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Announcing RTB troubleshooting resources for the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer REST API

You can now access RTB Breakout metrics programmatically with new RTB troubleshooting resources added to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer REST API. These include the following:
  • filterSets
  • filterSets.bidMetrics
  • filterSets.bidResponseErrors
  • filterSets.bidResponsesWithoutBids
  • filterSets.filteredBidRequests
  • filterSets.filteredBids
  • filterSets.filteredBids.creatives
  • filterSets.filteredBids.details
  • filterSets.impressionMetrics
  • filterSets.losingBids
  • filterSets.nonBillableWinningBids
RTB troubleshooting resources are placed hierarchically under both bidders and bidders.accounts. For more information about these resources and how they differ when used at the bidder or account level see the RTB troubleshooting guide.

If you have any feedback or questions about the RTB troubleshooting resources, feel free to reach out to us via the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer API support forum.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange SOAP API sunset

The DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) Buyer SOAP API and legacy AdX UI will be sunset in January, 2016. After the API is sunset, all static bidding campaigns will be terminated, and requests against any version of the API from AdX accounts will result in an error response. In addition, the legacy AdX UI will no longer be accessible.

As an alternative to the SOAP API, we recommend using the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Hosted Bidding solution. Similar to the static bidding functionality offered by the SOAP API and legacy UI, Hosted Bidding allows you to bid on Ad Exchange inventory without an external real-time bidding platform. At this time, Hosted Bidding is only accessible as a UI that can be found by signing in to your Ad Exchange Account and clicking the Hosted Bidding tab. To learn more, read the Hosted Bidding guide.

These sunsets will not affect real-time bidding applications. All features required to configure real-time bidding campaigns were migrated to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer REST API when we updated our pretargeting capabilities in July 2014.

If you have any comments or questions about the upcoming sunset, feel free to contact us via the forum or our Ads Developer G+ page.

Announcing the Budget resource for the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer REST API

We’ve just released the Budget resource for the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer REST API, which can be used to set a daily budget for your real-time bidding campaigns. Each PretargetingConfig will have an associated Budget that it is mapped to via the billingId. Once a PretargetingConfig meets or exceeds the budgetAmount set by its Budget, it will no longer receive bid requests for the remainder of the day. Additional information about this resource can be found in the guide.

The Budget resource in the REST API and the BudgetService in the SOAP API can be used interchangeably; however, we recommend that you use the REST API for managing the budgets of your real-time bidding campaigns.

If you have any questions or comments about the Budget resource, please contact us via the forum or our Ads Developer G+ page.

Real-time Bidding with OpenRTB and DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Working with multiple exchanges is a key pain point for those developing real-time bidders. To-date, individual exchanges have used their own distinct protocols requiring the time-consuming development of a separate model for each exchange. In response, the OpenRTB consortium introduced standards for communication in real-time bidding that greatly simplifies the process of adding support for new exchanges. That’s why we are pleased to announce two new open source libraries that implement the OpenRTB specification and are now available on GitHub—google/openrtb and google/openrtb-doubleclick.

The openrtb library provides support for the core OpenRTB model and was designed with extensibility in mind to support the development of libraries for other exchanges. The openrtb-doubleclick library is an extension of openrtb for DoubleClick Ad Exchange that provides interoperability between the OpenRTB model and DoubleClick's Real-Time Bidding protocol. The library also includes DoubleClick-specific utilities. In summary, these libraries provide the following:
  • The model - The RTB model, as seen in the OpenRTB specification.
  • The mapper - Translates DoubleClick’s native model to/from OpenRTB.
  • The serializer - Translates JSON to/from the OpenRTB model.
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange utilities - Utilities to handle bid validation, DoubleClick crypto and metadata.
For more information about the OpenRTB specification, check out the documentation on their Github page.

Ad Exchange Real-Time Bidding Optimization Series: Video Best Practices

Two years ago, we introduced the Ad Exchange Real-Time Bidding Optimization Series on the developer's blog with our first post on post-filtered bids. Since then we’ve added tons of new formats and options for buying. Today, we’ll direct you to our Developers site for more information about how the video review process works, how throttling and filtering occur and highlight best practices to ensure smooth delivery.

The first step is to know your video-specific terms. Check out the in-stream video glossary to find definitions for terms with which you’re not familiar. Once you've created your in-stream video ad, you will need to monitor your video ads. The Video Best Practices Guide provides a list of ways to confirm your video ads are serving: Have questions or feedback? Reach out to your Ad Exchange account team.

Changes to Pretargeting for Ad Exchange Buyer RTB Campaigns

DoubleClick Ad Exchange is improving its pretargeting system by creating a new user interface and API resource to configure the inventory your bidder sees. These changes will only impact your RTB campaigns; non-RTB campaigns will continue to be managed as they were before.

Upgrades will begin in mid-July 2014 and all accounts will be upgraded by the end of September 2014. The new functionality has been added to the v1.3 REST API but will be read-only until your account has been upgraded. For additional information, please review the new resource reference and pretargeting guide.

Note that once your account has been upgraded you will still have access to the SOAP API for reporting, budgeting and non-RTB campaigns, but you will no longer be able to use it for pretargeting. If you need the ability to manage your pretargeting settings via the API, then you must use the latest AdX REST API.

If you have questions about these upcoming changes please contact your account manager. For questions about the Ad Exchange Buyer API, check out the Ad Exchange Buyer API forum. Follow our Google+ page for other announcements and updates.