTube to reach people ripe for conversion, and bring them in-store.

“Because Batteries Plus Bulbs stores are located all across the United States,” said Bob McKinney, Batteries Plus Bulbs VP of digital marketing, “we found it very difficult and inefficient to drive awareness on television. Besides, we don’t have 3-5 days to get our audience through the funnel. We have maybe an hour, so our marketing is real time. Right now.”

When it comes to reaching the right people at just the right time, Batteries Plus Bulbs relies on  YouTube. “Our priority recently became understanding how to find an audience currently dealing with a broken device,” said Bob, “So our team created a Custom Affinity segment on YouTube to target individuals researching their repair options. This new targeting solution allows us to marry intent with YouTube’s massive reach.”

According to Bob, “When you break your phone the first thing you do is Google how to fix the screen. People often end up on YouTube looking for videos about how to repair their screen themselves. And that’s our trigger. We reach them on YouTube and use clever creative to quickly demonstrate how much easier it is to let the Batteries Plus Bulbs ‘WeFixIt’ team do the work instead. That’s our whole pitch, the convenience pitch.”

The combination of smart targeting and witty creative with this campaign so far has led to an overall lift of 77% in brand awareness and an 85% lift in purchase intent, in addition to a spike in cold-hard appointment signups for screen repairs.

Your highest value customers are paying close attention on YouTube, and we have the tools to help you understand when and how to reach them. As these examples show, there’s no “right” way to use YouTube as a performance advertiser. You can think of formats, creative, and targeting as your tools, but you’re the (performance) artist, and your consumer insights are your creative inspiration!

1 Source: Google commissioned Comscore YouTube Value of Audience Study, U.S., February 2017

Google awards digital agencies that are helping SMBs grow

Summer’s finally here. And for digital communities across the world, that means sun, sea...and shortlists. Yep, the wait is finally over—as Google announces the agencies and third parties in the running for a 2017 Premier Partner Award. You can see the full shortlist here.

This year, there are six different awards to be won, across categories ranging from innovation in search and mobile, to a wider ‘Growing Businesses Online Award’. Each award recognises Premier Partner agencies and third parties who have used Google’s products to not only achieve marketing excellence through ground-breaking innovation, but also generate outstanding results for their SMB clients.

What’s also special about the Premier Partner Awards, is that the panel of independent judges look beyond the usual campaign performance metrics. For example, they take into account how Partners have managed their creative talent, applied technology in new and clever ways—or even improved their own internal culture as a result of the campaign.

The six winners in 9 regions of this first round will then qualify for the global awards, held in New York on 28 September.

To be part of the Premier Partner Awards, entrants must first become a Google Partner and earn the coveted Premier Partner status. This is Google’s elite programme for agencies, designed to give them the tools and support they need to help their clients succeed with AdWords. By working with a Google Partner, SMBs get access to the very latest digital best practice, and the peace of mind their business (and budget) is in safe hands. Visit the Google Partners website to learn more, or find a digital specialist near you.

See you next year?
If you’re a digital marketing agency or professional and would like to learn more about becoming a Google Partner, please visit the Google Partners website

The Google Partners Team