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Manage your health and fitness with Fitbit Versa 4 and Sense 2

Our latest smartwatches, Versa 4 and Sense 2, put health and fitness front and center. Powered by the new Fitbit OS, these devices are easy to use and designed so you can see what matters most to you, faster.

Thinner and lighter, they have been redesigned to feel more at home on your body, 24/7. The button, which was last featured on Versa 2, is back – with a new location that’s easier to access during your workout.

Close up view of Sense 2 device screen and back of device screen in shadow grey, showing the device screens side-by-side with a colorful, analog clock face.

Meet our most advanced health-focused smartwatch, Sense 2, powered by an on-wrist continuous EDA sensor for all-day stress management.

Packed with features

Stay on top of the metrics that matter most to you, from 24/7 heart rate monitoring and activity tracking to real-time stats, walk/run detection on your wrist, sleep tracking and stress tracking. Equipped with more than six days of battery life and fast charging (12 minutes of charging = 1 day worth of battery life!), these smartwatches are sure to keep up.

Wear your device to bed to benefit from advanced sleep tracking tools, including our new Premium feature, Sleep Profile. It uses 10 sleep metrics to show you what type of sleeper you are, spot key patterns and help you improve your sleep quality. You can also see how well your body is handling stress with your Stress Management Score so you know when to take a moment for guided breathing, meditation or a reflection.

Versa 4 and Sense 2 are compatible with both iOS and Android and packed with smart features including extended app and text notifications, glanceable alerts, smart replies (Android only) and more. Plus, coming soon, you’ll be able to access Google Maps and Google Wallet right on your wrist.

Close up of Versa 4 device in copper rose aluminum with rosewater band, showcasing some of the features on the device.

Meet our newest iteration of Versa that helps you put fitness first, Versa 4 is equipped with all-day heart rate and activity tracking, smart detect for your run/walks, and more.

Next-level workouts with Versa 4

Versa 4 has a focus on fitness. Choose from more than 40 exercise modes (more than double we’ve ever had!) all available on-wrist, including new options like HIIT, weight lifting, CrossFit and dance. Head outside with built-in GPS, or find something new with more than 1,000 workouts and mindfulness sessions in Fitbit Premium. Whatever you decide, Active Zone Minutes and in-the-moment heart rate zone alerts, help you track how your effort is adding up.

With Premium, you have access to Daily Readiness Score to help you know when to push hard or take a rest day. Each score is coupled with recommended actions, from an Active Zone Minutes goal and tips for recovery and associated content.

Stress less with Sense 2

Sense 2 takes Fitbit’s stress tracking tools even further, with a new Body Response sensor to track continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) for all-day stress management right from your wrist. Along with cEDA, it uses metrics like heart rate, heart rate variability and skin temperature to help you better understand when your body experiences potential signs of stress. That way, you can be aware of your potential triggers and create a stress management practice to build your resilience over time. Following a Body Response notification, Sense 2 recommends different ways to manage stress in the moment including mood logging, guided breathing, mindfulness sessions, on-wrist or in the Fitbit app.

In addition to the Body Response sensor, the smartwatch is equipped with Fitbit’s other sensors to deliver a holistic view of your overall health. We’ve used a technique that turns metal into vapor, allowing us to integrate the metal electrodes of these sensors directly into the display glass of the device. This creates an even more simplified, streamlined look without sacrificing our technology.

A Sense 2 device image with options to complete an EDA scan, guided breathing season, or take a short walk to help mitigate stress.

Sense 2 can help you get your stress under control with continuous EDA tracking for all-day stress management, and prompts to reflect on what might be triggering your stress.

All-new accessories for smart style

We’re introducing a second collection of bands from Brother Vellies. Designed by Brother Vellies Founder Aurora James for Fitbit, these woven leather bands are now available in black and oak for $54.95, only on

Additional accessories to style your Fitbit smartwatches include three new infinity bands in blue mist, pink sand and waterfall blue ($29.95), sport bands in glow up/frost white and sea blue/ocean ($34.95), vegan leather bands in flax and indigo ($49.95) and Horween® leather band in garnet color ($49.95). All new accessories work with the newest smartwatches, and Fitbit Sense and Versa 3.

Versa 4 is available for $229.95 and Sense 2 is available for $299.95 (USD), and both include a six-month Premium membership (for new or returning customers). Beginning today, pre-order Versa 4 and Sense 2 online at and select global retailers, with worldwide availability this fall.

Kick-start your fitness routine with Fitbit Inspire 3

Health and fitness is personal – your goals, commitment and approaches change over time. For some, carving out time for yourself (let alone your fitness) can be a struggle, especially as routines change. Today, we’re introducing Fitbit Inspire 3, a tracker that can help you live healthier, find your energy, do what you love and feel your best.

Inspire 3 is the next generation of our entry-level health and fitness tracker, helping you work on your best self without breaking the bank. It’s an easy way to track key metrics 24/7 like activity, heart rate, sleep, stress and more. Plus, it comes in a thin, lightweight design with a vibrant color touchscreen and long battery life that can last up to 10 days (based on usage).

Fitbit Inspire 3 in morning glow with an on-device animated demonstration, showcasing how you can view your daily stats, like steps, distance and heart rate, as well as the on-wrist apps, all on a glowing orange background.

Fitbit Inspire 3 gives you 24/7 tracking of your activity (steps, calories burned, distance, hourly activity), exercise (active zone minutes and weekly goal progress), heart rate, heart health, and sleep quality (blood oxygen (SpO2), duration, score). You can also start an exercise, set timers, a stopwatch or alarms to wake you during the optimal sleep stage, and even turn off notifications and disable the screen display for a disturbance-free night – all from your wrist.

Motivating you to move

Living an active lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to be a health enthusiast. Whether you’re walking to work, trying the latest viral dance craze or just grabbing lunch with friends, Inspire 3 can capture all your movement, automatically tracking Active Zone Minutes, calories burned, distance, heart rate and steps. It’ll also gently remind you to move throughout the day, which can help your overall metabolism. Then, when doing a workout, you can watch your heart rate to see when you’re in fat burn, cardio or peak zones so you know how hard you’re working.

Sleep better and stress less

Being active is only part of your health — getting sleep and managing your mental health have a direct impact on your overall wellbeing, too. With Inspire 3, we make it easy to track all your stats in one place so you can see how your activity and sleep impact your stress level, and vice versa. Wearing your device to sleep, you’ll get insights into your sleep quality with Sleep Stages and Sleep Score, and can then try things like setting a bedtime reminder, a SmartWake alarm or guided breathing on your wrist to help improve your sleep over time.

To help you relax before bed, try mindfulness exercises in the Fitbit app to help you relax before bed, start a meditation practice, and track if your body is showing physical signs of stress with Stress Management Score. Then, see how your activity, sleep and stress impacts your body in the Health Metrics Dashboard. Here you can keep an eye on how your breathing rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, oxygen saturation (SpO2) and resting heart rate respond to different situations, like alcohol, altitude, caffeine or a cold, so you can take actions to feel your best.

Be inspired by your progress and potential

Inspire 3 gives you insights into your body and provides guidance to reach your wellness goals with access to introductory fitness and wellness sessions, guidance and challenges in the Fitbit app. You can boost your progress by using the app to log your blood glucose, hydration, menstrual cycle and nutrition information for a 360-degree view of your health, and stay motivated by connecting with and challenging friends and family.

With Fitbit Premium, you’ll get access to tools like Daily Readiness Score to gauge your body’s readiness for exercise, Sleep Score breakdown and Sleep Profile to better understand and improve sleep quality, and Stress Management Score details to track your body’s physical signs of stress. You can also access more than 1,000 workouts and mindfulness sessions, a complete wellness report, and more – all in one place with the Fitbit app.

Different accessory styles compatible with Inspire 3 laid out on colorful background, in order from top-to-bottom: midnight zen classic band, morning glow classic band, stainless steel metal mesh, translucent red, classic lilac bliss and black clip.

Inspire 3 has a thin, lightweight design and comes in a colorful assortment of classic, translucent, stainless steel mesh bands and our popular clip to match the vibe you’re feeling on any given day.

Designed for longevity, comfort and convenience

The lightweight pebble of Inspire 3 is thin, water resistant up to 50 meters, fits naturally on your wrist and has Fitbit’s longest battery life for comfortable 24/7 wear. It also comes in a range of fun colors to brighten your mood and fit your style. Plus, you can easily change up your look with accessories like translucent and stainless steel mesh bands and a clip, sold separately.

Adding even more color to your day, the bright display lets you quickly see your stats, pick a colorful clock face to fit your style and use the new always-on display function (3+ days with default settings). Whether you’re going for a run or headed to class, you can also stay connected to what matters to you with customizable on-wrist notifications from your phone.

Inspire 3 is available for $99.95 (USD), including a six-month Premium membership for new and returning customers. Beginning today, pre-order Inspire 3 online at and select global retailers, with worldwide availability in September.

Improve your ZZZs with Fitbit Premium Sleep Profile

A good night’s sleep can help you feel rested and recharged, while also playing a critical role in your overall health and well-being. Since the introduction of Fitbit’s sleep features in 2009, sleep tracking has been incredibly popular – making information previously only available through a sleep lab accessible to users via their wrist. To date, we’ve analyzed 22 billion hours of sleep data, equivalent to the lifespan of over 5,000 tortoises. (Fun facts: a tortoise lives for up to 500 years and there are 60,000 giant tortoises in the world.)

We know our users are motivated to gather even more insight into their sleep, which is why today we’re introducing Sleep Profile. This new Fitbit Premium feature offers a new longitudinal analysis of your sleep patterns. It also makes your sleep data even easier to interpret with fun animal characters, so you can take steps to improve your sleep quality and, in turn, your overall health.

Monthly sleep metrics graphic showcasing each of your month-long metrics like sleep schedule variability, sleep start time, time before sound sleep, sleep duration and deep sleep, with how you compare with others like you.

Fitbit Sleep Profile users will receive a monthly sleep analysis where they can see ideal ranges for someone of a similar age and gender, and where they fall within each – so they see where they could focus on improving.

What sleeper type are you?

These critical data points gathered from your sleep analysis inform your designated Sleep Animal, providing a fun way to understand your sleeping style. Our extensive research and testing found six animal archetypes, each chosen for their distinct trends that correlate each animal's behavior with common user sleeping behaviors and patterns.

The following graphics highlight top traits and habits of each sleeper type, and how yours can impact your day-to-day:

How does it work?

Wear your Fitbit device to sleep for at least 14 nights per calendar month to receive an assessment. The more you wear the device to sleep, the more precise the evaluation. Sleep can vary significantly from night to night, so it’s helpful to analyze your sleep data over a longer period from your own sleep environment to uncover more insights into your habits and how you can improve.

As a Premium member you will see your Sleep Profile, including your sleep animal and monthly sleep analysis, on the first day of every month. Animals can change from month to month, and data collected throughout the month will inform the next animal you receive the following month. There is no “ideal” animal – each one can be used to better understand your sleep patterns and how you can improve your sleep quality.

Based on your sleeper type’s behavior, you will see where your sleep patterns compare to others like you – whether it’s setting a more consistent sleep schedule or creating a bedtime routine like trying the mindfulness content found within the Fitbit app to help you fall asleep faster. Getting quality sleep can play a critical role in your overall health and well-being, with poor sleep being correlated to increased potential health risks including diabetes, cardiovascular problems, obesity, poor cognitive functioning and more. Premium uplevels your Fitbit experience by helping you better understand your sleep patterns, your readiness to exercise and how your body responds to stressors, all with additional guidance and insights to help you achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals.

Sleep Profile is rolling out in the Fitbit app to Premium users with Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe or Inspire 2 devices upon launch. Users will receive their first profile during the week of July 4, followed by monthly profiles delivered in the Fitbit app on the 1st of each month. (Note: Sleep Profiles aren't intended for medical purposes and users should consult their health professionals for questions about their health.)

New Fitbit feature makes AFib detection more accessible

Today, Fitbit received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for our new PPG (photoplethysmography) algorithm to identify atrial fibrillation (AFib). The algorithm will power our new Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications feature on Fitbit.[71d620]

You’ve got rhythm, but is it irregular?

AFib is a form of irregular heart rhythm that affects nearly 33.5 million people globally, and individuals with AFib have five times higher risk of stroke. Unfortunately, AFib can be difficult to detect as there are often no symptoms and episodes can come and go.

Our new PPG AFib algorithm can passively assess your heart rhythm in the background while you’re still or asleep. If there’s anything that might be suggestive of AFib, you’ll be notified through our Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications feature — allowing you to talk with your healthcare provider or seek further assessment to help prevent a significant medical event, such as stroke.

So how does PPG AFib detection work?

When your heart beats, tiny blood vessels throughout your body expand and contract based on changes in blood volume. Fitbit’s PPG optical heart-rate sensor can detect these volume changes right from your wrist. These measurements determine your heart rhythm, which the detection algorithm then analyzes for irregularities and potential signs of atrial fibrillation.

The clinical validation for Fitbit’s PPG algorithm is supported by data from the landmark Fitbit Heart Study, which launched in 2020 and enrolled 455,699 participants over five months. The study was conducted entirely virtually during the pandemic, making it one of the largest remote studies of PPG-based software to date. Data presented at the 2021 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions found that the Fitbit PPG detections correctly identified AFib episodes 98% of the time, as confirmed by ECG patch monitors.

Because AFib can be so sporadic, the optimal way to screen for it is through heart rate tracking technology when the body is still or at rest — making overnight detection when people are asleep especially important. The unique capabilities of Fitbit devices — especially its 24/7 heart rate tracking and long battery life — give it the potential to accelerate identification through long-term heart rhythm assessment.

All the ways to monitor heart health with Fitbit

With today’s FDA clearance of our PPG-based algorithm, Fitbit now provides two ways to detect AFib. Fitbit’s ECG app, which takes a spot-check approach, allows you to proactively screen yourself for possible AFib and record an ECG trace that you can then review with a healthcare provider. Additionally, the new PPG-based algorithm allows for long-term heart rhythm assessment that helps identify asymptomatic AFib that could otherwise go undetected.

The Fitbit PPG-based algorithm and Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications feature will soon be available to consumers in the U.S. across a range of heart-rate enabled devices. We want to make AFib detection as accessible as possible to help reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening events — like stroke — and ultimately improve overall heart health for everyone. We’ll continue to work with the BMS-Pfizer Alliance to develop educational content for patients and healthcare providers that will help identify and support people in the U.S. with irregular heart rhythms consistent with atrial fibrillation.

Visit our site to learn more about our PPG technology.

Encouraging better diabetes management through wearable technology

The latest insights from Diabetes UK show that over 4.9 million people are currently living with diabetes in the UK, with rates almost doubling in the last 15 years. At the current prevalence rates, the NHS spends around £10 billion on average each year in managing and treating the condition, which will also increase alongside growing rates. However, research consistently shows that combined lifestyle interventions can be effective in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes by ~50%.

The pandemic has significantly impacted patient access to healthcare and millions of patients with diabetes have been unable to get regular health checks with their healthcare team. With many GP appointments still being held remotely, wearable devices are increasingly being piloted to help people monitor long-term health conditions and, as a result, the value of wearable devices to help people better manage such conditions is becoming increasingly recognised.

Focusing on holistic health

In November, people in the UK and particularly those living with diabetes, will be able to use a new blood glucose logging tool from Fitbit. They will be able to track their glucose levels by manually logging them throughout the day. Users can then view those levels right in the app alongside other metrics from Fitbit such as physical activity, sleep and their logged nutrition, to help better manage their holistic health and wellness all in one place. Within the app, users will be able to set personalized ranges so they can see when they are outside their target range to better identify important changes. They can also receive reminders to log their glucose levels so they can view their trends over time.

Fitbit has a multi-year partnership with Diabetes UK to help raise awareness of the condition and help educate people on the importance of getting to know their body and how it works. This is in order to encourage behavior changes that may help lessen the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and help people to understand and manage their diabetes, in addition to benefiting overall health and wellbeing.

“We want to help empower people with cardiometabolic conditions such as diabetes so they can better manage their health and wellbeing,” says Nicola Maxwell, head of Fitbit Health Solutions in EMEA. “We hope that by making the blood glucose logging feature available through our app, it will help provide accessibility for more people. We are passionate that our work with Diabetes UK will continue to raise awareness for and help improve the health of those living with diabetes.”

Useful tools and technology

The increasing rates of diabetes, coupled with increasing focus on patient self-management, highlights the need for tools and technology to help people with diabetes better manage their condition.

“Often when people are diagnosed with diabetes, they feel overwhelmed and in reality have to spend most of the time self-managing their condition,” says Emma Elvin, Senior Clinical Advisor at Diabetes UK. “By logging their blood glucose levels in the Fitbit app, users can see what types of lifestyle factors affect their diabetes and how their blood sugar fluctuates. Seeing all their trends in one place can help people to gain back control. This can give them a greater sense of control and help them to begin to make small changes to manage their diabetes more effectively.

  • The Blood Glucose feature is not a replacement for medical advice and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. It is intended to simply help you monitor and keep track of your information. You should talk to your healthcare provider for more guidance on blood glucose management.
  • This feature is rolling out to all UK users, English only in November.

Are we stronger than we give ourselves credit for?

Fitbit is working with Professor Ilona Boniwell as part of paid collaboration to develop insights and guidance on positive psychology. This blog is based on that information as well as the results of a survey conducted by an independent third party, Course5 Intelligence, of general consumers in 12 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

What do you think of when you hear the word strong? An image of a weightlifter, Olympian or someone that can withstand a lot of exertion? Strong, based on its traditional dictionary definition, is a word that evokes images of physical fitness and being ‘tough.’ However, perceptions of the word are shifting as more people prioritize inner strength and self care. Here at Fitbit, we think the last 19 months in particular has shown how a holistic approach to health, prioritizing both our mental and physical well-being, can help us feel strong in uncertain times.

In a recent survey conducted by Course5 Intelligence on behalf of Fitbit in August 2021 of more than 13,000 people in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, UAE and the UK1, one in ten people surveyed believe the traditional, or dictionary definition, concept of ‘strength’ as being physically strong. 46% of those surveyed recognize that the definition of true strength is a combination of mental and physical traits while 39% of respondents define it as the ability to deal with the stresses and challenges that life can present us with. So how can we lean into our inner strength to enhance our lives? Strength looks different for everyone and most of the time we can easily define someone else who we perceive as strong — but don't necessarily think of ourselves as strong based on our own personal definition of it.

This tendency to overlook our own strengths is reflected in our survey whereby 68% of respondents cited someone other than themselves when asked to name the strongest person they know, and instead naming a parent (20%), friend (10%) or spouse (10%). Though it’s great to recognize other people in our lives as strong individuals, honing in on our own strength and flexing it can help shift one's mindset.

What makes you feel strong?

Positive Psychologist, Professor. Ilona Boniwell who teaches positive leadership at l’Ecole Centrale Paris and HEC Business School, states: “If something doesn’t feel right people automatically look for what is wrong, what am I not doing right. I encourage people to think differently. Instead, look at what is working for you — when do you feel stronger? - and focus on that to affect any changes you want to make. A shift in mindset and strengthening your self-belief will help build resilience that will help you better cope with daily stressors and challenges — which is something we all face.”

When it comes to how people build mental strength to feel ready to take on each day, sleep comes out on top with 66% of people surveyed saying a good night’s rest helps them feel strong. Physical exercise came second for 52% of those surveyed, while the mindful activity of setting goals came third with 32% of people.

Tools to improve mental well-being

“The idea of ‘self-care’ is much more than a buzzword, it is a continuous practice and, like strength, it doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. Mental strength is increasingly recognized as a major part of our overall health, but it takes time to nurture. Fitbit can help support your self-care practices with over 300 sleep and meditation relaxation session in Fitbit Premium2, including content from Calm, the #1 App for Sleep and Meditation3 and Deepak Chopra, M.D., Pioneer of Integrative Medicine, and Founder of The Chopra Foundation and Chopra Global, whose exclusive Mindful Method sessions are designed to help improve your emotional well-being,” Joanne Savage, Marketing Director in EMEA, Fitbit at Google.

So, more people are checking in with themselves, but what about how we speak to ourselves? Much of self-talk depends on your personality. In the survey, the findings show that men are more likely to engage in a more positive internal dialogue (42%) or what’s known as ‘positive self-talk’ compared to 33% of women. Alongside gender discrepancies, there were also differences in generations as well. According to the findings, when it comes to discussing mental resilience, 71% of those aged 25-44 were more likely to feel comfortable talking about their mental and physical strength with friends, family members or colleagues, as opposed to 67% of those aged 18 – 25.

“This is a strength in itself, recognizing how important it is to talk, to share how we are feeling with others,” said Professor Boniwell. “If you take time to focus on the positive aspects of your daily experiences you will begin to recognize just how strong you are. Before going to bed every night, think back over your day and remember three good things that happened - things that went well, that you succeeded in, enjoyed or were grateful for. This is more important than you think — appreciation helps you realize what you have accomplished, which, in turn, fuels your self-belief.”

As people move towards a more holistic approach to health, our recent survey shows that sleep and exercise are a top priority in feeling mentally stronger. To build on this, Professor Boniwell’s advice in shifting our mindset can help build resilience and therefore our coping skills with the inevitable daily challenges that arise. Fitbit can support your goals to help feel stronger through the community and tools which can help with your sleep, mindfulness and activity. Visit for more inspiration.

Professor Boniwell is one of the European leaders in Positive Psychology, having founded and led the first Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of East London. Today, she leads the International MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (I-MAPP) at Anglia Ruskin University and teaches Positive Management at l’Ecole Centrale Paris and HEC Business School, and consults around the world as a director of Positran. Her main teaching expertise lies in the areas of Positive Psychology and Positive Psychology applications.

1 A survey by Course5 Intelligence conducted on behalf of Fitbit in August 2021 of 13,053 adults in 12 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa. (UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Poland, South Africa, and UAE). The participants are a representative sample as selected by Course5 Intelligence.

2 Fitbit Premium is only available in select languages. Content & features subject to change. Access these services in the Fitbit app. Fitbit app is only available for compatible Android and iOS devices. Internet connection required for use.

3 Calmcontent is only available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, and Korean.

Fitbit Premium launches StrongWill with Will Smith

Will Smith recently joined the Fitbit family and made his public commitment to improve every aspect of his health and wellness. The rapper and actor is creating and curating a Fitbit Premium-exclusive collection of whole-health guidance. Six sweat-inducing, endorphin-boosting workouts and mindfulness sessions in the Will Smith: StrongWill curriculum are now available. From room-shaking workouts to smooth stress-relief techniques, Premium members can now virtually work with Will and his trainers to get their minds and bodies strong. And yes, Big Will-isms do abound!

Premium gets a lot more fresh

Fitbit is inviting you to join in prioritizing your holistic health -- from physical fitness to better sleep habits and maintaining mental wellness. Will’s own drive to get in the best shape of his life was inspired by a desire to improve his overall wellbeing, and the StrongWill collection focuses on both the physical and mental aspects of strength

As he mentioned on social media, “I spent countless days grazing on snacks and didn’t feel my best physically. I love my body, so I want to get my overall health and wellness back on track. To me, being in the ‘best shape of my life’ really means taking better care of my body.”

No matter where you’re at in your wellness pursuit, the hardest part is getting started. Fitbit and Will are helping Premium users to reach goals with an approachable curriculum that fits into your life, enhances your routine and brings calorie-burning moves, form modifications, guided mindfulness and plenty of jokes from Will to keep the energy levels high.

Get motivated with Will’s trainers and join in a variety of guided sessions, exclusively within Fitbit Premium – no equipment or gym required:

  • Bodyweight Strength: Will Smith is no stranger to lifting weights, but sometimes even the Fresh Prince can’t make it to the gym. Join trainer Roz the Diva to learn strength building techniques you can do without much equipment and explore one of Will’s favorite exercises.
  • Core Challenge: To achieve the freshest fitness goals, start with your core, since that’s where peak performance is “born and raised.” Join trainer Jahdy to explore Will’s favorite techniques to strengthen, engage and stretch your core.
  • Find Your Center: Will Smith always makes this clear: when training your body, it’s just as important to train your mind. Join trainer Faith Hunter on a mindful look inward to hone your mental fitness with deep breathing exercises and meditation.
  • Mobility Flow Yoga: Yoga has been key to Will’s fitness success. Follow trainer Hiro Landazuri through a progressive mobility yoga flow to work your dexterity, flexibility and stability. Namaste!
  • Let’s Go Cardio!: In this workout, trainer Maya Monza takes you from warmup, through 10 cardio-intensive exercises, to cool down without skipping a beat. Have some water and a towel ready, because elevating your heart rate and breaking a sweat is what it’s all about. Like Will says, “Let’s turn this furnace on!”
  • Upper Body HIIT: The faster the better: Trainer Bianca G delivers a high-energy, high intensity interval training workout focused on the upper body and core to burn calories, gain endurance and build muscle fast.

While he has been working on his wellness, Will is beginning to wear Fitbit’s newest and most advanced tracker, Charge 5, which complements his regimen, reminds him to keep moving and also helps him to manage stress and his mental wellbeing.

Will Smith does bicep curls with two dumbbells in a gym, wearing a white t-shirt and black shorts.

Finishing “strong”

As we enter the last stretch of 2021, we all want to finish strong and establish better habits for the new year -- but what does that truly mean? Being strong looks different for everybody, whether strong in body, mind or heart. Take it from Will. “I’ve really come to understand that strength is so much more than a physical ability, it’s mental and emotional too,” Will says. “It’s not just about how many abs you have or how big your biceps are, but can you push yourself to try new things, get better at the work you’re already doing and stick with it? That requires a different kind of strength.”

You don’t have to do it alone -- grab a friend, family member or neighbor, just as Will’s community has been sharing their own inspiring stories with him.

You can peek into the strides Will is making to round out the year with better health in YouTube Originals’ new unscripted series, “Best Shape of My Life,” premiering Monday, November 8 on his YouTube channel. This emotionally packed five-day event from Westbrook Media peels back the curtain on what makes Will Smith truly tick as he is pushed to his limits and questions the very behaviors that have led to his success -- and ultimately it’s on this search where his healing can begin.

Also in November, Fitbit is sponsoring the five-city tour of Will’s memoir, “Will,” in support of his path toward wellness and the many “steps” that go into an international book tour. The “Will” memoir shines a light on his path to understanding where outer success, inner happiness and human connection are aligned.

Follow Fitbit on social for more updates on Will’s wellness efforts and stay tuned for more StrongWill collections coming to Fitbit Premium in 2022 for truly “fresh” ways to continue growing stronger.

For more inspiration and guidance about fitness, nutrition, health and wellness, read more on the Fitbit blog.

Fitbit and Will Smith team up to put health first

Actor, producer, and musician, Will Smith, is joining the Fitbit family as our newest ambassador. As part of the strategic partnership, Fitbit and Will have teamed up to create exclusive content across social, Fitbit Premium, and the upcoming YouTube Originals docuseries, “Best Shape of My Life.” 

Will Smith resting between sets while sitting on a gym weight bench, wearing Fitbit Charge 4.

A premium focus

To help you rebuild and redefine your routine, Fitbit and Will Smith are partnering to develop exclusive content within Fitbit Premium, which will feature a variety of health and wellness programs that focus on both physical and mental aspects of strength that define better health today. Through video sessions featuring Will and his training team, Premium members can join along this journey through workouts, mindfulness sessions and more with everything from HIIT and strength training, to yoga and meditation. 

The first session, launching on September 27, is designed to set the tone for your day with an inspiring and approachable workout with Will and his trainers. Not only will this content offer a peek into Will’s own journey, but they conveniently fit into your daily routine – anytime and anywhere. The program will expand over the coming months and joins the library of more than 500 workouts and mindfulness sessions already available to Premium members.

Will Smith wearing Fitbit Charge 4, green shorts, a green shirt and camouflage leggings, takes a boxing stance in the sand dunes.

Get in the "Best Shape of Your Life"

Over the past year, Will, like many of us, struggled with the lack of a regular routine, including his very public admission that he was in the “worst shape of (his) life.” Now as he’s rebuilding his regimen, he’s documented his personal journey and progress along the way. As a Fitbit user, Will has recently been using Charge 4 to help him get in better shape and redefine his health and wellness goals, tracking everything from his calories burned, activity and exercise, and daily steps counted.

Debuting later this fall on his YouTube Channel, the six-part YouTube Originals docuseries, "Best Shape Of My Life," produced by Westbrook Media, will chronicle Will's journey as he challenges himself to improve every aspect of his health and wellness, teaming up with special guests along the way. Throughout the series, he’ll be using Fitbit to help him as he redefines his health and wellness goals, tracking everything from his calories burned, activity and exercise, and daily steps count, while also finding more time for mindfulness and improving his sleep.

Fitbit will be featured throughout his journey, so stay tuned to learn more and keep an eye out for how he’s using all the great new holistic health tools on his new Charge 5as well.

Will Smith running on a track, wearing green running shorts and shirt, and Fitbit Charge 4.

You can join in on Will’s journey to better health with a Fitbit Premium membership, and be sure to follow Fitbit for even more behind-the-scenes looks in the coming months.

Rebuild stronger with Fitbit Premium and Daily Readiness

At Fitbit, the way we think about fitness has evolved and expanded beyond mere physical strength. Today, many of us are far more eager to understand our wellness holistically, versus how many burpees we can do in a minute or comparing how much weight we can bench press. Sure, being physically strong is one depiction of strength, but this past year in particular has taught us that we need to be strong in other areas as well. Taking care of ourselves means knowing when to push ourselves to go to the next level, while also having the strength to know when to rest. 

With this in mind, we will soon be launching several new features and tools in Fitbit Premium,1 along with the advanced insights and personalized, actionable guidance you already receive as a member, to help you reach your holistic health goals. When paired with any Fitbit device, including our new Charge 5, you’ll get a deeper analysis of your data to help you workout smarter, manage your stress, sleep better and eat well. 

Coming soon to Premium is our new Daily Readiness Score, which will use insights from your body via your Fitbit device, including your activity, heart rate variability (HRV) and recent sleep, to help you assess when you’re ready to push yourself physically — in other words, if you should workout or prioritize recovery.2 By wearing your Fitbit device daily (including while you sleep), you’ll receive a personalized score each morning along with details on what impacted it, with suggestions like a recommended activity level and Premium content to help you make the best decisions for your body and make your workouts more efficient. 

Daily Readiness is built on research that proves taking time to recover can generate stronger results in the long run versus pushing yourself all the time. Pushing yourself too hard could lead to overtraining or injury and can impact your mood, sleep, appetite and weight. Over time, the guidance you will get can help you build a smarter routine that is more in tune with your body. Daily Readiness will be available in the Fitbit app for Premium members with Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe and Inspire 2 devices.

Fitbit Premium’s Daily Readiness app experience showcasing what users will see in their Today screen, on a good readiness day and a week-over-week view.

How Daily Readiness Score works

These three components are measured against your baseline, and will continue to adapt and become more personalized overtime as your fitness level changes:

Activity (fitness-fatigue):By tracking your heart rate 24/7 from your wrist, we measure the impact of daily activity on your body. Every effort counts – from running a 10K to chasing after your kids. Depending on how hard you pushed yourself recently, your activity level will fluctuate and personalize your score based on your normal exertion levels. An intense boot camp session might be a challenge for you, but a relatively easy outing for someone else. To make the most of your experience, we recommend getting at least 30 minutes of Active Zone Minutes (AZM) with activities that get your heart rate up, three times a week. 

HRV:Calculated during your deep sleep, HRV is a great measure of recovery. A higher HRV is better, meaning your body can easily transition from rest to activity, and back. Sometimes stress, overexertion or onset of an illness can lower your HRV and impact your readiness to exercise.

Sleep:Poor sleep over a few nights can make you feel fatigued today, since sleep has a cumulative effect on your body. That is why we factor in your sleep over the past several nights, not just the previous night.

A high score means your body is ready for action, while a low score indicates you should prioritize recovery. We optimize our algorithm to promote fitness improvement while minimizing fatigue. Your score is also accompanied by suggestions and associated Premium content — all in one place, delivered at the start of each day, just for you.

Work out smarter 

Depending on what your fitness goals are and what your body needs, as a Premium member you get access to more than 200 audio and video workouts that you can play on your phone or play to your TV at anytime, anywhere — from certified trainers and popular brands like Aaptiv, barre3,Daily Burn, obé, Physique 57andPOPSUGAR

On days when you get a high Daily Readiness Score, we will help motivate you to seize the day with a personalized AZM target paired with suggested Premium workouts. We are adding 25 new high-energy workouts from premier global fitness brand LES MILLS to our library to provide even more options for these days. Popularized in more than 21,000 gyms around the globe, LES MILLS is synonymous with high-energy and science-backed programs that can help you maximize results, presented by some of the world’s leading instructors. Workouts like BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT and more will transport you into a group workout and can help you get your heart pumping to meet your daily target.
Fitbit Premium’s Daily Readiness app experience, showcasing what you may see with a High Readiness Score to guide you to action for an “All Out” day.

Guidance to help you manage stress 

But it’s not just about being physically fit: Mental strength is a major component of overall health. Get more out of our Stress Management Score by seeing a breakdown of how your responsiveness, exertion balance and sleep patterns impact your physiological stress and overall health, along with more than 300 mindfulness sessions from wellness experts Aaptiv, Aura, Breethe, Mindful Method by Deepak Chopra and Ten Percent Happier to help you take control of your emotional and physical health. 

To further support your wellness and mental health, we are also partnering with Calm, the #1 App for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation, which will soon provide Premium members with access to 30 pieces of Calm content in seven languages.3 Charge 5 and Sense users can start an EDA Scan on-wrist simultaneously when completing a mindfulness session in the Fitbit app to see how their heart rate and electrodermal activity changes and impacted their stress responses. Plus, Calm and any mindfulness session completed in the Fitbit app will count towards your weekly mindfulness goal. 

All of this content can help support you on days when you have a low Daily Readiness Score. We will guide you to rest and rejuvenate with dynamic recommendations, ranging from active recovery sessions like yoga or stretching, to rest and relaxation ideas like meditation or mindfulness from our expansive Premium content library. 

Demonstration of a low readiness score in Fitbit Premium’s Daily Readiness  app experience. You may see a low score due to your activity, sleep or HRV, and will receive guidance on how to recover on low score days.

As a Premium member, you will be able to use Daily Readiness along with our Stress Management and Sleep scores for  a holistic look at your health and wellness each day. Daily Readiness will serve as a powerful complement, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to optimize your workouts, or you need a little extra motivation to push harder and achieve your best. By taking the time to recover instead of working out hard all the time, you can enhance your fitness while reducing your risk of injury over time. 

To help you understand your body’s signs of stress, your Stress Management Score will help you gauge if you can better handle stress and take on more challenges, or if you should take it easy and recharge. Meanwhile, your Sleep Score can help you better understand your sleep quality and how you might improve. Premium uplevels your Fitbit experience by helping you better understand your readiness to exercise, how your body responds to stress, and your sleep patterns, all with additional guidance and insights to help you achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals.  

Daily Readiness will be available soon in 18 languages to Premium members globally with compatible devices  in the Fitbit app. LES MILLS workouts are available today to all Premium users, with Calm content becoming available next month.

[1] Premium content and features may change. Content may be in English only.

[2] Daily Readiness is coming soon and requires a Fitbit Premium membership. Premium content recommendations are not available in all locales and may be in English only.

[3] Up to 30 pieces of Calm content available in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish only.

Fitbit Charge 5: Redefining strength

This past year we’ve endured sickness, loss, increased stress and changes with sleep, diet and exercise. As a result, we’ve been forced to become stronger and more resilient. But strength has taken on a new meaning for most, and being strong in today’s world is more than what we can lift or how fast we can run. It’s also what the mind and body can handle. 

As our approach to strength evolves, we’re introducing Fitbit Charge 5, our most advanced health and fitness tracker, to help keep a pulse on your fitness, stress, heart health, sleep and overall wellbeing – all in a thinner, sleek design. With a brighter, color touchscreen and up to seven days of battery life (varies with use), Charge 5 delivers the convenience features you need to focus on what’s most important.

And, with six months of Fitbit Premium included,1you’ll get deeper insights, actionable guidance and a range of more than 500 workouts,  mindfulness and nutrition sessions to empower you to do what’s best for your body each day. 

Two young men wearing athletic clothes playing basketball on a court wearing Fitbit Charge 5 trackers.

Sweat the smart way

With Fitbit Premium’s new Daily Readiness experience, coming soon to Charge 5, as well as Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Luxe and Inspire 2 devices, you can understand if your body is ready for a  workout or if you should prioritize recovery instead. Each morning, you’ll receive a score based on your fitness fatigue (activity), heart rate variability (HRV) and recent sleep. You’ll also get an analysis of what impacted your score, and suggestions like a recommended target Active Zone Minutes goal, along with Premium content to help you make the best decisions for your body. Charge 5 also includes built-in GPS, 20 exercise modes, automatic exercise recognition and an estimate of your V02 max. Plus, with Premium, you can access more than 200 workouts from certified trainers and popular brands like Daily Burn, barre3, obé and new high energy workouts from LES MILLS.

Reduce your stress and relax your mind

During 2020, a record-high 40% of adults said they experienced a lot of stress. To help you better manage stress, Charge 5 is our first tracker to include an EDA sensor, which measures your body's response to stress through tiny changes in the sweat glands on your fingers. We first launched EDA last fall with Fitbit Sense and have found 70% of users reduced their heart rate during a two-minute EDA Scan session, showing these tools can help reduce stress.

With Charge 5 you also get a Stress Management Score in the Fitbit app, so you can see each morning if you’re mentally ready to take on more challenges, or if you need to recharge. With Premium, you get access to more than 300 meditation and mindfulness sessions from brands and experts, like Ten Percent Happier and Mindful Method by Deepak Chopra to help you manage your stress. We are also announcing a partnership with Calm, the #1 App for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation, which will soon provide Premium members with access to Calm content.3

Fitbit Charge 5’s advanced health and fitness tracker with on-device animation demonstrating the user interface.

Deep dive into your holistic health 

We’re also helping you prioritize your heart health. Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is the world’s most common heart rhythm condition, and since launching the ECG app on Sense, users have taken more than four million assessments. The ECG app will be available soon on Charge 5,4 bringing a critical tool to more people at a more approachable price. Charge 5 also tracks your heart rate 24/7 and provides notifications when you are above or below your personal ranges, and while many factors can affect your heart rate, a high or low heart rate may be an indication of a heart condition that requires medical attention. 

In addition to managing your heart health, Charge 5 provides a holistic view of other key wellness metrics via the Health Metrics dashboard in the Fitbit app, including breathing rate, skin temperature variation and SpO2.5 With Premium, you can also track long-term trends and personal ranges.

And because sleep is also critical to your wellbeing, you’ll continue to receive industry-leading sleep tools like daily Sleep Score, Sleep Stages and SmartWake alarms. Premium members also receive a deeper analysis and guidance to improve sleep quality. 

Designed for convenience, performance and comfort

Beyond health and wellness support, Charge 5 delivers the convenience features you need. With the swipe of a finger, view your stats, make contactless payments, receive/send notifications from/to your smartphone (quick replies with Android only), and choose from 20 colorful clock faces to customize what information you want to see most. 

Ten percent thinner than its predecessor, Charge 5 has an aerodynamic design and is optimized for performance and engineered for a seamless fit. With a new AMOLED color display, Charge 5 is our first tracker with an always-on display option for added convenience to see your stats or while training. The display is also two-times brighter than its predecessor making it easy to see your stats on sunny days. You can also switch up your look at any time, choosing from lightweight silicone infinity bands, breathable sport bands, plush nylon hook and loop bands. and hand-crafted premium Horween leather bands. 

Charge 5 is available for $179.95 (USD), which includes a six-month Premium membership (for new or returning customers). Beginning today, pre-order Charge 5 online at and select global retailers, with worldwide availability this fall. 

[1] For new and returning Premium members only. T&Cs apply. Premium content may not be available in all locales and may be in English only. 

[2] Based on aggregated and anonymous global data from 10,000 Fitbit Sense users who were 18+ from Dec. 2020 - Jan. 2021.

[3] Calm content only available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, and Korean.

[4] The Fitbit ECG app will be available soon on Charge 5 in select countries. Not intended for use by people under 22 years old. See for additional details.

[5] The Health Metrics dashboard is not available in select markets and not intended for medical purposes.