Revised Schedule for the Auto-migration of Feeds

We previously announced schedules for migrating feeds to assets. If you’re still using legacy feeds, your API calls will start to fail after the auto-migration is complete.

Please migrate to assets as soon as possible.

The following table indicates the current status of each feed sub-type. After the auto-migration is complete, you will no longer be able to mutate or remove your feeds.
Legacy Type Subtype Status Auto Migration Starts
Extensions Promotion, Callout, Sitelink, Structured Snippet AUTO MIGRATION IN PROGRESS 10 January 2021
Extensions App, Call, Hotel Callout, Price Developers can start migrating on 25 January 2022 8 April 2022
Dynamic Search Ads & Dynamic Remarketing Page Feed, Education Feed Developers started migrating on 3 November 2021 27 April 2022
Dynamic Remarketing Custom, Flight, Hotel, Real Estate, Travel, Job, Local Deals Developers can start migrating on 27 April 2022 5 October 2022
Extensions Image Developers can start migrating in Q3 2022 ETA January 2023
Extensions Location Developers can start migrating in Q3 2022 ETA January 2023

What do I need to do?
You need to support the new asset types as soon as possible.

If you would like to keep a record of feed IDs to asset IDs, then you need to migrate these manually and save that ID mapping locally. The auto-migration does not keep a mapping of feed IDs to asset IDs.

See the following migration guides for details: What happens after the auto-migration?
Accounts that have been migrated will reject mutate calls for feed-based entities. Reporting metrics will be removed for the legacy feed-based entities in 2023. Equivalent reporting data will be available for assets, as described in the preceding migration guides.

Can I opt-out of the auto-migration?
No. We offered an opt-out for the first batch of auto-migration, but this isn’t available for future migrations.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on the forum.