Announcing Dedicated Interconnect: your fast, private on-ramp to Google Cloud

Easy to manage, high bandwidth, private, network connectivity is essential for large enterprises. That’s why today we’re announcing Dedicated Interconnect, a new way to connect to Google Cloud and access the world’s largest cloud network.

Dedicated Interconnect lets you establish a private network connection directly to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) through one of our Dedicated Interconnect locations. Dedicated Interconnect also offers increased throughput and even a potential reduction in network costs.

Companies with data and latency-sensitive services, such as Metamarkets, a real-time analytics firm, benefit from Dedicated Interconnect.

"Accessing GCP with high bandwidth, low latency, and consistent network connectivity is critical for our business objectives. Google's Dedicated Interconnect allows us to successfully achieve higher reliability, higher throughput and lower latency while reducing the total cost of ownership by more than 60%, compared to solutions over the public internet.” 
– Nhan Phan, VP of Engineering at Metamarkets 

Dedicated Interconnect enables you to extend the corporate datacenter network and RFC 1918 IP space into Google Cloud as part of a hybrid cloud deployment. If you work with large or real-time data sets, Dedicated Interconnect can also help you control how that data is routed.

Dedicated Interconnect features 

With Dedicated Interconnect you get a direct connection to GCP VPC networks with connectivity to internal IP addresses in RFC 1918 address space. It’s available in 10 gigabits per second (Gb/s) increments, and you can select from 1 to 8 circuits from the Cloud Console.
Dedicated Interconnect can be configured to offer a 99.9% or a 99.99% uptime SLA. Please see the Dedicated Interconnect documentation for details on how to achieve these SLAs.
Because it combines point and click deployment with ongoing monitoring, Dedicated Interconnect is easy to provision and to manage. Once you have it up and running, you can add an additional VLAN with a point and click configuration — no physical plumbing necessary.


Dedicated Interconnect is available today in many locations — with more coming soon. This means you can connect to Google’s network from almost anywhere in the world. For a full list of locations, visit the Dedicated Interconnect locations page. Note that many locations offer service from more than one facility.
Once connected, the Google network provides access to all GCP regions using a private fiber network that connects more than 100 points of presence around the globe. The Google network is the largest cloud network in the world, by several measures, including by the number of points of presence.

Is Dedicated Interconnect right for you? 

Here’s a simple decision tree that can help you determine whether Dedicated Interconnect is right for your organization

Get started with Dedicated Interconnect 

Use Cloud Console to place an order for Dedicated Interconnect.
Dedicated Interconnect will make it easier for more businesses to connect to Google Cloud. We can’t wait to see the next generation of enterprise workloads that Dedicated Interconnect makes possible.