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Official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index

Product reviews update and your site

We are now rolling out a new product reviews update, the first major update since April 2021, that may change how your product reviews rank in search results. We are also sharing new best practices when writing product reviews to augment the previous advice we shared. We also published a new documentation page that captures the complete set of best practices.

A 2021 update on mobile indexing

We first started working on mobile-first indexing a number of years ago. Since then, we switched to indexing the majority of web pages with Googlebot-Smartphone. We've now determined that some sites are still not ready to be shifted over due to various, unexpected challenges. Because of this, we're now leaving the timeline open for the last steps of mobile-first indexing.

One year of Google Search Central

A year ago, we launched our new site and announced that we were leaving our beloved name, Google Webmasters, behind for a new moniker: Google Search Central. This year, we've been working with our internal SEO team to improve our content, writing lots of new documentation, migrating 13 local language blogs, and developing a new checklist for our home page.

Updating our job posting guidelines to improve quality of results for job seekers

Searching for a job can be a time consuming process and the outcome of the application may be life changing. That's why providing job seekers with authentic, fresh, and trustworthy content when they come to Google Search is our top priority. Today we are announcing a new structured data property and new editorial content policy.