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Introducing the Google for Startups Accelerator: Southeast Asia 2022 cohort

Posted by Thye Yeow Bok, Head of Startup Ecosystem, SEA, SAF and Greater China Region

As Southeast Asia recovers from the pandemic, analysts predict that the region's digital economy will increase 20% YoY to reach just shy of $200B in gross merchandise value in 2022 — three years ahead of predictions about the region's growth in 2016. New digital services emerged during the last few years, such as telemedicine, digital payments, and online education platforms. We also saw innovation in legacy sectors such as agriculture, logistics, talent retention, and recruitment due to the adoption of advanced technology such as cloud, AI, and machine learning.

While the region isn't immune to the macroeconomic headwind, companies like Grab and Gojek have placed Southeast Asia on the global startup map with high investment potential.

In October 2022, to help support this growing startup ecosystem, Google announced an open call for applications to its 7th Google for Startups Accelerator: Southeast Asia program. This three-month hybrid program supports tech startups building innovative solutions to cater to advancing digital transformation across Southeast Asia.

After reviewing all applications, we're delighted to announce the ten phenomenal startups selected to attend the program:

  • Bluente (Singapore, Education): The world's first business language learning mobile app, delivering bite-sized and personalized courses for working professionals.
  • Docosan (Vietnam, Healthcare): A healthtech marketplace expanding access to healthcare via online and offline bookings with providers and direct-to-consumer, digitally enabled testing and treatment journeys.
  • Elfie (Singapore, Healthcare): A product that reduces the burden of chronic diseases by rewarding patients for self-monitoring.
  • HD (Thailand, Healthcare) - The largest healthcare and surgery marketplace in emerging Southeast Asia, described as theBooking.com for health and Airbnb for surgeries.
  • Mindtera (Indonesia, Human Resources): An award-winning platform for Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) that uses data-driven insights to increase performance, productivity, and well-being.
  • NOICE (Indonesia, Content/Media): Indonesia's #1 local audio platform that serves multi-vertical content from podcasts, audio series, live audio, and radio streaming.
  • OOOLAB (Vietnam, Education): An edtech startup that powers the world's most delightful learning experiences.
  • PasarMIKRO (Indonesia, Agriculture): Indonesia's first agriculture commodity trade platform for smallholder farmers.
  • Rider (Pakistan, Logistics) A modern logistics provider for online sellers in Pakistan, working with 750 online sellers across 60 cities.
  • Wela School System (Philippines, Education): An end-to-end school system (software) where students and parents can view their grades, announcements, and billing statements through a mobile app.

Through mentoring, consultation, and training on technology, product management, business development, marketing, and leadership, we hope to bring the best of Google's resources, experts, products, and network to support all these startups in their entrepreneurial journey.

Introducing the Google For Startups Accelerator: Women Founders class of 2021

Posted by Ashley Francisco, Head of Startup Developer Ecosystem, Canada

Google for Startups Women Founders logo

Earlier this summer we shared details about how the Google for Startups Accelerator program is expanding its support for founders from underrepresented groups. In addition to our Black Founders accelerator program, the expansion included a second year of programming specifically designed for women-led startups in North America.

We launched the inaugural Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders program in 2020, in order to address gender disparity in the startup ecosystem and provide high-quality mentorship opportunities and support for women founders. Studies showed that only 16% of small and medium sized businesses were owned by women, and that women often lack access to venture capitalist funding and accelerator programs to help launch and scale up their businesses.

This year, we have designed another great program for our women founders, and today we are thrilled to announce the 12 women-led startups joining our class of 2021.

Without further ado, meet the Google For Startups Accelerator: Women Founders class of 2021!

  • Aquacycl (Escondido, California): Aquacycl makes energy-neutral wastewater treatment a reality, offering modular on-site systems to treat high-strength organic waste streams. The BioElectrochemical Treatment Technology (BETT) is the first commercially viable microbial fuel cell, which generates direct electricity from wastewater, treating untreatable streams and reducing wastewater management costs by 20-60%.
  • Braze Mobility (Toronto, Ontario): Braze Mobility provides affordable navigation solutions for wheelchair users. It developed the world's first blind spot sensor system that can be attached to any wheelchair, transforming it into a smart wheelchair that automatically detects obstacles and provides alerts to the user through intuitive lights, sounds, and vibrations.
  • Claira (Grand Rapids, Michigan): Claira is a competency analytics engine that helps organizations understand their people and hire better.
  • ImagoAI (Saint Paul, Minnesota): ImagoAI’s proprietary AI solution does real-time food safety and quality testing at food manufacturing facilities and on the farms. Its solutions help companies reduce production line hold times by more than 90%, delivering consistent quality products, and reduce waste by early inspection.
  • Journey Foods (Austin, Texas): Journey Foods solves food science and supply chain inefficiencies with software in order to help companies feed 8 billion people better. They build enterprise technology that improves product management, ingredient intelligence, and manufacturing insights for CPG companies, grocery stores, suppliers, and manufacturers.
  • Nyquist Data (Palo Alto, California): Nyquist Data helps companies around the world access critical data and insights, which maximizes efficiency, resources, and results for innovation.
  • Paperstack (Toronto, Ontario): Paperstack is an all-in-one platform that helps self-employed individuals with incorporation, bookkeeping, and taxes.
  • Pocketnest (Ann Arbor, Michigan): Pocketnest is a comprehensive financial planning tool targeting genX and millennials. The company licenses its software to financial institutions and employers, helping them connect with a younger audience and grow their business. Based on psychology, behavioral science and coaching, it leads users through all ten themes of personal finances, resulting in actionable items and recommendations customized for each user.
  • SAFETYDOCS Global (Vancouver, British Columbia): SAFETYDOCS Global is a document management solutions platform that streamlines and automates permitting and licensing documentation workflows.
  • Schoolytics (Washington, DC): Schoolytics, the Student Data Platform, enables schools to connect disparate student datasets, including the student information system (SIS), learning management systems (LMS), and assessments, to transform data into meaningful insights and action. Its web-based tool supports data-driven decision making through real-time analytics and reporting.
  • Tengiva (Montreal, Quebec): Tengiva is the first digital platform enabling real-time supply chain in the textile industry by optimizing the typical months-long procurement process into a single-click operation.
  • ThisWay (Austin, Texas): ThisWay matches all people to all jobs, fairly and without bias. The web platform accurately delivers qualified talent, while increasing diversity and inclusion so ROI is optimized.

Starting on September 27, the 10-week intensive virtual program will bring the best of Google's programs, products, people and technology to help these businesses reach their goals. Participating startups receive deep mentorship on technical challenges and machine learning, as well as connections to relevant teams across Google. The startups will also receive nontechnical programming to help address some of the unique barriers faced by women founders in the startup ecosystem.

We are excited to welcome these 12 women-led businesses to our Google for Startups Accelerator community, and look forward to working with them this fall!

Announcing our second Google for Startups Accelerator: Black Founders cohort

Posted by Jason Scott, Head of Startup Developer Ecosystem, USA

Head shots of 2 people. One male and one female

Last year, 12 inspiring entrepreneurs kicked off the inaugural Google for Startups Accelerator for Black Founders. Throughout the three month program, founders met weekly to work on growing their startups and solving tough technical challenges. “There’s so much happening every single day as a startup,” says Ashley Edwards, founder of MindRight Health, whose startup is making mental healthcare accessible to people of color and low-income families. “The program helped us navigate everything from protecting our team from distractions to building out our machine learning and data science models.”

This August, we’ll launch the second Google for Startups Accelerator for Black Founders with 11 more incredible Black-led startups from across North America. This class features startups using technology to solve challenges in medicine, education, water sustainability, real estate, and more:

GIF of Black Founders class

Acclinate (Birmingham, Alabama, USA): A digital health startup using culture and tech to source diverse participants for clinical trials.

Adapdix (Pleasanton, California, USA): An AI/ML startup that works with large industrial semiconductor, electronic and assembly companies.

AllHere Education (Boston, Massachusetts, USA): Fosters student attendance and supports families and students with mobile messaging powered by AI.

Chatdesk (New York, New York, USA): Uses machine learning to scale support teams with the click of a button.

DOSS (Houston, Texas, USA): A digital, voice-activated real estate marketplace that empowers consumers to speak, text or type questions about properties nationwide and receive accurate, easy answers instantly.

Fêtefully (Dallas, Texas, USA): Digitizes wedding planning experiences, allowing planners to generate greater revenue and improve their offerings to customers.

Mommy Monitor (Toronto Ontario, Canada): A maternal care services platform that provides an easily accessible and culturally safe range of services that gives parents extra support customized to their particular needs and wants.

Optimal Technical Corporation (Atlanta, Georgia, USA): Intelligently eliminates electricity waste, lowers operational expenses, and helps to save the planet.

Sugar (Los Angeles, California, USA): Provides software to building owners and managers to transform the residential experience.

Varuna (Chicago, Illinois, USA): The leading water distribution system monitoring company providing real-time visibility, awareness and insights to water systems enabling optimal operations and consumer safety.

Zirtue (Dallas, Texas, USA): The world's first relationship-based lending application that simplifies loans between friends, family and trusted relationships while giving borrowers the option to pay creditors directly using their borrowed funds.

We are incredibly excited to support this group of founders over the next three months and beyond, connecting them with the best of our people, products, and programming to advance their companies and solutions.

Be sure to join us as we showcase their accomplishments on Thursday, October 21 from 12:30pm - 2:00pm EST at our Google for Startups Accelerator: Black Founders Demo Day 2021.

Apply now for Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders

Posted by Ashley Francisco

Women Founders apply now header

The Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders program is now open for applications until July 19.

Last year, we launched the inaugural Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders program in North America to help women-led startups identify and solve technical challenges while scaling their companies. The inaugural cohort also received tailored programming to address some of the longstanding barriers that women founders face.

Women founders remain underrepresented in the tech startup ecosystem because they often lack access to the resources needed to start, build, and grow their businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated these structural barriers by disproportionately impacting women in the workforce—and research shows women were more vulnerable to the economic effects of COVID-19 because of existing gender disparities.

For women founders, access to capital is one of the major challenges to launching their business. A recent report showed women-led startups received a mere 2.3% of global venture capitalist funding in 2020, falling from 2.8% the year before.

The Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders program aims to help bridge the gap and create opportunities for women founders to succeed. Beyond mentorship and technical project support, the accelerator also includes deep dives and workshops focused on product design, customer acquisition, and leadership development for founders. Participants will also hear from a roster of speakers and facilitators who deliver both technical and nontechnical programming for women-led startups.

Applications for the second Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders program are now open until July 19, for North American applicants. Approximately 10-12 startups with at least one woman founder will be selected from across North America. The accelerator runs from September through to December 2021.

To learn more about the program and to apply, visit the website.

Celebrating Earth Day with our inaugural Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change cohort

Posted by Jason Scott, Head of Startup Developer Ecosystem, USA | Nick Zakrasek, Global Product Lead, Sustainability

GIF of Climate Change Class Announcement

Today, people across the world will celebrate and participate in Earth Day. In line with Google’s broader commitment to address climate change, we are proud to join in this celebration by announcing the first cohort for our Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change program. The 10-week digital accelerator is designed to help North American sustainable technology startups take their businesses to the next level.

Meet the cohort of 11 companies, who are collectively leveraging technology and data to combat the challenge of climate change:

75F, Bloomington, Minnesota, USA

75F is a vertically-integrated building intelligence company using smart sensors, controllers and software to make commercial buildings more efficient and comfortable.

BlocPower, Brooklyn, New York, USA

BlocPower is providing software and financial tools to analyze, finance, and manage the challenge of converting millions of urban buildings off of fossil fuels.

CarbiCrete, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CarbiCrete's concrete-making solution completely eliminates the need for cement, making it cheaper and stronger than traditional concrete, all through an overall carbon-negative process.

Enexor BioEnergy, Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Enexor BioEnergy delivers renewable electricity and thermal using organic, biomass, and plastic feedstock, helping to mitigate climate change while addressing global waste overabundance challenges.

FARM-TRACE, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

FARM-TRACE is a software platform which delivers verified reforestation impacts created by farmers to brands wanting to reduce their climate footprints.

Fermata Energy, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Fermata Energy designs, supplies, and operates technology that turns electric vehicles into energy storage assets that combat climate change, increase resilience, and dramatically lower the cost of ownership.

Flair, San Francisco, California, USA

Flair makes buildings more comfortable using less energy while promoting energy efficiency, electrification, and smart grid integration.

Heatworks, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, USA

Heatworks uses electronic controls and graphite electrodes to heat water instantly, endlessly, and precisely, without energy loss.

Wild Earth, Berkeley, California, USA

Wild Earth is a plant-based pet food company that harnesses biotech to create cruelty free products with less environmental impact.

Yard Stick PBC, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Yard Stick fights climate change by measuring soil carbon accurately, instantly, and affordably, providing the “missing link” to carbon sequestration on the gigaton per year scale.

Zauben, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Zauben is designing the world's smartest green products, like sensor-driven, IoT-connected green roofs and living walls, to create healthier and happier environments for humans and our planet.

The program kicks off on Monday, June 7th and will focus on product design, technical infrastructure, customer acquisition, and leadership development - granting our founders access to an expansive network of mentors, senior executives, and industry leaders.

We are incredibly excited to support this group of entrepreneurs over the next three months and beyond, connecting them with the best of our people, products, and programming to advance their companies and solutions.

Be sure to join us as we showcase their accomplishments on Thursday, August 12th from 12:30pm - 2:00pm EST at our Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change Demo Day.

Announcing the 12 remarkable innovators selected for the upcoming Google for Startups Accelerator: Voice AI program

Posted by Jason Scott, Head of Startup Developer Ecosystem, USA & Saurabh Sharma, Head of Assistant Investments

Image from accelertor

In December 2020, we announced our inaugural Google for Startups Accelerator: Voice AI program, a 10-week digital accelerator designed to help North American voice technology startups to take their businesses to the next level. Today, we are proud to announce our cohort of 12 companies - collectively leveraging voice user interfaces to solve complex challenges across accessibility, education, and care:

Babbly, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Babbly provides parents real-time insights on their child’s speech and language skills and recommends personalized activities that promote their child's development.

Bespoken, Seattle, Washington, United States

Bespoken is the leader in automated testing, training, and monitoring for voice applications and devices. If you can talk to it, Bespoken can test it!

conversationHEALTH, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

conversationHEALTH enables conversational agents for patients and healthcare professionals in clinical trials, medical affairs, and commercial lines of business.

Nēdl, Santa Monica, California, United States

nēdl is democratizing access to the microphone by giving everyone their own live call-in radio station that transcribes, amplifies, and monetizes the audio creator's words as they speak.

OTO.AI, New York, New York, United States

OTO is building an acoustic engine capable of delivering non-semantic insights (intonation, emotions, laughter,etc.) from voice streams in real-time, on a small compute footprint.

Piffle, San Francisco, California, United States

Piffle is a voice gaming platform that aims to nurture professional wellness through conversational gameplay.

Powow AI, New York, New York, United States

Powow is a SaaS platform which unleashes the power of AI in business meetings. Powow uses proprietary AI algorithms to transcribe and analyze meetings, transforming them into actionable insights.

SiMBi, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

SiMBi combines learners' narrations with the text of a story to create an engaging audiovisual book that learners worldwide can read along to.

Talkatoo, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Talkatoo is a dictation software explicitly designed for veterinary and medical professionals, enabling them to save time in their practice.

Tinychef, New York, New York, United States

tinychef is a voice-first Culinary AI™ platform that helps consumers in their kitchen from their dinner dilemma, to grocery planning, grocery shopping, and cooking their meals with interactive experiences on smart speakers.

Voicify, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Voicify’s SaaS platform allows brands and large enterprises to easily design, build, and deploy voice apps, chatbots, and other conversational experiences across voice assistants, chatbots, and social media platforms.

Vowel, New York, New York, United States

Vowel brings the best of productivity and communication platforms into a single, integrated meeting tool.

The program kicks off on Monday, March 15th and will focus on product design, technical infrastructure, customer acquisition, and leadership development - granting our founders access to an expansive network of mentors, senior executives, and industry leaders,

We are incredibly excited to support this group of entrepreneurs over the next three months, connecting them with the best of our people, products, and programming to advance their companies and solutions.

We look forward to augmenting the work of these 12 innovators and to showcasing their accomplishments on Thursday, May 20th at 12:30pm EST at our Google for Startups Accelerator: Voice AI Demo Day.

A Google for Startups Accelerator for startups using voice technology to better the world

Posted by Jason Scott, Head of Startup Developer Ecosystem, U.S., Google

At Google, we have long understood that voice user interfaces can help millions of people accomplish their goals more effectively. Our journey in voice began in 2008 with Voice Search -- with notable milestones since, such as building our first deep neural network in 2012, our first sequence-to-sequence network in 2015, launching Google Assistant in 2016, and processing speech fully on device in 2019. These building blocks have enabled the unique voice experiences across Google products that our users rely on everyday.

Voice AI startups play a key role in helping build and deliver innovative voice-enabled experiences to users. And, Google is committed to helping tech startups deliver high impact solutions in the voice space. This month, we are excited to announce the Google for Startups Accelerator: Voice AI program, which will bring together the best of Google’s programs, products, people and technology with a joint mission to advance and support the most promising voice-enabled AI startups across North America.

As part of this Google for Startups Accelerator, selected startups will be paired with experts to help tackle the top technical challenges facing their startup. With an emphasis on product development and machine learning, founders will connect with voice technology and AI/ML experts from across Google to take their innovative solutions to the next level.

We are proud to launch our first ever Google for Startups Accelerator: Voice AI -- building upon Google’s longstanding efforts to advance the future of voice-based computing. The accelerator will kick off in March 2021, bringing together a cohort of 10 to 12 innovative voice technology startups. If this sounds like your startup, we'd love to hear from you. Applications are open until January 28, 2021.

This is the Future of Finance

Posted by Roy Glasberg, Head of Launchpad

Launchpad's mission is to accelerate innovation and to help startups build world-class technologies by leveraging the best of Google - its people, network, research, and technology.

In September 2018, the Launchpad team welcomed ten of the world's leading FinTech startups to join their accelerator program, helping them fast-track their application of advanced technology. Today, March 15th, we will see this cohort graduate from the program at the Launchpad team's inaugural event - The Future of Finance - a global discussion on the impact of applied ML/AI on the finance industry. These startups are ensuring that everyone has relevant insights at their fingertips and that all people, no matter where they are, have access to equitable money, banking, loans, and marketplaces.

Tune into the event from wherever you are via the livestream link

The Graduating Class of Launchpad FinTech Accelerator San Francisco'19

  • Alchemy (USA), bridging blockchain and the real world
  • Axinan (Singapore), providing smart insurance for the digital economy
  • Aye Finance (India), transforming financing in India
  • Celo (USA), increasing financial inclusion through a mobile-first cryptocurrency
  • Frontier Car Group (Germany), investing in the transformation of used-car marketplaces
  • GO-JEK (Indonesia), improving the welfare and livelihoods of informal sectors
  • GuiaBolso (Brazil), improving the financial lives of Brazilians
  • JUMO (South Africa), creating a transparent, fair money marketplace for mobile users to access loans
  • m.Paani (India), (em)powering local retailers and the next billion users in India
  • Starling Bank (UK), improving financial health with a 100% mobile-only bank

Since joining the accelerator, these startups have made great strides and are going from strength to strength. Some recent announcements from this cohort include:

  • JUMO have announced the launch of Opportunity Co, a 500M fund for credit where all the profits go back to the customers.
  • The team at Aye Finance have just closed $30m in Series D equity round.
  • Starling Bank has provided 150 new jobs in Southampton and have received a £100m grant from a fund aimed at increasing competition and innovation in the British banking sector, and also a £75m fundraise.
  • GuiaBolso ran a campaign to pay the bills of some its users (the beginning of the year in Brazil is a time of high expenses and debts) and is having a significant impact on credit with 80% of cases seeing interest rates on loans being cheaper than traditional banks.

We look forward to following the success of all our participating founders as they continue to make a significant impact on the global economy.

Want to know more about the Launchpad Accelerator? Visit our site, stay updated on developments and future opportunities by subscribing to the Google Developers newsletter and visit The Launchpad Blog.

Launchpad Accelerator announces startup selections in Africa, Brazil, and India

Posted by Roy Glasberg, Founder of Launchpad Accelerator

For the past six years, Launchpad has connected startups from around the world with the best of Google - its people, network, methodologies, and technologies. We have worked with market leaders in over 40 countries across 6 regional programs (San Francisco, Brazil, Africa, Israel, India, and Tokyo). Launchpad also includes a new program in Mexico announced earlier this year, along with our Indie Games Accelerator and Google.org AI for Social Good Accelerator programs.

We are pleased to announce that the next cohort of startups has been selected for our upcoming programs in Africa, Brazil, and India. We reviewed over 1,000 applications for these programs, and were thoroughly impressed with the quality of startups that indicated their interest. The startups chosen represent those using technology to create a positive impact on key industries in their region and we look forward to supporting them and connecting them with startup ecosystems around the world.

In Africa, we have selected 12 startups from 6 African countries for our 3rd class in this region:

  • 54Gene (Nigeria) - Improving drug discovery by researching the genetically diverse African population
  • Data Integrated Limited (Kenya) - Automating and digitizing SME payments, connecting the street to high finance.
  • Instadiet.me (Egypt) - Connecting patients to credible nutritionists and dietitians to help them maintain a healthy and optimal weight online.
  • Kwara (Kenya) - Providing a rich digital banking platform to established fair lenders such as credit unions or savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs), with an open API to enable and accelerate their inclusion into the formal financial ecosystem.
  • OkHi (Kenya) - A physical addressing platform for emerging markets - on a mission to enable the billions without a physical address to "be included."
  • PAPS (Senegal) - Logistics startup focused on last mile delivery and domestic market, with strong client care orientation, allowing live tracking, intelligent adresses system and automatic dispatch.
  • ScholarX (Nigeria) - Connecting high potential students with funding opportunities to help them access an education
  • Swipe2pay (Uganda) - A web and mobile payments solution that democratizes electronic payments for SMEs by making it easy for them to accept mobile as a mode of payment.
  • Tambua Health Inc. (Kenya) - Turning a normal smartphone into a powerful, non-invasive diagnostic tool for Tuberculosis and Pneumonia. It uses a cough sound acoustic signature, symptoms, risk factors, and clinical information to come up with a diagnostic report.
  • Voyc.ai (South Africa) - A CX Research Platform that helps companies understand their customers by turning their customer research into insights, profiles, and customer journey maps.
  • WellaHealth (Nigeria) - A pharmacy marketplace for affordable, high-quality disease care driven by artificial intelligence starting with malaria.
  • Zelda Learning (South Africa) - Providing free online career guidance for students looking to enter university and linking them to funding and study opportunities.

In India, for our 2nd class, we are focused on seed to growth-stage startups that operate across a number of sectors using ML and AI to solve for India-specific problems:

  • Opentalk Pte Ltd - an app that connects people around the world to become better speakers and make new friends.
  • THB - Helping healthcare providers drive full potential value from their clinical data
  • Perceptiviti Data Solutions - An AI platform for Insurance claim Ffagging, payment integrity, fraud, and abuse management
  • DheeYantra - Cognitive conversational AI for Indian vernacular languages
  • Kaleidofin - Customized financial solutions that combine multiple financial products such as savings, credit, and insurance in intuitive ways to help customers achieve their financial goals.
  • FinancePeer - A P2P lending company that connects lenders with borrowers online.
  • SmartCoin - A go-to app for providing credit access to the vastly underserved lower- and middle-income segments through advanced AI/ML models.
  • HRBOT - Using AI and Video Analytics to find employable candidates in tier 2 & 3 cities remotely.
  • Savera.ai - Remotely mapping roofs to reflect the attractiveness of a solar power plant for your roof, followed by chatbot based support to help you learn about solar (savings, RoI, reviews etc.) and connections to local service providers.
  • Adiuvo Diagnostics - Rapid wound infection assessment and management device.

In Brazil, we have chosen startups that are applying ML in interesting ways and are solving for local challenges.

  • Accountfy - SaaS platform focused on FP&A tools. Users upload trial balances and financial statements are easily built through accounting figures. harts, alerts, reports and budgets can be created too.
  • Agilize - An online accounting firm that provides annual savings of $1,500, predictability, and transparency to small-sized business through a friendly platform and massive automation.
  • Blu365 - An innovative, data-driven, customer-centric debt negotiation platform that has been transforming positively the relationship between companies and customers .
  • Estante Mágica - Estante Mágica is a free platform that, in partnership with schools, turn students into real authors, making children protagonists of their own stories.
  • Gesto - GESTO is a health tech consulting firm that uses data science to intelligently manage health insurance.
  • Rebel -A data, tech, and analytics-driven platform whose mission is to lead the transformation of the financial services market in Brazil by empowering consumers.
  • SmarttBot - Empowering individuals with the best automated investment tools in order to give them edge against bigger investors and financial institutions and improve their chances of making money.
  • Social Miner - A technology able to predict if an e-commerce visitor will buy or not and create experiences based on the consumer journey phases.

Applications are still open for Launchpad Accelerator Mexico - if you are a LATAM-based startup using technology to solve big challenges for that region, please apply to the program here

As with all of our previous regional classes, these startups will benefit from customized programs, access to partners and mentors on the ground, and Google's support and dedication to their success.

Stay updated on developments and future opportunities by subscribing to the Google Developers newsletter, as well as The Launchpad Blog.

Launchpad Accelerator Mexico now accepting startup applications

Posted by Francisco Solsona, Developer Relations Manager, Google Hispanoamerica

The Latin American startup ecosystem is thriving. Many success stories from the region have served as inspiration for entrepreneurs and investors alike. To build upon this momentum, we believe it is important to continue supporting programs for entrepreneurs that are using technology to solve some of the region's biggest challenges.

That's why we are happy to announce Launchpad Accelerator Mexico, a program focused on helping startups throughout Latin America create attractive, scalable, and impactful products and technologies. This program has existed in different parts of the world such as Israel, Tel Aviv; Nigeria, Lagos; Brazil, São Paulo; and now comes to Mexico City thanks to our partnership with Centraal, a thriving co-working space.

Access to new technologies and technical experts is essential to guarantee startup success. With Google Cloud serving as backbone for today's global startups, Launchpad Accelerator Mexico will help startups overcome technological challenges in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Android, and web solutions.

The inaugural program will last three months and will offer technical support on an initially defined, high impact project. The cohort of entrepreneurs will have access to a group of mentors from Google and other industry experts.

This program is for your startup if:

  • Have already validated their business model and are working on product-market adjustment and traction
  • Are interested in developing their products using the following technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Android, Google Cloud Platform, Web (Profressive Web Apps and Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Would like their technology/product leader or team to participate in the program's activities

Registration for the inaugural class is now open and startups can apply using this form. Registration remains open until March 15. The selected startups will be announced on March 21 and will start working with Google on April 29, 2019.