Update Google Calendar resources using the Calendar Resource APIs

We recently introduced the new Google Calendar experience on the web, including the ability to add more structured data about your buildings and resources. We’re now making it easier to add and edit that information with updates to the existing Calendar Resources API, as well as adding two new APIs: Buildings and Features.

G Suite admins can also use these APIs to keep resource and building information in Google Calendar up to date and in sync with other systems used for facility management.

For more information on the Calendar Resources APIs, check out the API documentation and Help Center links below.

Launch Details
Release track:
Launching to both Rapid Release and Scheduled Release

Available to all G Suite editions

Rollout pace:
Full rollout (1–3 days for feature visibility)

Admins only

Admin action suggested/FYI

More Information
Help Center: Create buildings, features, and resources
The Keyword: Time for a refresh: meet the new Google Calendar for web
G Suite Updates: Introducing the new Calendar Resource API
G Suite Admin SDK > Directory API: Resources.calendars
G Suite Admin SDK > Directory API: Resources.features
G Suite Admin SDK > Directory API: Resources.buildings

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