View more insights on Keep activity with a new API and audit logs

What’s changing 

To help Workspace admins monitor and analyze their organizations’ Keep activity, starting today, admins will see audit logs for user activity in Google Keep in the Admin console under Reports > Audit log > Keep. Here, admins can monitor when domain users: 
  • Take action on a note, 
  • Add or remove a collaborator, 
  • Upload or delete an attachment. 

Admins who have enabled Keep for their users will see Keep audit events from May 1, 2021 onward. These audit logs are also available in the Reports API, where admins can expand their automated reporting to include Keep. The event log and Reports API do not include information about the content of notes or attachments, only that an internal user has taken a particular action on a note. 

Next, in the coming days, the rollout of a new API for Keep will begin. The API will allow admins and admin-enabled apps to manage Keep access controls for an organization, enabling support for cases such as enterprise data protection. For example, an admin could use the API to create Keep notes, or use an app to monitor Keep usage and help ensure that notes with sensitive information are not shared too widely. 

Note: These features are only available for Google Workspace customers, and are not available for users with personal Google accounts.

Who’s impacted

Admins and developers

Why it matters

Audit events for Keep allow administrators to better understand domain activity on Keep and monitor compliance with organizational guidelines. The Keep API gives admins more ways to manage how Keep data is accessed.

Together, we hope these features make it easier for admins to add a layer of security and compliance around Keep data in their organization.

Getting started

  • Admins: 
    • Keep audit logs will appear automatically for organizations who allow their users to use Keep. Visit the Help Center to learn more about Google Keep Audit logs.
    • The Reports API can be configured by Admins for Google Keep or specific users defined by an admin. Use this guide to learn more about the Reports API
    • Once the Keep API begins to roll out, API documentation will be published, and we will update this blog post to include links to that documentation.
  • End users: No action required.

Rollout pace


  • Available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers
  • Not available to users with personal Google accounts.