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HLTH: Building on our commitments in health

Tonight kicked off the HLTH event in Boston that brings together leaders across health to discuss healthcare's most pressing problems and how we can tackle them to improve care delivery and outcomes.

Over the past two years, the pandemic shined a light on the importance of our collective health — and the role the private sector, payers, healthcare delivery organizations, governments and public health play in keeping communities healthy. For us at Google, we saw Search, Maps and YouTube become critical ways for people to learn about COVID-19. So we partnered with public health organizations to provide information that helped people stay safe, find testing and get vaccinated. In addition, we provided healthcare organizations, researchers and non-profits with tools, data and resources to support pandemic response and research efforts.

As I mentioned on the opening night of HLTH, Google Health is our company-wide effort to help billions of people be healthier by leaning on our strengths: organizing information and developing innovative technology. Beyond the pandemic, we have an opportunity to continue helping people to address health more holistically through the Google products they use every day and equipping healthcare teams with tools and solutions that help them improve care.

Throughout the conference, leaders from Google Health will share more about the work we’re doing and the partnerships needed across the health industry to improve health outcomes.

Meeting people in their everyday moments and empowering them to be healthier

People are increasingly turning to technology to manage their daily health and wellbeing — from using wearables and apps to track fitness goals, to researching conditions and building community around those with similar health experiences. At Google, we’re working to connect people with accurate, timely and actionable information and tools that can help them manage their health and achieve their goals.

On Monday, Dr. Garth Graham, who leads healthcare and public health partnerships for YouTube, will join the panel “Impactful Health Information Sharing” to discuss video as a powerful medium to connect people with engaging and high-quality health information. YouTube has been working closely with organizations, like the American College of Physicians, the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Mass General Brigham, to increase authoritative video content.

On Tuesday, Fitbit’s Dr. John Moore will join a panel on “The Next Generation of Health Consumers” focusing on how tools and technologies can help people take charge of their health and wellness between doctors’ visits — especially for younger generations. Regardless of age, there’s a huge opportunity for products like Fitbit to deliver daily, actionable insights into issues that can have a huge impact on overall health, like fitness, stress and sleep.

Helping health systems unlock the potential of healthcare data

Across Google Health, we’re building solutions and tools to help unlock the potential of healthcare data and transform care delivery. Care Studio, for example, helps clinicians at the point of care by bringing together patient information from different EHR systems into an integrated view. We’ve been piloting this tool at select hospital sites in the U.S. and soon clinicians in the pilot will have access to the Care Studio Mobile app so they can quickly access the critical patient information they need, wherever they are — whether that’s bedside, at clinic or in a hospital corridor.

In addition to Care Studio, we’re developing solutions that will bring greater interoperability to healthcare data, helping organizations deliver better care. Hear more from Aashima Gupta, Google Cloud’s global head of healthcare solutions, at HLTH in two sessions. On Monday, October 18, Aashima will discuss how digital strategies can reboot healthcare operations, and on Tuesday, October 19 she will join the panel “Turning of the Data Tides” to discuss different approaches to data interoperability and patient access to health records.

Building for everyone

Where people live, work and learn can greatly impact their experience with health. Behind many of our products and initiatives are industry experts and leaders who are making sure we build for everyone, and create an inclusive environment for that work to take place. During the Women at HLTH Luncheon on Tuesday, Dr. Ivor Horn, our Director of Health Equity, will share her career journey rooted in advocacy, entrepreneurship and activism.

From our early days as a company, Google has sought to improve the lives of as many people as possible. Helping people live healthier lives is one of the most impactful ways we can do that. It will take more than a single feature, product or initiative to improve health outcomes for everyone. If we work together across the healthcare industry and embed health into all our work, we can make the greatest impact.

For more information about speakers at HLTH, check out the full agenda.

These researchers are driving health equity with Fitbit

Under-resourced communities across the country have long faced disparities in health due to structural and long-standing inequities. Unfortunately, the pandemic has further widened many of these gaps.

Still, health equity research in digital health remains limited. To help address these issues, we announced the Fitbit Health Equity Research Initiative earlier this year to help support underrepresented researchers who are early in their careers and working to address health disparities in communities.

Over the past decade, researchers have used Fitbit devicesin over 900 health studies, in areas like diabetes, heart disease, oncology, mental health, infectious disease and more. Today, we’re awarding six researchers more than a total of $300,000 in Fitbit devices and services to support their research projects. Additionally, Fitbit’s long-time partner, Fitabase, will provide all projects with access to their data management platform to help researchers maximize study participation and analysis.

Learn more about the awardees and their research:

A photo of Sherilyn Francis of Georgia Tech

Improving postpartum care for rural black women

Black women in the U.S. are two to three times more likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth when compared to their white counterparts. And in Georgia, the disparities are more pronounced among rural populations. “As Black women who reside in Georgia, we’re more likely to die simply by becoming pregnant,” shares Sherilyn Francis, a PhD student in Georgia Tech’s Human-Centered Computing program. Her research aims to improve postpartum care for rural Black mothers through a culturally informed mobile health intervention. As part of the study, participants will receive a Fitbit Sense smartwatch and Fitbit Aria Air scale. By combining insight into physical activity, heart rate, sleep, weight and nutritional data with health outcomes, Sherilyn and her colleagues hope to shed light on ways to reduce the risk of severe maternal morbidity for Black mothers.

A photo of Jessee Dietch of Oregon State University

A look at sleep health in transgender youth

Transgender youth (ages 14-19) are at elevated risk for poor sleep health and associated physical and mental health outcomes. However, there’s no research to date that examines how medical transition and the use of gender-affirming hormone therapy impact sleep health. Jessee Dietch, PhD, who is an assistant professor of psychology at Oregon State University, will analyze participants’ sleep using a Fitbit Charge 5. The hope is that the findings will highlight potential points for sleep health intervention that could lead to improved wellbeing for a community that is already at an elevated risk for poor health outcomes.

A photo of  Rony F. Santiago of Sansum Diabetes Research Institute

Preventing the progression of type 2 diabetes in Latino adults

The causes and complications of type 2 diabetes (T2D) disproportionately impact Latinos. Motivated by personal experiences, Rony F. Santiago, MA, is an early-career researcher at Sansum Diabetes Research Institute and manages T2D programs that support the Santa Barbara community. Rony and his team, in collaboration with researchers at Texas A&M University, aim to recruit healthy Latino participants and those with pre-diabetes or T2D who will each receive a continuous glucose monitor and a Fitbit Sense smartwatch. They hope to analyze physical activity, nutrition tracking and sleep patterns to better understand the impact these behaviors can have on blood sugar and the potential to improve health outcomes, including the progression from pre-diabetes to T2D.

A photo of Toluwalase Ajayi of Scripps Research

Investigating how systemic racism impacts maternal and fetal health

Black and Hispanic pregnant people experience higher rates of pregnancy-related mortality in comparison to their non-Hispanic white counterparts. And Black infants are twice as likely to die within their first year of life in comparison to white infants. Toluwalase Ajayi, MD, pediatrician, palliative care physician and clinical researcher at Scripps Research is the principal researcher for this study, PowerMom FIRST, which is part of her larger research study PowerMom. PowerMom FIRST aims to answer questions about how systemic racism and discrimination may have a negative impact on maternal and fetal health in these vulnerable populations. In this study, 500 Black and Hispanic mothers will receive a Fitbit Luxe tracker and Aria Air scale. Researchers will assess participant survey data for health inequities, disproportionate health outcomes, disparities in quality of care, and other factors that may influence maternal health alongside biometric data from Fitbit devices. Data, like sleep and heart rate, will help researchers better understand the impact that systemic racism experienced by Black and Hispanic pregnant people may have on their health.

A photo of Susan Ramsundarsingh of SKY Schools

Building healthy habits in adolescents facing health disparities

Experiences of trauma, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and social inequity, are linked to poor health habits among marginalized student populations. Although there is a known relationship between unhealthy habits such as physical inactivity, poor nutrition, and socioeconomic status, there is little clarity on effective interventions. Susan Ramsundarsingh, PhD is the National Director of Research at SKY Schools, which develops evidence-based programs aimed at increasing the wellbeing and academic performance of under-resourced students. In this study, researchers will pair Fitbit Inspire 2 devices with the SKY School program, which teaches children social-emotional skills and resilience to improve health and wellbeing through tools like breathing techniques. Six hundred adolescent students will be assigned to three groups to measure the impact of the interventions on heart rate, sleep and physical activity during the 2021-22 school year.

A photo of Victoria Bandera of UCHealth

Reducing cardiovascular disease risk factors in Hispanic families in Colorado

Hispanics have a disproportionately higher prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors relative to non-Hispanic whites, as well as higher rates of modifiable risk factors such as diabetes and hypertension. Victoria Bandera, M.S. is an exercise physiologist and early career researcher at UCHealth Healthy Hearts in Loveland, Colo., whose research aims to combat health inequities that impact the Hispanic community. Participants enrolled in the Healthy Hearts Family Program will receive a Fitbit Charge 5 and take part in a 6-month program that includes an educational series on cardiovascular disease risks, healthy behaviors and health screenings. Researchers will encourage participants, ages 13 and older, to use their new Fitbit device to monitor and modify their health behaviors, such as eating habits and physical activity. They will then analyze changes in physical activity levels, body composition and biometric variables to assess the impact of the Healthy Hearts Family Program.

For the past 14 years at Fitbit, our mission has been to help everyone around the world live active, healthier lives, and along with Google, we’re committed to using tech to improve health equity. We hope the Fitbit Health Equity Research Initiative will continue to encourage wearable research and generate new evidence and methods for addressing health disparities.

Fitbit Premium launches StrongWill with Will Smith

Will Smith recently joined the Fitbit family and made his public commitment to improve every aspect of his health and wellness. The rapper and actor is creating and curating a Fitbit Premium-exclusive collection of whole-health guidance. Six sweat-inducing, endorphin-boosting workouts and mindfulness sessions in the Will Smith: StrongWill curriculum are now available. From room-shaking workouts to smooth stress-relief techniques, Premium members can now virtually work with Will and his trainers to get their minds and bodies strong. And yes, Big Will-isms do abound!

Premium gets a lot more fresh

Fitbit is inviting you to join in prioritizing your holistic health -- from physical fitness to better sleep habits and maintaining mental wellness. Will’s own drive to get in the best shape of his life was inspired by a desire to improve his overall wellbeing, and the StrongWill collection focuses on both the physical and mental aspects of strength

As he mentioned on social media, “I spent countless days grazing on snacks and didn’t feel my best physically. I love my body, so I want to get my overall health and wellness back on track. To me, being in the ‘best shape of my life’ really means taking better care of my body.”

No matter where you’re at in your wellness pursuit, the hardest part is getting started. Fitbit and Will are helping Premium users to reach goals with an approachable curriculum that fits into your life, enhances your routine and brings calorie-burning moves, form modifications, guided mindfulness and plenty of jokes from Will to keep the energy levels high.

Get motivated with Will’s trainers and join in a variety of guided sessions, exclusively within Fitbit Premium – no equipment or gym required:

  • Bodyweight Strength: Will Smith is no stranger to lifting weights, but sometimes even the Fresh Prince can’t make it to the gym. Join trainer Roz the Diva to learn strength building techniques you can do without much equipment and explore one of Will’s favorite exercises.
  • Core Challenge: To achieve the freshest fitness goals, start with your core, since that’s where peak performance is “born and raised.” Join trainer Jahdy to explore Will’s favorite techniques to strengthen, engage and stretch your core.
  • Find Your Center: Will Smith always makes this clear: when training your body, it’s just as important to train your mind. Join trainer Faith Hunter on a mindful look inward to hone your mental fitness with deep breathing exercises and meditation.
  • Mobility Flow Yoga: Yoga has been key to Will’s fitness success. Follow trainer Hiro Landazuri through a progressive mobility yoga flow to work your dexterity, flexibility and stability. Namaste!
  • Let’s Go Cardio!: In this workout, trainer Maya Monza takes you from warmup, through 10 cardio-intensive exercises, to cool down without skipping a beat. Have some water and a towel ready, because elevating your heart rate and breaking a sweat is what it’s all about. Like Will says, “Let’s turn this furnace on!”
  • Upper Body HIIT: The faster the better: Trainer Bianca G delivers a high-energy, high intensity interval training workout focused on the upper body and core to burn calories, gain endurance and build muscle fast.

While he has been working on his wellness, Will is beginning to wear Fitbit’s newest and most advanced tracker, Charge 5, which complements his regimen, reminds him to keep moving and also helps him to manage stress and his mental wellbeing.

Will Smith does bicep curls with two dumbbells in a gym, wearing a white t-shirt and black shorts.

Finishing “strong”

As we enter the last stretch of 2021, we all want to finish strong and establish better habits for the new year -- but what does that truly mean? Being strong looks different for everybody, whether strong in body, mind or heart. Take it from Will. “I’ve really come to understand that strength is so much more than a physical ability, it’s mental and emotional too,” Will says. “It’s not just about how many abs you have or how big your biceps are, but can you push yourself to try new things, get better at the work you’re already doing and stick with it? That requires a different kind of strength.”

You don’t have to do it alone -- grab a friend, family member or neighbor, just as Will’s community has been sharing their own inspiring stories with him.

You can peek into the strides Will is making to round out the year with better health in YouTube Originals’ new unscripted series, “Best Shape of My Life,” premiering Monday, November 8 on his YouTube channel. This emotionally packed five-day event from Westbrook Media peels back the curtain on what makes Will Smith truly tick as he is pushed to his limits and questions the very behaviors that have led to his success -- and ultimately it’s on this search where his healing can begin.

Also in November, Fitbit is sponsoring the five-city tour of Will’s memoir, “Will,” in support of his path toward wellness and the many “steps” that go into an international book tour. The “Will” memoir shines a light on his path to understanding where outer success, inner happiness and human connection are aligned.

Follow Fitbit on social for more updates on Will’s wellness efforts and stay tuned for more StrongWill collections coming to Fitbit Premium in 2022 for truly “fresh” ways to continue growing stronger.

For more inspiration and guidance about fitness, nutrition, health and wellness, read more on the Fitbit blog.

Fitbit and Will Smith team up to put health first

Actor, producer, and musician, Will Smith, is joining the Fitbit family as our newest ambassador. As part of the strategic partnership, Fitbit and Will have teamed up to create exclusive content across social, Fitbit Premium, and the upcoming YouTube Originals docuseries, “Best Shape of My Life.” 

Will Smith resting between sets while sitting on a gym weight bench, wearing Fitbit Charge 4.

A premium focus

To help you rebuild and redefine your routine, Fitbit and Will Smith are partnering to develop exclusive content within Fitbit Premium, which will feature a variety of health and wellness programs that focus on both physical and mental aspects of strength that define better health today. Through video sessions featuring Will and his training team, Premium members can join along this journey through workouts, mindfulness sessions and more with everything from HIIT and strength training, to yoga and meditation. 

The first session, launching on September 27, is designed to set the tone for your day with an inspiring and approachable workout with Will and his trainers. Not only will this content offer a peek into Will’s own journey, but they conveniently fit into your daily routine – anytime and anywhere. The program will expand over the coming months and joins the library of more than 500 workouts and mindfulness sessions already available to Premium members.

Will Smith wearing Fitbit Charge 4, green shorts, a green shirt and camouflage leggings, takes a boxing stance in the sand dunes.

Get in the "Best Shape of Your Life"

Over the past year, Will, like many of us, struggled with the lack of a regular routine, including his very public admission that he was in the “worst shape of (his) life.” Now as he’s rebuilding his regimen, he’s documented his personal journey and progress along the way. As a Fitbit user, Will has recently been using Charge 4 to help him get in better shape and redefine his health and wellness goals, tracking everything from his calories burned, activity and exercise, and daily steps counted.

Debuting later this fall on his YouTube Channel, the six-part YouTube Originals docuseries, "Best Shape Of My Life," produced by Westbrook Media, will chronicle Will's journey as he challenges himself to improve every aspect of his health and wellness, teaming up with special guests along the way. Throughout the series, he’ll be using Fitbit to help him as he redefines his health and wellness goals, tracking everything from his calories burned, activity and exercise, and daily steps count, while also finding more time for mindfulness and improving his sleep.

Fitbit will be featured throughout his journey, so stay tuned to learn more and keep an eye out for how he’s using all the great new holistic health tools on his new Charge 5as well.

Will Smith running on a track, wearing green running shorts and shirt, and Fitbit Charge 4.

You can join in on Will’s journey to better health with a Fitbit Premium membership, and be sure to follow Fitbit for even more behind-the-scenes looks in the coming months.

Rebuild stronger with Fitbit Premium and Daily Readiness

At Fitbit, the way we think about fitness has evolved and expanded beyond mere physical strength. Today, many of us are far more eager to understand our wellness holistically, versus how many burpees we can do in a minute or comparing how much weight we can bench press. Sure, being physically strong is one depiction of strength, but this past year in particular has taught us that we need to be strong in other areas as well. Taking care of ourselves means knowing when to push ourselves to go to the next level, while also having the strength to know when to rest. 

With this in mind, we will soon be launching several new features and tools in Fitbit Premium,1 along with the advanced insights and personalized, actionable guidance you already receive as a member, to help you reach your holistic health goals. When paired with any Fitbit device, including our new Charge 5, you’ll get a deeper analysis of your data to help you workout smarter, manage your stress, sleep better and eat well. 

Coming soon to Premium is our new Daily Readiness Score, which will use insights from your body via your Fitbit device, including your activity, heart rate variability (HRV) and recent sleep, to help you assess when you’re ready to push yourself physically — in other words, if you should workout or prioritize recovery.2 By wearing your Fitbit device daily (including while you sleep), you’ll receive a personalized score each morning along with details on what impacted it, with suggestions like a recommended activity level and Premium content to help you make the best decisions for your body and make your workouts more efficient. 

Daily Readiness is built on research that proves taking time to recover can generate stronger results in the long run versus pushing yourself all the time. Pushing yourself too hard could lead to overtraining or injury and can impact your mood, sleep, appetite and weight. Over time, the guidance you will get can help you build a smarter routine that is more in tune with your body. Daily Readiness will be available in the Fitbit app for Premium members with Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe and Inspire 2 devices.

Fitbit Premium’s Daily Readiness app experience showcasing what users will see in their Today screen, on a good readiness day and a week-over-week view.

How Daily Readiness Score works

These three components are measured against your baseline, and will continue to adapt and become more personalized overtime as your fitness level changes:

Activity (fitness-fatigue):By tracking your heart rate 24/7 from your wrist, we measure the impact of daily activity on your body. Every effort counts – from running a 10K to chasing after your kids. Depending on how hard you pushed yourself recently, your activity level will fluctuate and personalize your score based on your normal exertion levels. An intense boot camp session might be a challenge for you, but a relatively easy outing for someone else. To make the most of your experience, we recommend getting at least 30 minutes of Active Zone Minutes (AZM) with activities that get your heart rate up, three times a week. 

HRV:Calculated during your deep sleep, HRV is a great measure of recovery. A higher HRV is better, meaning your body can easily transition from rest to activity, and back. Sometimes stress, overexertion or onset of an illness can lower your HRV and impact your readiness to exercise.

Sleep:Poor sleep over a few nights can make you feel fatigued today, since sleep has a cumulative effect on your body. That is why we factor in your sleep over the past several nights, not just the previous night.

A high score means your body is ready for action, while a low score indicates you should prioritize recovery. We optimize our algorithm to promote fitness improvement while minimizing fatigue. Your score is also accompanied by suggestions and associated Premium content — all in one place, delivered at the start of each day, just for you.

Work out smarter 

Depending on what your fitness goals are and what your body needs, as a Premium member you get access to more than 200 audio and video workouts that you can play on your phone or play to your TV at anytime, anywhere — from certified trainers and popular brands like Aaptiv, barre3,Daily Burn, obé, Physique 57andPOPSUGAR

On days when you get a high Daily Readiness Score, we will help motivate you to seize the day with a personalized AZM target paired with suggested Premium workouts. We are adding 25 new high-energy workouts from premier global fitness brand LES MILLS to our library to provide even more options for these days. Popularized in more than 21,000 gyms around the globe, LES MILLS is synonymous with high-energy and science-backed programs that can help you maximize results, presented by some of the world’s leading instructors. Workouts like BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT and more will transport you into a group workout and can help you get your heart pumping to meet your daily target.
Fitbit Premium’s Daily Readiness app experience, showcasing what you may see with a High Readiness Score to guide you to action for an “All Out” day.

Guidance to help you manage stress 

But it’s not just about being physically fit: Mental strength is a major component of overall health. Get more out of our Stress Management Score by seeing a breakdown of how your responsiveness, exertion balance and sleep patterns impact your physiological stress and overall health, along with more than 300 mindfulness sessions from wellness experts Aaptiv, Aura, Breethe, Mindful Method by Deepak Chopra and Ten Percent Happier to help you take control of your emotional and physical health. 

To further support your wellness and mental health, we are also partnering with Calm, the #1 App for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation, which will soon provide Premium members with access to 30 pieces of Calm content in seven languages.3 Charge 5 and Sense users can start an EDA Scan on-wrist simultaneously when completing a mindfulness session in the Fitbit app to see how their heart rate and electrodermal activity changes and impacted their stress responses. Plus, Calm and any mindfulness session completed in the Fitbit app will count towards your weekly mindfulness goal. 

All of this content can help support you on days when you have a low Daily Readiness Score. We will guide you to rest and rejuvenate with dynamic recommendations, ranging from active recovery sessions like yoga or stretching, to rest and relaxation ideas like meditation or mindfulness from our expansive Premium content library. 

Demonstration of a low readiness score in Fitbit Premium’s Daily Readiness  app experience. You may see a low score due to your activity, sleep or HRV, and will receive guidance on how to recover on low score days.

As a Premium member, you will be able to use Daily Readiness along with our Stress Management and Sleep scores for  a holistic look at your health and wellness each day. Daily Readiness will serve as a powerful complement, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to optimize your workouts, or you need a little extra motivation to push harder and achieve your best. By taking the time to recover instead of working out hard all the time, you can enhance your fitness while reducing your risk of injury over time. 

To help you understand your body’s signs of stress, your Stress Management Score will help you gauge if you can better handle stress and take on more challenges, or if you should take it easy and recharge. Meanwhile, your Sleep Score can help you better understand your sleep quality and how you might improve. Premium uplevels your Fitbit experience by helping you better understand your readiness to exercise, how your body responds to stress, and your sleep patterns, all with additional guidance and insights to help you achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals.  

Daily Readiness will be available soon in 18 languages to Premium members globally with compatible devices  in the Fitbit app. LES MILLS workouts are available today to all Premium users, with Calm content becoming available next month.

[1] Premium content and features may change. Content may be in English only.

[2] Daily Readiness is coming soon and requires a Fitbit Premium membership. Premium content recommendations are not available in all locales and may be in English only.

[3] Up to 30 pieces of Calm content available in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish only.

Fitbit Charge 5: Redefining strength

This past year we’ve endured sickness, loss, increased stress and changes with sleep, diet and exercise. As a result, we’ve been forced to become stronger and more resilient. But strength has taken on a new meaning for most, and being strong in today’s world is more than what we can lift or how fast we can run. It’s also what the mind and body can handle. 

As our approach to strength evolves, we’re introducing Fitbit Charge 5, our most advanced health and fitness tracker, to help keep a pulse on your fitness, stress, heart health, sleep and overall wellbeing – all in a thinner, sleek design. With a brighter, color touchscreen and up to seven days of battery life (varies with use), Charge 5 delivers the convenience features you need to focus on what’s most important.

And, with six months of Fitbit Premium included,1you’ll get deeper insights, actionable guidance and a range of more than 500 workouts,  mindfulness and nutrition sessions to empower you to do what’s best for your body each day. 

Two young men wearing athletic clothes playing basketball on a court wearing Fitbit Charge 5 trackers.

Sweat the smart way

With Fitbit Premium’s new Daily Readiness experience, coming soon to Charge 5, as well as Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Luxe and Inspire 2 devices, you can understand if your body is ready for a  workout or if you should prioritize recovery instead. Each morning, you’ll receive a score based on your fitness fatigue (activity), heart rate variability (HRV) and recent sleep. You’ll also get an analysis of what impacted your score, and suggestions like a recommended target Active Zone Minutes goal, along with Premium content to help you make the best decisions for your body. Charge 5 also includes built-in GPS, 20 exercise modes, automatic exercise recognition and an estimate of your V02 max. Plus, with Premium, you can access more than 200 workouts from certified trainers and popular brands like Daily Burn, barre3, obé and new high energy workouts from LES MILLS.

Reduce your stress and relax your mind

During 2020, a record-high 40% of adults said they experienced a lot of stress. To help you better manage stress, Charge 5 is our first tracker to include an EDA sensor, which measures your body's response to stress through tiny changes in the sweat glands on your fingers. We first launched EDA last fall with Fitbit Sense and have found 70% of users reduced their heart rate during a two-minute EDA Scan session, showing these tools can help reduce stress.

With Charge 5 you also get a Stress Management Score in the Fitbit app, so you can see each morning if you’re mentally ready to take on more challenges, or if you need to recharge. With Premium, you get access to more than 300 meditation and mindfulness sessions from brands and experts, like Ten Percent Happier and Mindful Method by Deepak Chopra to help you manage your stress. We are also announcing a partnership with Calm, the #1 App for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation, which will soon provide Premium members with access to Calm content.3

Fitbit Charge 5’s advanced health and fitness tracker with on-device animation demonstrating the user interface.

Deep dive into your holistic health 

We’re also helping you prioritize your heart health. Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is the world’s most common heart rhythm condition, and since launching the ECG app on Sense, users have taken more than four million assessments. The ECG app will be available soon on Charge 5,4 bringing a critical tool to more people at a more approachable price. Charge 5 also tracks your heart rate 24/7 and provides notifications when you are above or below your personal ranges, and while many factors can affect your heart rate, a high or low heart rate may be an indication of a heart condition that requires medical attention. 

In addition to managing your heart health, Charge 5 provides a holistic view of other key wellness metrics via the Health Metrics dashboard in the Fitbit app, including breathing rate, skin temperature variation and SpO2.5 With Premium, you can also track long-term trends and personal ranges.

And because sleep is also critical to your wellbeing, you’ll continue to receive industry-leading sleep tools like daily Sleep Score, Sleep Stages and SmartWake alarms. Premium members also receive a deeper analysis and guidance to improve sleep quality. 

Designed for convenience, performance and comfort

Beyond health and wellness support, Charge 5 delivers the convenience features you need. With the swipe of a finger, view your stats, make contactless payments, receive/send notifications from/to your smartphone (quick replies with Android only), and choose from 20 colorful clock faces to customize what information you want to see most. 

Ten percent thinner than its predecessor, Charge 5 has an aerodynamic design and is optimized for performance and engineered for a seamless fit. With a new AMOLED color display, Charge 5 is our first tracker with an always-on display option for added convenience to see your stats or while training. The display is also two-times brighter than its predecessor making it easy to see your stats on sunny days. You can also switch up your look at any time, choosing from lightweight silicone infinity bands, breathable sport bands, plush nylon hook and loop bands. and hand-crafted premium Horween leather bands. 

Charge 5 is available for $179.95 (USD), which includes a six-month Premium membership (for new or returning customers). Beginning today, pre-order Charge 5 online at Fitbit.com and select global retailers, with worldwide availability this fall. 

[1] For new and returning Premium members only. T&Cs apply. Premium content may not be available in all locales and may be in English only. 

[2] Based on aggregated and anonymous global data from 10,000 Fitbit Sense users who were 18+ from Dec. 2020 - Jan. 2021.

[3] Calm content only available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, and Korean.

[4] The Fitbit ECG app will be available soon on Charge 5 in select countries. Not intended for use by people under 22 years old. See fitbit.com/ecg for additional details.

[5] The Health Metrics dashboard is not available in select markets and not intended for medical purposes. 

Fashionably Fitbit: New smartwatch designer accessories

Fitbit launched its first designer accessory collection in 2014, infusing high fashion into technology to help with the widespread adoption of wearables. Over the years, we’ve launched a variety of collections from designers like gorjana, Kim Shui, Pendleton, PH5, Public School, Tory Burch and Vera Wang, that give you different ways to stay active, personalize your device and show off your style at the same time.

Now, we’re pushing the boundaries between fashion and fitness even further. This fall we’re introducing two new stylish Designer Collections, plus more new Fitbit accessory choices, for Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 smartwatches. 

Brother Vellies brings bold designs to Fitbit

Fitbit’s latest Designer Collection features styles from Brother Vellies, a luxury accessory brand built on the ideal of uplifting artisan communities and cultures through design. The Brother Vellies collection is brought to life through a longtime partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), which creates unique opportunities for Fitbit to partner with emerging designers who blend fashion with innovation. 

The collection takes a high-fashion twist on the iconic scrunchie, made with Horween leather. The lightweight leather bands are handcrafted with premium oils and dyes, and tanned through traditional techniques so they mold to your wrist and develop an aged patina finish over time. 

The Brother Vellies for Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 collection is available in black and oak for $54.95 each, only on fitbit.com.

The new Fitbit + Brother Vellies bands in black and oak.
A young woman sitting in a chair wearing a v-neck maroon crushed velvet long dress and snakeskin boots models the new Fitbit + Brother Vellies band in black on her Fitbit smartwatch.

Victor Glemaud’s newest collection for Fitbit celebrates inclusivity

Fitbit has also partnered with Victor Glemaud for a second season, bringing a new collection of knit bands in an expansive variety of skin tones, giving you more ways to show off your individual style. Featuring gender-neutral elements and crafted with sustainable REPREVE recycled plastic fibers, these comfortable and versatile bands create a distinctive way for you to connect to your wellness through fashion.

The collection introduces a metallic ombré band with shimmering flecks of varying nude shades that transition from light to dark. It also includes a metallic stripe band with a deep brown strip down the center of a dark brown backdrop with gold flecks. These new additions join Glemaud’s metallic gold/black and layered black/red accessory bands launched last year, for even more options to infuse his designs into your wearable wardrobe.

The Victor Glemaud for Fitbit collection for Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 is now available for $39.95 each, only on fitbit.com.

The new Fitbit + Victor Glemaud band in metallic ombré.
A young woman wearing a red dress models the new Fitbit + Victor Glemaud band in metallic ombré on her Fitbit smartwatch.

More colors and accessories

Beyond these Designer Collections, we’re adding even more options to add a unique flair to your Sense and Versa 3 smartwatch style. First, Fitbit Sense is now available in sage grey/silver stainless steel, for a neutral, relaxed look for $299.95.

And available August 25:

  • Sage grey is also joining our accessory collection as an infinity band, so anyone can bring this color to their wrist for $29.95. 

  • For those looking for comfort and convenience, we’re introducing hook & loop bands. These supersoft, plush bands will be available in charcoal and coastal blue for $34.95. 

  • We’re also introducing two vegan leather band options in sand dollar and seaglass for a refined, polished look for $49.95. 

  • Plus, we’re adding even more soft, breathable and durable silicone to our sport band lineup in blush/desert bloom and frost white/lunar white for $34.95 each.

A lineup of the additional Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 accessories, including new hook & loop bands, vegan leather bands, and more.

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