Launching v6.1 of the Google Mobile Ads SDK for Android

Greetings developers!

We're happy to launch a new version of our Google Mobile Ads SDK for Android. You should see Google Play Services 6.1 (rev 20) available for download in your SDK manager.

This version includes the following changes:

  • Added a getLocation method to
  • Added a content description for the interstitial close button.
  • Removed logging of "Google Play resources not found" when the library project is linked correctly.
  • Added getMediationAdapterClassName to AdView for getting the class name of the ad network mediation adapter currently showing an ad.

You can read the Google Play Services Announcement on the Android Developers Blog for a summary of what’s new with this release. For a full list of SDK changes, check out our release notes. For technical questions, post them on our forum.