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Official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index

Simplifying Search Console reports with an updated item classification

Search Console is simplifying the way it classifies pages, items, and issues in reports. The goal is to help you focus on critical issues that affect your visibility in Search, and will help you better prioritize your work. This change will be rolled out to all properties gradually over the next few months.

May 2022 core update releasing for Google Search

Several times per year, we make substantial improvements to our overall ranking processes, which we refer to as core updates. Core updates are designed to increase the overall relevancy of our search results and make them more helpful and useful for everyone. Today, we're releasing our May 2022 core update. It will take about 1-2 weeks to fully roll out.

Optimizing website performance with a Search Console bubble chart

In this post, we’ll discuss a bubble chart that can help you understand which queries are performing well for your site, and which could be improved. We’ll first explain the main elements in the chart, describing specific settings and how they influence the data. Then we’ll provide some pointers on what to look for when analyzing the data.