New sharing options, languages and more with the latest version of the Google Drive Android app

A new version of the Google Drive Android app is coming to Google Play over the next week. New features include:
  • After uploading a file, the ability to add people to sharing settings and share a link directly from the upload notification:notification-share.png
  • Ability to access a contact’s extended information from the sharing section of the details pane of a file in Drive
  • Ability to remove a parent of a file from the details pane when a file is multi-parented
  • Support for 23 new languages (Afrikaans, Amharic, Armenian, Basque, Bengali, Chinese (Hong Kong), Estonian, French (Canada), Galician, Georgian, Icelandic, Kannada, Khmer, Lao, Malayalam, Marathi, Mongolian, Nepali, Sinhala, Swahili, Tamil, Telugu, Zulu)
  • PDF viewer improvements (better scrolling and handling of multi-layout PDFs)
  • Performance and UI improvements
We’ve also corrected an issue where Drive was not properly preventing uploads for accounts where Drive had been turned off by Apps admins.

Release track:
Rapid release and Scheduled release (gradual rollout)

For more information:
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Note: all launches are applicable to all Google Apps editions unless otherwise noted

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