Some minor DFP API changes related to creatives

Hello, DFP API developers! We just wanted to let you know of some minor DFP API changes that affect all versions of the API. Most likely these won’t affect your integration with DFP, but we’re announcing them here for transparency.

Deleted line item creative associations (LICAs) are no longer persisted

Deleted LICAs are no longer persisted in the product. This will affect all versions of the API. There are two things to be aware of as a result of this. First, the method getLineItemCreativeAssociationsByStatement will no longer include these deleted LICAs. Second, if you’re syncing your LICAs daily, you may notice fewer LICAs coming back. As a reminder, you can always use the action DeactivateLineItemCreativeAssociations if you want to keep them around, but not use them. This change is already in effect.

Creative placeholders are no longer assigned an ID

We are also getting rid of because it is not used or referenced anywhere in the API. This field will be removed in v201508. For all versions prior to v201508, this ID now comes back as 0, instead of an ID assigned by Google. This change is also already in effect.

If you have any concerns or questions about these changes, you can always contact us on the DFP API forums and we’ll be glad to help you out.