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DoubleClick Ad Exchange SOAP API sunset

The DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) Buyer SOAP API and legacy AdX UI will be sunset in January, 2016. After the API is sunset, all static bidding campaigns will be terminated, and requests against any version of the API from AdX accounts will result in an error response. In addition, the legacy AdX UI will no longer be accessible.

As an alternative to the SOAP API, we recommend using the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Hosted Bidding solution. Similar to the static bidding functionality offered by the SOAP API and legacy UI, Hosted Bidding allows you to bid on Ad Exchange inventory without an external real-time bidding platform. At this time, Hosted Bidding is only accessible as a UI that can be found by signing in to your Ad Exchange Account and clicking the Hosted Bidding tab. To learn more, read the Hosted Bidding guide.

These sunsets will not affect real-time bidding applications. All features required to configure real-time bidding campaigns were migrated to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer REST API when we updated our pretargeting capabilities in July 2014.

If you have any comments or questions about the upcoming sunset, feel free to contact us via the forum or our Ads Developer G+ page.

Ads Client Libraries: What’s on your Mind?

Do you use any of these products?
Then here’s your chance to tell us what you think about the corresponding client libraries, even if you don’t use one of them! Your feedback is very important for us and it helps us to prioritize the most wanted features. If you have any suggestions, feature requests or ideas—it's a great time to let us know!

Changes to Pretargeting for Ad Exchange Buyer RTB Campaigns

DoubleClick Ad Exchange is improving its pretargeting system by creating a new user interface and API resource to configure the inventory your bidder sees. These changes will only impact your RTB campaigns; non-RTB campaigns will continue to be managed as they were before.

Upgrades will begin in mid-July 2014 and all accounts will be upgraded by the end of September 2014. The new functionality has been added to the v1.3 REST API but will be read-only until your account has been upgraded. For additional information, please review the new resource reference and pretargeting guide.

Note that once your account has been upgraded you will still have access to the SOAP API for reporting, budgeting and non-RTB campaigns, but you will no longer be able to use it for pretargeting. If you need the ability to manage your pretargeting settings via the API, then you must use the latest AdX REST API.

If you have questions about these upcoming changes please contact your account manager. For questions about the Ad Exchange Buyer API, check out the Ad Exchange Buyer API forum. Follow our Google+ page for other announcements and updates.

AdWords and DoubleClick Ad Exchange SOAP API users – Only two months left to migrate from ClientLogin to OAuth 2.0!

ClientLogin authentication support for the AdWords API and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange SOAP API will sunset along with v201309 on July 21st, 2014. You only have two months left to migrate - don’t wait until the last minute!

We have plenty of resources to help you migrate. It might take longer than expected to migrate to OAuth2, especially if you don't already use a single top-level MCC to manage your AdWords accounts or if you are a DoubleClick Ad Exchange customer.

Start your migration as soon as possible and reach out to us early on the AdWords API Forum or the DoubleClick Ad Exchange API Forum with any questions.

Reminder: AdWords API v201306 and Ad Exchange Buyer SOAP API v201306 will sunset on March 31st, 2014

We’d like to remind you that v201306 of the AdWords API and Ad Exchange Buyer SOAP API are scheduled to be sunset on March 31st, 2014. Start your migration to v201309 now to avoid having your API calls fail on the sunset date. If you are still using ClientLogin, we strongly recommend that you also migrate to OAuth2.

The following will help you to migrate to v201309: For migration help, contact us on the AdWords API forum or Ad Exchange Buyer API forum. Our Google+ page is also a great resource for keeping up-to-date with the latest announcements and communicating with us.