Hangouts video calls for all

With today’s launch, people using Google Apps with access to Google Talk or Google Hangouts chat will now have the ability to create and join Hangout video calls for up to 15 participants. Participants will no longer need to ensure Google+ premium services are enabled, nor have a Google+ profile. Features such as sharing one’s screen to a team or automatically adding a Hangout to any Calendar event will also be available. Before a Google+ profile is created, a Hangouts participant will be able to:
  • Start Hangout video calls with up to 15 participants
  • Include any external guests who have a Google account
  • Add, change or join a video call in a Google Calendar entry (coming soon)
  • Join or start a Hangout by URL or at (and to just present)
Please note that people without a Google+ profile will not be able to use Hangout apps other than screen share and chat, nor invite Google+ circles to a Hangout video call.
This enhancement will be supported in a coming version of the Android and iOS Hangout apps.

Release track:
  • Hangouts features (launching today) - Rapid release and Scheduled release
  • Calendar features (coming soon) - Rapid release, followed by Scheduled release two weeks later

Note: all launches are applicable to all Google Apps editions unless otherwise noted
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