Google Voice support for more Poly cloud-connected deskphones

Quick launch summary 

We’re expanding Google Voice support for several cloud-connected deskphone, pro-grade performance solutions from Poly: 
  • Poly Edge B-Series IP desk phones 
  • Obi 300/302 Analog Adapters for older, analog equipment such as analogue phones and fax machines 
  • Poly Trio 8300 conference phones 

This expanded support allows Admins to integrate Google Voice with a wider variety of Poly equipment in their fleet. For more detailed information about Poly devices that support Google Voice, see this announcement.

Getting started

Rollout pace

Support for Edge-B Desk Phones and Obi 300/302 Devices

Note: Support for Trio 8300 devices will be available in the coming weeks. We will share more information on the Workspace Updates Blog at that time.