Flexible conversion counting option in AdWords may affect AdWords API users

AdWords API users take note - an upcoming AdWords feature may affect your conversion-related AdWords API reports.

Starting February 25th, 2014, AdWords users will be able to change the conversion counting option between All Conversions and Unique Conversions. The conversion counting option is defaulted to All Conversions - when left as the default option, your conversion related values in the reports will not change.

How will this affect your reports?

If an AdWords user manually changes the conversion counting option in the AdWords UI from All Conversions to Unique Conversions, then the following conversion-related report columns will reflect the counting option selected by the user across all reports:

  • ConversionManyPerClick
  • ConversionRateManyPerClick
  • CostPerConversionManyPerClick
  • ValuePerConvManyPerClick
  • ValuePerConversionManyPerClick
  • ConversionManyPerClickSignificance
  • ConversionRateManyPerClickSignificance
  • CostPerConversionManyPerClickSignificance

When the conversion counting option is changed, the values in these columns will no longer be many-per-click, but it will reflect the counting option selected by the user. Please see the help center article for specific examples of how counting Unique Conversions differs from counting All Conversions.

AdWords API currently doesn't allow you to retrieve counting option associated with the conversion tracker. It will be available in the next release of the API.