New insights in Google Docs Activity dashboard

We’re introducing new features to provide more insight and help you collaborate through Activity dashboard in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. This will help make the data in Activity dashboard:

  • More actionable. Users can quickly email file collaborators. 
  • More useful. Users can see viewing patterns over time. 

Email collaborators through Activity dashboard 

In just a few clicks, users can pick recipients, customize, and send a follow-up email with the link to the file. Users can:

  • Select who to email. There are shortcuts for collaborators who have viewed the file or have not viewed the file, or you can pick recipients manually with checkboxes (see image below for example). 
  • Customize an email. Users can write a message to chosen recipients. 
  • Send the email. 

See our Help Center for detailed instructions on how to send emails through Activity dashboard

See viewing patterns over time 

A popular request from our users is to have more insight into patterns around viewing data on files. So we’re adding a chart showing how many viewers have visited the file over time. You can adjust the date range, and hover over specific data points for more details.

Use our Help Center to find out more about how to understand the data in Activity dashboard.

Launch Details
Release track:
Launching to Rapid Release, with Scheduled Release coming in two weeks

Available on G Suite Business, Enterprise, Education, and Nonprofit editions

Rollout pace:
Gradual rollout (up to 15 days for feature visibility)

All end users

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