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Finding the perfect hotel and flight for your trip

With summer in full swing, and the holiday travel season right around the corner, it’s time to plan those last-minute vacations and start thinking about where you’ll be spending your holidays this year. Today we’re announcing several updates to Google Flights and hotel search on Google to make it easier to find the right flight or the right hotel, at the right price, for your next trip.

Track airfare changes with Google Flights

Want to stay up to date on changing flight fares without having to continually check prices? You can now track fare changes for a date and route combination, or track specific flights in Google Flights, by simply selecting to track prices after you’ve searched for a flight. When prices either increase or decrease significantly, you’ll be notified by email and Google Now cards. This is rolling out over the course of the next few weeks in all 26 countries where Google Flights is available.

Google Flights: tracked flights on mobile and email notification of price change

Find the right hotel at the right price with Google

When it comes to booking a hotel, making the best decision can be stressful. We’re now making it easier for you to find the right hotel at the right price.

Everyone loves a good deal. When searching on Google for “hotels in [location]”, you may now see a "Deal" label indicating that a hotel’s price is lower than usual compared to historical pricing, or if there are discounts to the normal rate for those dates. These deals are automatically identified by our algorithms when we see a significant reduction in price. This will be rolling out globally over the next few months.

You can now filter results according to your preferences, like “Price” or “Top rated”, with one tap on your phone. You can even combine multiple criteria like “Top-rated pet-friendly hotels in San Francisco under $200” when searching for the perfect hotel. This is now available in the US and will roll out globally later this year.

Smart filters and deals in hotel search on Google

If there is an opportunity to save money or find better availability by moving your dates slightly, we may show you Tips. For example, you may see a Tip like, “Save $105 if you stay Wed, Jul 13 - Fri, Jul 15”. If the new dates work for you, simply tap to update your search and take advantage of the savings. We’ll be rolling Tips out globally over the coming months.

We hope these updates make planning your next trip easier and stress-free!

Posted by Richard Holden, VP of Product Management, Travel

Source: Google Travel

Show off your hotel with new photo tools in Google My Business

Last June we introduced you to Google My Business — giving you an easy way to improve your hotel's presence on Google and connect with customers, whether they're looking for you on Google Search, Maps or Google+.  

Starting today, you can tell us which image you’d like to appear when customers search for your hotel on Google. You can even add photos specifically for food and drink, rooms and common areas. It's easy! Just log in to Google My Business on the web or in the Android or iOS apps, and visit the Photos section.

If you haven't already done so, visit google.com/mybusiness to verify your hotel and get started. For more information, you can read the full blog post on the Google and Your Business blog.

Posted by Ashwath Rajan, Product Manager, Travel

Source: Google Travel

Hoteliers can improve their online presence with Google My Business

(Cross-posted on the Google and Your Business Blog)

Today we are announcing Google My Business, a single place for hoteliers and other local businesses to quickly and easily update their business information and add beautiful photos that are displayed to their customers -- whether they’re looking for you on Google Search, Maps, Google+ or Google Hotel Finder.

To see how easy it is to improve your hotel’s presence on Google and connect with customers, read the full blog post on the Google and Your Business blog or visit google.com/mybusiness to verify your hotel and get started.

Source: Google Travel

Ok Google. Find me a hotel…

It’s U.S. National Travel & Tourism week -- whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can plan it all from your mobile phone.

Let’s say you’re on a business trip in Miami and you decide to stay through the weekend to head down to Key West. You can say “Ok Google, show me tourist attractions in Key West”. Quickly you see there are a ton of fun things to do near Key West: you can visit the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, take a tour of Ernest Hemingway’s house and relax with a Margarita on the sunny beaches!

Now you need to find a hotel. Just ask your phone again, “Ok Google, show me hotels with a view in Key West.” You’ll find several nice options and you can tap on one to see more details about the hotel, including photos and reviews. You can easily scroll through the photos to get a better feel for what the hotels look like.

You can also tap on “See inside” to take a 360° tour of the hotel and property with Google Maps Business View. Just a few taps later and you’re booked at the Southernmost on the Beach Hotel.

You can also check business hours for the attractions you want to visit, get directions from your hotel (whether you’re walking or driving) and figure out which restaurants to hit up while you’re there -- even filtered by type of cuisine. Ask your phone “Ok Google, show me seafood restaurants in Key West.” If you further filter by ratings, you’ll see our hotel has a highly rated, surfside dining spot. You can also use the “See inside” 360° tour to see the awesome view from the cafe.

We hope our tips for using your phone to figure out where to go, what to do and where to stay will help you plan an amazing vacation. Try saying ‘Ok Google…” and start planning your next trip today.

Source: Google Travel

Easily find hotels by travel time with Hotel Finder

If you’re visiting an unfamiliar city or just want to stay near a specific landmark or location, Hotel Finder can help. Use the search by travel time filter to quickly narrow your options and find the closest hotel -- whether you’re traveling by car, public transit or walking.

Lets say you’ve always wanted to visit the famed fictional detective Sherlock Holmes’ home in London but you’re not really sure which hotels are nearby. Start by going to www.google.com/hotels. Enter “Sherlock Holmes Museum, London” and select your dates. In the top left corner of the map, click “Show hotels 15 minutes from...” to filter by travel time. Select 10 minutes by public transit. In less time than it takes to read these instructions, you’ve just narrowed your search from 2000+ choices to less than 200.

If you want to narrow your options further, you can sort by travel time and only hotels with a 4.0+ user rating. Elementary my dear Watson! You’ve further refined your choices to only 33, making it much easier to plan your trip!

We’re very excited about the planning power this gives you, and we hope Hotel Finder makes planning your next trip a little more fun and a lot easier.

Konrad Gianno, Software Engineer

Source: Google Travel