#WeArePlay | The app co-founders helping people with speech disorders

Posted by Leticia Lago, Developer Marketing

Anshul, Meet, and Harsh became friends while living and working together. They never realised Meet used to stutter until he explained he taught himself speech therapy exercises to overcome the disorder. This motivated the trio to found their company Stamurai Speech Therapy, creating an app to help thousands of people just like Meet. Their inspirational story becomes our latest to be featured in #WeArePlay, our campaign celebrating the people behind apps and games around the world.

"Stuttering had a huge impact on me since I was a kid”, explains Meet. “It affected my professional and personal life. I decided to look for help as it is not only a speech disorder, it is an emotional disorder as well”. 

After hours of studying medical books and practicing therapies, he learned how to manage stuttering and grow his confidence to complete seemingly simple tasks which previously made him anxious. 

“I avoided ordering my favorite food, going shopping and talking to strangers. These speech exercises allowed me to do things that seemed simple for some, but were a struggle to me".

Meet, co-founder of Stamurai Speech Therapy

They realized there was a gap in the market for people to easily find help to manage disorders like his. Having a background in coding for Android, they got to work and created their app Stamurai Stuttering Therapy on Google Play.

Now available in 150 countries, they’re looking to the future as they begin working on adding more languages and more exercises. The positive impact the app is having spurs them on - "we like reading the reviews to see how the app has changed people's lives. Some are simply commenting they are now doing job interviews. This was something that could be a struggle for many".

Check out all the stories now at g.co/play/weareplay and stay tuned for even more coming soon.

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