New metrics on Hangouts and changes to Google+ activity metrics

We are pleased to announce that we are adding new Hangouts metrics to the Reports API (part of the Admin SDK). These new metrics can be used to track video calls by platform. The new metrics that are being added are listed below:

  • gplus.num_video_calls_android
  • gplus.num_video_calls_cfm
  • gplus.num_video_calls_ios
  • gplus.num_video_calls_web
  • gplus.total_video_call_minutes_android
  • gplus.total_video_call_minutes_cfm
  • gplus.total_video_call_minutes_ios
  • gplus.total_video_call_minutes_web
  • gplus.num_video_conferences_android
  • gplus.num_video_conferences_cfm
  • gplus.num_video_conferences_ios
  • gplus.num_video_conferences_mobile
  • gplus.num_video_conferences_web

In addition, Apps admins may notice a change in numbers for Google+ active users. A number of Google+ components and integrations (Hangouts, YouTube Comments, and Photos, for example) have been unbundled from the core Google+ product. The new metrics reflect users of Google+ only. Google+ activity metrics that are impacted with this change are below:
  • gplus.num_1day_active_users
  • gplus.num_7day_active_users
  • gplus.num_30day_active_users
The above changes will be rolled out starting today to all Google Apps domains. To find out more on these new metrics, check our updated developer documentation.

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