Control mobile app settings at the organizational unit and group levels

We know that companies, especially large enterprises, are organized in complex ways, and different employees need different things. With that in mind, we’re giving G Suite Business and Enterprise admins more granular control over mobile app management, allowing them to assign different settings for different organizational units (OUs) and groups. This means that an admin can, among other things, whitelist certain apps for their executive team and others for their marketing org, or prohibit their sales team from disabling specific apps. Previously, admins could only do these things for an entire domain.

Both Android and iOS apps can be distributed at the OU and group level. For more information, check out the Help Center.

Launch Details
Release track:
Launching to both Rapid Release and Scheduled Release

Available to G Suite Business and Enterprise editions only

Rollout pace:
Extended rollout (potentially longer than 15 days for feature visibility)

Admins only

Admin action suggested/FYI

More Information
Help Center: Manage apps on mobile devices

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