Enhanced add-ons experience for Google Apps admins

Last year we launched add-ons, tools created by developer partners that provide even more helpful features in your documents, spreadsheets and forms. Previously, the ability to install add-ons was controlled centrally by Google Apps admins in the Admin console, but users retained ultimate control of choosing which individual add-ons to install or remove.

Today we’re releasing a couple of updates to help developers share their add-ons with an even wider audience and give Google Apps admins more consistent control over which add-ons are used in their organizations. 

Developers can now choose to make their add-ons for Docs, Sheets and Forms available for installation across entire domains, which automatically creates a Google Apps Marketplace listing that is easy for customers to find. Admins can then install these handy add-ons for their whole organization using just a couple of clicks. 

Admins will continue to have a “disable add-ons” option for their users, but they can also whitelist add-ons via the Google Apps Marketplace for their entire domain or a specific team. Check out the Help Center for details on the available options.

Keep in mind that it will take some time for add-on developers to publish their apps for domain-wide installation, so you might not find all your favorite add-ons in the Apps Marketplace yet. 

Note: this launch will not impact existing add-on installation settings.

Release track:
Rapid release and Scheduled release

For more information:
Help Center
Google for Work blog post

Note: all launches are applicable to all Google Apps editions unless otherwise noted

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