New version of Google Apps Migration for IBM Notes (GAMIN) (v 5.0)

A new version (v 5.0) of the Google Apps Migration for IBM Notes (GAMIN) tool is now available for download. GAMIN was formerly known as Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes (GAMLN).

Here’s what’s new:

  • Service Accounts and OAuth 2.0 tokens are now used for data migration
  • GAMIN now uses the Gmail API for mail migration and label creation, replacing the Email Migration API v2 and Email Settings API respectively
  • Flattened and simplified architecture:
    • Deprecated the multiple site/replicated admin database deployment option
    • Setup and Site profiles merged into a single System Setup profile
    • No longer necessary to specify mail/database servers as part of the system setup
    • Added a 5 step Quick Setup wizard
    • Option to auto-update Domino directory Server and Configuration document settings required for migration

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