Legacy AdMob Sunset and Legacy SDK Deprecation Reminder

Summary: Legacy AdMob will sunset August 31st, 2014. The Google Play store will not accept apps using the legacy SDK after August 1st, 2014. Please update.

Greetings AdMob Developers!

We're pleased to announce we've completed the rollout of the new AdMob to over 200 countries. AdMob is now a complete platform for developers to monetize, promote and analyze their apps, with Google Analytics directly available in the AdMob interface. We hope you enjoy the new features it provides, including ad network optimization and simplified mediation. You can read more about the new features and changes in this help center doc.

Since the new AdMob is now available to everyone, we’re beginning our deprecation of the legacy AdMob, and will be sunsetting the old platform on August 31st, 2014. After August 31st:

  • Ads will stop serving to legacy ad units
  • Legacy house ad campaigns will stop serving
  • The legacy AdMob UI will be inaccessible

Please upgrade to the new AdMob as soon as possible - and definitely before the end of August. If you encounter difficulties, please see the help docs and support forms in our Help Center.

We also want to remind you that after August 1st, 2014, the Google Play Store will no longer accept apps using the legacy AdMob SDK. If you're an Android publisher, you should migrate to Google Play Services as soon as possible. We have plenty of resources for you including our migration guide and intro video - and if you still need help, please ask your technical questions on our forum.

We hope that you're as excited about the evolution of AdMob as we are!