Mobile Management setup now simpler and quicker

Looking back at 2015, we can see that Google Apps Mobility Management has come a long way from an Android-only device management solution to a complete suite with native iOS support and app distribution across both the Android and iOS platforms. This has motivated many Apps admins to adopt our integrated solution, and we’re excited to help their employees be productive while keeping work data secure on their mobile devices.

As Mobile Management becomes increasingly important to admins, we want to make it even simpler to set up. With that in mind, today we’re making it easy for an admin to detect how many of their employees run the risk of accessing corporate data on unmanaged mobile devices and to establish a basic mobile security policy in the Admin console.

By simply clicking MANAGE NOW* on the Admin console landing page, admins can set up Mobile Management with a predefined set of security policies. Doing this will then allow those admins to take various actions, such as performing an account wipe of corporate data on mobile devices, viewing the inventory of all managed devices in a domain, and enforcing a basic password policy. To simplify the overall Mobile Management setup experience, we’ve also made it possible to set up Apple Push Certificates via the same wizard.

In addition, if an admin wants to use Google Mobile Management to set up Android for Work, we’ve made the process significantly simpler and quicker. Prior to this launch, admins needed to complete 15 different steps across four different sections of the Admin console to set up Android for Work. Starting today, they only need to complete one step to manage those devices in their domains. To get started, check out this Help Center article.

*Note that the option to MANAGE NOW will only show on the Admin console landing page if more than 80% of domain users are unmanaged.

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Help Center: Android for Work setup overview

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