Introducing Ad Customizers in AdWords API

Today, we are introducing ad customizers, a new way to insert dynamic information into your ads. Ad customizers work similarly to ad parameters. They allow you to set up a feed with dynamic data, targeted at specific campaigns, ad groups or keywords. Your ads then reference the information in those feeds so that the values are inserted when the ad is served. You can also create ads that dynamically count down to an event, by inserting {=COUNTDOWN(...)} in your ad. Learn more about this new feature here.

Ad customizers are currently supported in AdWords API test accounts. Production accounts need to be whitelisted before you can use this feature. You can sign up for this feature here. Once your account is whitelisted, you will receive a confirmation email and can start using ad customizers in the whitelisted account. We whitelist accounts in batches, so expect some delay between signing up for the feature and getting your account whitelisted.

If you have any questions about this feature or the AdWords API in general, you can post them on our developer forum. You can also follow our Google+ page for updates about the AdWords API.