Google Mobile Ads Unity Plugin v2.3.0

We’re excited to announce the v2.3.0 release of the Google Mobile Ads Unity Plugin! The new release brings support for AdMob in-app purchase ads to the Unity game engine. You can grab the updated Unity package on GitHub.

In-app purchase ads in Unity with AdMob

In-app purchase (IAP) ads are interstitial ads that display offers for your in-app products. They allow users to make purchases directly from within your app as part of your normal ad flow.

Note: The plugin currently only supports IAP ads on Android. iOS support is not yet available.

Before integrating IAP ads into your app, make sure you’ve set up an IAP house ad campaign and created an IAP house ad. You should also install the plugin as explained in the AdMob Unity Quick Start guide.

Once you’ve set up your campaign, there are five steps to integrate IAP ads:

  1. In the AndroidManifest.xml in Assets/Plugins/Android/GoogleMobileAds/Plugin, uncomment the following line to enable billing permissions:
    <!--<uses-permission android:name=""/> -->
  2. Create a class that implements the IInAppPurchaseHandler interface. See GoogleMobileAdsDemoScript.cs for an implementation example. You need to define the following methods:
    1. OnInAppPurchaseFinished -- here you credit the user with the purchase, and then call result.FinishPurchase() to finish the transaction.
    2. IsValidPurchase -- check the SKU against valid SKUs and return true if this purchase is valid.
    3. AndroidPublicKey { get; } -- return the public key for your Android app, which you obtain from the Google Play console.
  3. Pass in the above implementation of IInAppPurchaseHandler to InterstitialAd.SetInAppPurchaseHandler.
  4. Make sure you request an in-house IAP ad by setting the correct adUnitId when creating the InterstitialAd. See In-App Purchase Overview for detailed instructions on how to set up IAP house ads in your AdMob account.
  5. Add the Conversion Tracking and Remarketing SDK to the Plugins/Android directory.

That’s it!

An example IAP ad.

If you have any questions, please drop by our forum.