Google Science Fair: Taking life-changing ideas from Asia to the world

Bright young minds from the Asia-Pacific region have tackled some of the world’s greatest challenges in the Google Science Fair that is now in its fourth year. They’ve turned their passions into something that could change the world, from finding ways to bring stable power to remote villages in India, or for farmers to cultivate crops on multi-storeyed buildings to overcome land scarcity.

Last year, inspired by a trip to India where he saw ambulances stuck in traffic jams and unable to move, Australia’s Viney Kumar won the 13-14-year-old category for his Android app that tells drivers to get out of the way when an emergency vehicle is approaching. That year also saw three 16-year-old Singaporeans, Yi Xi Kang, Kwok Ling Yi and Tricia Lim, get to the finals with their exploration of how liver scarring could be helped and prevented with hormones.

Viney Kumar with other 2013 winners Ann Makosinski, Elif Bilgin and Eric Chen

So if you’ve got a great idea like Rohit Fenn, who developed a system to reduce toilet water consumption by half, or Shrishti Asthana who found a way to recycle fuel by using sunlight in the hope of saving the world from a global energy crisis now is the time to let the world know.

All you need to participate in this year’s Google Science Fair is curiosity and an Internet connection. Project submissions are due May 12, and the winners will be announced at the finalist event at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, on September 22. For more details on how to sign up (and all the cool prizes that are waiting for you), visit

What do you love? What are you good at? What problem have you always dreamed of solving? Get started with your project today—it’s your turn to change the world.

Posted by Clare Conway, Google Science Fair team