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Learn more about anxiety with a self-assessment on Search

Editor’s note: This post is authored by Daniel H. Gillison, Jr., CEO of The National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Anxiety disorders affect 48 million adults in the U.S. Anxiety presents itself as a wide range of symptoms, and can be a result of biological factors or triggered by a change in environment or exposure to a stressful event. With COVID-19 introducing new points of stress, communities are seeing a rise in mental health issues and needs. New Census Bureau data released last week shows that a third of Americans are now showing signs of clinical anxiety or depression.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization and we’re partnering with Google to provide access to mental health resources. Starting today when people in the U.S. search on Google for information about anxiety, we’ll provide access to a clinically-validated questionnaire called the GAD-7 (Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7). The GAD-7 will show up in the knowledge panel—the box of information that displays key facts when you search for something—and also has medically-validated information about anxiety, including symptoms and common treatments.

Anxiety self-assessment

This seven-question survey covers many of the same questions a health professional may ask, and your answers are private and secure (Google does not collect or share answers or results from the questionnaire). The GAD-7 helps people understand how their self-reported anxiety symptoms map to anxiety levels of people who completed the same questionnaire. The tool also provides access to resources developed by NAMI so people can learn more and seek help when needed. 

Anxiety self-assessment results

The GAD-7 is the third mental health screener available on Google Search. We’ve previously partnered with Google so that people who search for information on depression and PTSD can access relevant clinically-validated questionnaires that provide more information and links to resources about those conditions. The self-assessments are currently available in the U.S., and Google hopes to make them available in additional countries over time.

Anxiety can show up as a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms, and it can take decades for people who first experience symptoms to get treatment. By providing access to authoritative information, and the resources and tools to learn more about anxiety, we hope to empower more people to take action and seek help.

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Google’s new tools help businesses during COVID-19

Running a business requires a whole lot of ingenuity and perseverance. It’s those same qualities that are helping local businesses adapt, and even thrive, in today’s new normal. To adjust, business owners are increasingly turning to digital tools. According to a newly released report by the Connected Commerce Council, nearly one in three small business owners said that without digital tools they would have had to close all or parts of their business.

We’ve rolled out new features to help businesses get the support they need, adapt their operations, and quickly update customers about their latest changes.

Let people know how they can help 

We’ve seen firsthand in Google Search and Maps the impact that COVID-19 has had on small businesses and how they connect with their customers. People across the world are looking for ways to continue supporting corner bookstores, local watering holes, beloved dance studios and other businesses that give their neighborhoods character—even if it’s from a distance. 

To help local businesses share how their communities can support them during COVID-19, we recently began allowing merchants in six countries to add support links for donations and gift cards to their Business Profiles on Google. Starting today, we’re rolling support links out to merchants in an additional 18 countries such as Italy, Spain and Japan. We’ve partnered with PayPal and GoFundMe for donations. For gift cards, merchants can link directly to the relevant page on their website or to their gift card offerings with one of our eligible partners, which includes Square, Toast, Clover and Vagaro.

People around the world are looking to help—with global search interest in "how to help small businesses" reaching an all-time high in March 2020, increasing more than 700 percent since February. To help connect them with nearby businesses in need, we’ve made it possible for people to look up their favorite local businesses by name to see if they’ve added donation or gift card links to their Business Profile. And in the coming weeks, people will also be able to use Search and Maps to find all of the nearby businesses that are asking for support. 

Support Links Search

People can now look up their favorite local businesses to see if they have donation or gift card links on their Business Profile

Transition to online services with ease 

Merchants who normally provided in-person services are now pivoting to connect with their customers virtually—from yoga studios offering online classes to salons hosting virtual hair styling classes. We’re making it easier for customers to discover online classes and book virtual appointments with these new features:

  • Get discovered:Merchants who are verified on Google My Business will soon be able to add attributes like “online classes,” “online appointments,” or “online estimates” to their Business Profiles to let people know how they’re operating. Today merchants can add one of these attributes using Google My Business, and in the coming weeks it’ll be visible on merchants’ Business Profiles in Search and Maps. 

  • Online service bookings directly on Google:We’re expanding Reserve with Google to help merchants offer easy appointment bookings for online services so customers can quickly find available times, book a slot, and add it to their Google Calendar—all directly from a merchant’s Business Profile. Millions of people have already booked in-person appointments with salons, restaurants and other businesses thanks to integrations from over 100 Reserve with Google partners. We’re now expanding this to include bookings for online services, starting with partners like Booksy, Regis, WellnessLiving, and Zooty. Merchants working with one of these partners can offer online bookings directly on Google and share details with customers about how to pay and join the meeting using their preferred video platform.

Online Class Booking

 Merchants can offer easy appointment bookings for online services. 

Keep everyone in the know with the latest business information

Sometimes it’s not as simple as “open” and “closed.” Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve added new tools to help merchants keep customers informed about how and when they’re operating. 

Across all business verticals, we launched the ability to mark their business as temporarily closed, as well as reopen when they’re ready to open their doors. We also added secondary hours and COVID-19 posts so merchants can communicate important information about their operations directly in Google Search and Maps. Since March, we’ve seen more than 1 million businesses share COVID-19 posts, with millions of clicks to merchants’ websites every week as consumers look for more information.

With many people unable to enjoy meals inside their favorite restaurants, demand for food delivery and takeout has skyrocketed. In response, we’ve added more third-party ordering providers, so people everywhere can order delivery and takeout from an additional 25,000 restaurants directly on Google. To give merchants even more control, we’ll soon be making it easier for food merchants to indicate their preferred online ordering partners on their Business Profiles. 

Today people are deciding where to grab food not only based on the menu, but also on how easy it is to pick up safely. We added attributes like “curbside pickup,” “no contact delivery,” and “dine-in” so that restaurants could easily share these important details on their Business Profiles in Search and Maps. Since March, more than 3 million restaurants have added or edited their dining attributes. Some restaurateurs are even ditching dining areas for good. To support all types of food merchants, virtual kitchens can now verify their businesses on Google My Business. 

We know that every day during this pandemic can be drastically different—and for small business owners, there can be a lot of uncertainty. While we can’t control what each day looks like, our goal is to continue helping businesses communicate the latest with consumers across the world. 

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A Doodle for (super)Moms near or far

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my mom. She raised me and my two siblings as a single, immigrant mother in a small Texas town. Her goal was always to give us a better life and unparalleled opportunities to what she had growing up in Mexico—and she regularly worked more than three jobs at a time to do it. The truth is, I have no idea how she pulled it all off. I also don’t know that I’ll ever be able to convey the extent of gratitude I feel for who she is (a supermom!) and what she did for us. Her strength and capacity for love is what I aspire to every single day.

I’ve always loved that we have a day dedicated to showing the superheroines in each of our lives how much we love and appreciate them—though one day is certainly not enough! While I’ve been lucky enough throughout the years to spend this day with my mom, this year I’ll be sending my love from afar. 

People around the world are looking for ways to celebrate with their moms, too. Search interest in “Homemade Mother's Day card” has increased by 160 percent in the past week globally. In fact, the most searched Mother’s Day and "virtual" searches worldwide are “virtual Mothers Day ideas,” “virtual Mothers Day gifts” and “virtual Mothers Day cards.”

Giving families an opportunity to connect during these unprecedented times is what inspired us to build today’s new, interactive Mother’s Day Doodle. When you visit the Google homepage, you can create your own custom, digital art from the heart and send it to any and all the moms in your life.

Doodle Interactive Experience

And while they’ve always had to wear many hats, moms, dads and parents everywhere over the last few months have had to become so much more. To all the parents out there, thank you for everything.

While nothing beats one of my mom’s cure-all hugs, I’m grateful that technology will give me the chance to see her smile and hear her laugh when she opens up my attempt at channeling my inner Picasso. It still won’t be enough to thank her for everything she’s done for me, but it’ll surely make all the miles between us feel a little bit smaller. 

La quiero mucho, Ama. I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day 💖

Perla and mom

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What’s trending: understanding rising consumer interests

Since COVID-19 began, we’ve heard from our retail and brand manufacturing partners that they’re hungry for more insights on how consumer interests are changing, given fluctuations in consumer demand. We see these changes reflected in how people are searching on Google. Last month, there were spikes in search interest for household supplies and jigsaw puzzles as people spent more time at home. This month we’ve seen surging interest for sewing machines and baking materials in the U.S., and tetherball sets and chalk in the United Kingdom and Australia. 

Businesses are using a variety of resources to understand changing consumer interests—including Google Trends, social listening, surveys, and their own data—in order to help make decisions on the fly. But if they don’t know what to look for, there isn’t an easy way to understand which product categories are gaining in popularity, and might pose an opportunity.

That’s why we’re launching a rising retail categories tool on Think with Google. It surfaces fast-growing, product-related categories in Google Search, the locations where they’re growing, and the queries associated with them. This is the first time we’ve provided this type of insight on the product categories that people are searching for. 

Rising Retail Categories

When we previewed the data with a group of businesses, they had lots of creative ideas for how they might apply it—whether for content creation, promotional efforts, or even new products and services. Here were some of their ideas for how it could help:

  • Content creation: A cookware company noticed that “flour” was a growing category in the United States. The team was inspired to explore partnering with a famous local chef to create engaging content about recipes that incorporate flour. 
  • Promotion: A jewelry and accessories company noted rising interest in products in the “free weights” category, so the team thought they might partner with fitness influencers who could help promote their products. Similarly, an online business said it would regularly reference the data to inform which products to feature on its homepage throughout the pandemic. 

  • Product ideas: An apparel company with a fast and flexible production model said its team would use this data to inspire new product line ideas.

For the next few months, we’ll update the tool with fresh data every day and hope this will help businesses of all sizes find new pockets of consumer interest. For additional resources and insights, sign up for the Think with Google newsletter. 

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Knead some baking inspiration? We’ve got you covered

Baking is intimidating. With all its numbers and measurements and exactness, it can be an unforgiving pursuit. And while I know these efforts end in a delicious treat, I’ve always remained wary of any activities that can be described as “chemistry.” 

But within the past few weeks of increased time spent at home, I’ve found myself searching the back of the pantry for flour and collecting my half-full bags of sugar. Turns out, I’m not alone: We took a look at Google Trends and found that Search interest in Bread has reached an all-time high in the U.S.

bread trend

Obviously, though, there are many types of bread, so I considered my options. Search interest in Banana Bread reached an all-time high this month in the U.S, as did searches for “focaccia recipe." The latter of the two happens to be trending on YouTube as well: All things sourdough—from starters to common mistakes—are currently enjoying the spotlight.

A video explaining how to create a sourdough starter.

If that doesn't inspire you to break out the measuring cups, check out this list of the most-searched bread recipes from Google Trends over the past month in the U.S.

  1. Banana bread recipe

  2. Sourdough recipe

  3. Beer bread recipe

  4. French bread recipe

  5. Garlic bread recipe

As a first time bread baker, I decided that it would be best to choose a recipe based on a different description: easy. Coincidentally (or not) enough, over the past year, search interest in “easy recipes” was highest the week of March 29 in the U.S. The instructions for no-yeast bread (searches for “yeastless bread” recipes increased more than 4,600 percent this month) seemed simple enough. Less than an hour later, I had an imperfectly shaped, but still delicious loaf of bread. 

And what goes better with bread (or rather, toasted bread) than coffee? Search interest in "whipped coffee recipe"—which is usually served cold and looks like a dreamy, marshmallow-like cloud—reached an all-time high in the U.S. In fact, “how to make whipped coffee” increased more than 4,200 percentthis month. Here are the top regions searching for "whipped coffee" over the past month. 

whipped coffee subregions

I’ll report back when I come down from the combo caffeine-sugar rush. (Take a look at the recipe and...I think you’ll understand.) 

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Get helpful health info from the NHS, right in Search

People come to Search for all types of information to navigate their lives and look after themselves and their families. When it comes to important topics like health, high-quality information is critical, and we aim to connect people with the most reliable sources on the web as quickly as possible.

Now, we’re making it even easier for people in the U.K. to find trusted information from the National Health Service (NHS). Beginning this week, when you search for health conditions like  chickenpox, back pain, or the common cold, you can find Knowledge Panels with information from the NHS website that help you understand more about common causes, treatments and more. 

Knowledge panel in Search

These Knowledge Panels aim to give people authoritative, locally trusted health information, based on open source content. The NHS has formatted their content so that it’s easy to find on the web and available publicly to anyone via the NHS website—Google is one of more than 2,000 organizations using NHS website content to provide trusted information to people looking for it. 

To start, these Knowledge Panels will be available for more than 250 health conditions. Of course, they’re not intended to provide medical advice, and we encourage anyone searching for health information to seek guidance from a doctor if they have a medical concern or, in an emergency, call local emergency services immediately. But we hope this feature will help people find reliable information and have more informed conversations with medical professionals to improve their care.

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“Parasite” searches ride an Oscars wave

It’s been over a week since “Parasite” made history, becoming the first non-English language film to win Best Picture. And people are still talking about (and searching for) it.

Surge in search interest

There was already global interest in “Parasite” before the Oscars (turns out a lot of people could find something to relate to in a dark, funny story about two very different Korean families). Parasite was the third-most-searched Best Picture nominee in the week before the awards ceremony, behind “1917” and “Jojo Rabbit.” 

Parasite map 1

But on the day of the Oscars, there was an 857 percent jump in the number of people searching for “Parasite” around the world, and that interest has continued since. In the week after the awards, it became the most-searched searched film worldwide—117 percent more searched than “1917” and 132 percent more searched than "Jojo Rabbit".

Parasite map 2

Focus on Bong Joon Ho (and his translator)

After being awarded Best Director, Bong Joon Ho won fans around the world with his gracious acceptance speech and promise to “drink until next morning.” Search interest for Bong increased by more than 2,000 percent on the day of the awards, while Korean-language searches for Martin Scorcese surged, too, after Bong quoted one of his lines (“the most personal is the most creative”).

Most queries were about Bong himself, but the fifth-most asked question was “who is Bong Joon Ho’s translator?” (The answer is Sharon Choi, a Korean-American and fellow filmmaker who gained her own following during awards season.)

A boost for Korean cinema

Interest in Korean cinema has been growing steadily over thepast decade—but the success of “Parasite” has sent people scrambling to find out more. Related searches for “Korea” and “film”  have increased by more than 47 percent in the past month and reached their highest peak for 12 months in the week after the Oscars.  

Ram-don fandom

We’ve also seen growing appetite for the Korean noodle dish ram-don (aka Jjapa Guri) which features in “Parasite”. Since the Oscars, searches for “ram-don recipe” have soared by more than 400 percent globally and searches for “Asian supermarket” are up more than 350 percent. Denmark, the United States, Canada, Singapore and Australia are the countries searching the most—suggesting there could be opportunities for enterprising Korean restaurateurs in places from Copenhagen to Canberra.

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Helpful shortcuts for Google apps on iOS

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you might use apps like Gmail, YouTube and the Google app. These apps are specially built to work on iOS phones and tablets, and we’ve recently added Siri Shortcuts so that you can easily access your favorite features on those apps.  With Siri Shortcuts you can simply tap on a suggestion or ask Siri to shortcut the steps to common tasks. Now, to make it easier to find what you’re looking for on the web with the Google app, you can add a Siri Shortcut to “Search with Google.”

How to use "Search with Google" Siri Shortcut

“Search with Google” is the newest of many Shortcuts we’ve recently added to Google iOS apps. If you’re interested in exploring more, check out Drive where we’ve added a Shortcut to “Search in Drive” or YouTube where you can ask Siri to “Search YouTube.” If you regularly write a lot of emails (like we do), you can even add a Siri Shortcut to “Send email” in Gmail

You’ll find all our Shortcuts in the Shortcuts app on your iOS device. Give them a try today.

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Lights, camera, red carpet-ready with Search and the Assistant

The silver screen’s big night is right around the corner. Ahead of this year’s Academy Awards, we’re sharing six ways Search and the Assistant can help you stay red carpet ready.

1. Find helpful Oscars info with Search:To keep you updated on the award show, we’re launching a dedicated experience in Search. Starting today, when you search “Oscars 2020” on your phone you can explore the Oscars’ history, including past category winners, and see a full list of this year’s nominees. You can also refresh your memory on the award show careers of your favorite actress or actor. Search their name plus “Oscars” to find out.

If you’re looking for a photo of your favorite star from the red carpet, funny moments or acceptance speeches, you’ll be able to find live images from Getty and video highlights from ABC right on Search. Throughout the show, the list of winners in each category will be updated in Search as well.

Oscars Search Experience.gif

2. Hear from nominees with Cameos: Watch short-form videos from nominees, from film editors to costume designers, when you search “Oscars 2020.” They discuss their craft and answer questions about what it’s like to be up for an Oscar.

3. Find Oscar-nominated films (and where to watch them!):If you need to brush up on the Oscar-nominated films before Sunday’s award show, just search “what to watch.” You’ll see a dedicated category with 2020 Oscar nominees and the platforms you can watch them on. Get ready to binge watch some great movies.

Oscars in What to Watch.png

4. Keep up with the Trends:Leading up to, during, and after the Oscars, you can check out our Google Trends page for the latest questions and trends on your favorite movies, actors, actresses, directors, and more. Here's how the Best Picture nominees are being searched.

Oscars Trends GIF.gif
5. Ask the Google Assistant:Have a question about the Oscars? The Assistant can help you keep you in-the-know as the red carpet rolls out on Sunday. Simply ask: 
  • “Hey Google, when are the Oscars?” 
  • “Hey Google, who’s nominated for Best Actress in a leading role?" 
  • “Hey Google, who’s nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars?” to hear the nominees. You can also follow up with, “Who’s going to win Best Picture?” to learn the Assistant’s prediction.
  • Itching to win an award yourself? 🏆Simply say, “Hey Google, give me an award” and the Assistant will hand out its own custom awards--like Best Actor in a Dialogue with the Google Assistant.

6. See and share the Oscars’ GIF-able moments:Tenor, Google’s visual expression search engine, will be live at the Oscars to capture the event in GIF form. To find and share your favorite red carpet sashay or award speech moment, just search #oscars on Tenor in theGIF Keyboard app or visit theofficial Oscars page on Tenor.

Sunday night will surely be filled with Hollywood glamor. Search and the Assistant are here to keep you up-to-date on all things glitz and gold (trophies).

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Gear up for the Big Game with Search and the Assistant

Huddle up, football fans! It’s almost game time. This Sunday, people around the country will gather to watch Kansas City and San Francisco face off in the biggest football game of the year. We took a look at Google Trends data to see the top questions, recipes and topics people are searching for. Fun fact: Search interest in Roman numerals spikes every year at this time (and this year roman numeral LIV is no exception) .

While the teams get ready to go head to head, Search and the Google Assistant can provide  information about Sunday’s showdown, help you prep your game day appetizers, give you fun ideas for your watch party, and keep you updated with the latest plays during the game. Score!

Football fan face-off

Our two conference champions are causing chatter across the U.S. Search interest in both San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs have reached an all-time high. What team will you cheer for this Sunday?
Most Searched Teams.png

And football isn’t the only thing we’re excited for. This year’s halftime artists are ready to “Get Right” and put on an amazing show—here are their most-searched songs in the U.S. over the past five years.

Most searched Jennifer Lopez songs

  • I’m Real

  • Get Right

  • Dinero

  • Waiting for Tonight

  • Ain’t Your Mama’

Most searched Shakira songs

  • Waka Waka

  • Try Everything

  • Chantaje

  • Whenever, Wherever

  • She Wolf

For some nostalgia, we took a look at the most-searched halftime performances in the U.S. since 2004. Talk about a top-notch lineup. 

  • Bruno Mars

  • Janet Jackson

  • Maroon 5

  • Lady Gaga

  • Beyonce

Game Day goodies

From white chicken chili to football cookies, this year’s most uniquely-searched game day recipes in each state will have your mouth watering. And with the Google Assistant, you can get step-by-step help cooking on Smart Displays, like Nest Hub Max. Get started by saying, “Hey Google, show me recipes for seven layer dip.”

Food Map.png

Uniquely-searched recipes per state as compared to the U.S.

No matter what team you’re cheering for, yummy food is something we can all agree on. Here are the top five most-searched game day foods since 2004 (buffalo chicken dip is the G.O.A.T. of snacks!).

  • Buffalo chicken dip

  • 7 layer dip

  • Chili

  • Spinach artichoke dip

  • Taco dip

Get in the game with the Assistant

The Assistant can keep you updated on the event or bring more fun to your watch party. Start by asking, “Hey Google …”: 

  • "Watch FOX on YouTube TV” to have your Assistant play the big game on Smart Displays, like Nest Hub Max.

  • “Who do you think will win the big game?” to hear the Assistant’s prediction.

  • “Help me talk like a football fan” for tips to sound like a pro—even if you don’t usually watch football. 

  • “Tell me a football joke” for a few laughs.

  • “Touchdown!” to add to the celebration when your team scores.

No matter what you’re searching for, Search and the Google Assistant can be your game day champion. For the latest on what people are searching for this weekend, see our Google Trends page

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