Ok Google. Find me a hotel…

It’s U.S. National Travel & Tourism week -- whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can plan it all from your mobile phone.

Let’s say you’re on a business trip in Miami and you decide to stay through the weekend to head down to Key West. You can say “Ok Google, show me tourist attractions in Key West”. Quickly you see there are a ton of fun things to do near Key West: you can visit the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, take a tour of Ernest Hemingway’s house and relax with a Margarita on the sunny beaches!

Now you need to find a hotel. Just ask your phone again, “Ok Google, show me hotels with a view in Key West.” You’ll find several nice options and you can tap on one to see more details about the hotel, including photos and reviews. You can easily scroll through the photos to get a better feel for what the hotels look like.

You can also tap on “See inside” to take a 360° tour of the hotel and property with Google Maps Business View. Just a few taps later and you’re booked at the Southernmost on the Beach Hotel.

You can also check business hours for the attractions you want to visit, get directions from your hotel (whether you’re walking or driving) and figure out which restaurants to hit up while you’re there -- even filtered by type of cuisine. Ask your phone “Ok Google, show me seafood restaurants in Key West.” If you further filter by ratings, you’ll see our hotel has a highly rated, surfside dining spot. You can also use the “See inside” 360° tour to see the awesome view from the cafe.

We hope our tips for using your phone to figure out where to go, what to do and where to stay will help you plan an amazing vacation. Try saying ‘Ok Google…” and start planning your next trip today.

Source: Google Travel