Let Google Now help you with your end of summer travel plans

As you’re planning that end of summer vacation, let Google Now ease your travels and help you spend less time digging for information – so you can have more time to enjoy your trip.

Before you even leave your house, Google Now can tell you what the weather will be like at your destination – so you can pack any last minute items – and how much traffic to expect before you head to the airport. You can also check the status of your flight to make sure it’s on-time.

And starting now, on your Android device, you’ll get help if your flight is delayed or cancelled. With one tap on the “Find alternate flights” link, you’ll quickly see a list of available options and have the necessary information to get your flight rebooked.
At the airport, boarding passes for some airlines will be automatically displayed to help you breeze through to the gate. And once you arrive at your destination, you’ll get reservation details and directions to the car rental center as well as your hotel (if you’ve received a confirmation in your Gmail).
If you haven’t planned out every detail of your stay beforehand, no worries! You’ll see suggestions to explore nearby attractions, events and photo spots — as well as get reminders with local restaurant reservations and directions. And, if you’ve got tickets to a show or a concert in your Gmail, Google Now will have it ready when you arrive at the venue.

These goodies and more are waiting for you in the latest version of the Google Search app on Google Play. If you use an iPhone or iPad, you can also download the latest version of the Google Search app from the App Store. Enjoy your trip!

Source: Google Travel