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Announcing the Merchant API Beta, the new version of the Content API for Shopping

Today we're announcing the release of the Merchant API Beta. This is the newest version of the Content API for Shopping which comes with exciting new features. The Merchant API is a redesign of the Content API for Shopping which can help you showcase your products with new features, modular design with isolated sub-API updates, and improved alignment with Google's API improvement proposals. We invite you to try out the Merchant API Beta to provide early feedback so we can improve the Merchant API for you.

For more information, we highly recommend reviewing the launch status for Merchant API Beta expectations and see the following sections.

You can find a complete list of features in the release notes in the GRPC/REST reference sections and accompanying compatibility guides, but here are the highlights:
  • Sub APIs with new features at launch: We are excited to announce an initial set of sub apis which comes with new features:
    • Data Sources: Allows multiple API feed creation and management, improved management of supplemental feeds via creation with linking to primary feeds, and support for other shopping feeds such as promotions.
    • Notifications: Receive push notifications for changes to a given account and product data.
    • Products: Unifying Product & ProductStatuses resources to streamline your workflow, new functionality to support inserting products into non API data sources.
    • Inventory: Improved management with the ability to remove in-store or regional inventories for your products.
    • Accounts: New terms of signing (ToS) functionality via the API and accessing account issues with multi-language support.
    • Local Feeds Partnership: For Point-of-sale data providers, more granular inventory management with availability status submissions and feed labels for inventory.
    • Promotions: Simplified promotion statuses with improved details and support for custom promotion attributes for faster iterations on new features.
    • Quota: Additional fields such as version, sub-api, and adjustments visible through the API to manage your quotas more efficiently.
    • Reports: A new NonProductPerformanceView table which provides insights into non-product performance data such as data on links leading to merchants’ homepage.
  • Merchant API is the future. Going forward, we will start launching new features primarily for the Merchant API which will have the newest Merchant Center features. We recommend you start using the Merchant API and would love to hear your feedback to help shape the future.
  • More features are on the way! Today's release contains many new improvements. Currently, there isn’t feature completeness between the Content API and Merchant API. We will have more features upcoming which are based on establishing parity, your feedback, and completely new features such as creation of file feeds with the Data source Merchant API.
Learn more and check out the following resources:

Changes to how you contact “Content API for Shopping” Support

What's Happening?

As we continue to improve our support experience, we are making changes to how you contact the Content API for Shopping support team.

What's Changing?

How you contact “Content API for Shopping” Support:

  • Shutting down current support path: Effective June 10, 2024, the support email address (shopping-api-support) and the Developer Forum will no longer accept support questions.
  • New support paths:
    • To reach our “Content API for Shopping” support team, please use our new Contact Us Form: link here
    • To reach our "Comparison Shopping Services API" support team, please use this Contact Us Form: link here
    • Going forward, these will be the only support paths available.

This change will help us better understand user needs and provide quicker solutions. We appreciate your partnership.

In the meantime, please reference the following sites for integration/API information:

Your Content API for Shopping Team

Content API for Shopping: Automatic Quota

The Content API for Shopping now automatically increases your products and accounts quotas as your account grows.

Because your API quota now changes dynamically, we have removed the static chart from our published limits guide. To check your current daily quota and usage, and current per minute quota, you can call the quotas.list service.

The following errors are not API quota errors and can’t be resolved by automatic quota increases. They require you to request a quota increase.

  • too_many_items: Merchant quota exceeded
  • too_many_subaccounts: Maximum number of subaccounts reached

Automatic quota only applies to the products and accounts services. If you need an increased API quota for any other service, or if you’re hitting your daily API quota for the products or accounts services or need a temporary increase for the accounts or products services, contact us with the following information:

  • Your Merchant Center ID
  • Which methods you’ve reached your quota limits on
  • An estimation of how many calls per day you need for those methods
  • The reason why you need an increased quota

Note that our general quota policy is you should not update your products more than twice per day, and that you should check your accounts and account statuses not more than once per day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us via the forum.