Keeping data secure with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Gmail

Every company has data that it must keep secure — whether that data is about confidential innovations, strategic plans, or sensitive HR issues. Keeping all of this data safe from inadvertent or purposeful leaks needs to be simple, quick, and reliable. Google for Work already helps admins manage information security with tools such as encryption, sharing controls, mobile device management, and two-factor authentication. However, sometimes user actions compromise the best of all of these controls; for example, a user might hit “Reply all” when meaning to send a private message with sensitive content. 

Starting today, if you’re a Google Apps Unlimited customer, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Gmail will add another layer of protection to prevent sensitive information from being revealed to those who shouldn’t have it.

How Gmail DLP works
Organizations may have a policy that the Sales department should not share customer credit cards externally. To keep this information safe, admins can now easily set up a DLP policy by selecting “Credit Card Numbers” from a library of predefined content detectors. Gmail DLP will automatically check all outgoing emails from the Sales department and take action based on what the admin has specified: either quarantine the email for review, tell users to modify the information, or block the email from being sent and notify the sender. 

These checks don’t just apply to email text, but also to content inside common attachment types―such as documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Admins can also create custom rules with keywords and regular expressions. So if there’s a confidential new product your company is building codenamed Lochness, admins can create custom checks for lochness, confidential, and other keywords to help deter any leaks. 

Check out the DLP whitepaper for more information, including the full list of predefined content creators, and get started. Gmail DLP is the first step in a long term investment to bring rule-based security across Google Apps. We’re working on bringing DLP to Google Drive early next year, along with other rule-based security systems. 

Note: this feature is available for Google Apps for Work Unlimited customers only.

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