Find, approve, and install apps that work with Android for Work even more easily

The Google Apps Marketplace offers hundreds of quality enterprise apps that admins can install for their domains, enhancing their employees’ native Google for Work apps with additional functionality and features. We’re now making it easier for admins to determine the apps on the Google Apps Marketplace that work with Android for Work and that can be installed on their end users’ Android devices.

If you are logged in as an Apps for Work admin and visit the Google Apps Marketplace, you’ll now see an Available on Android for Work section that features a select number of apps and links directly to their Google Play for Work counterparts. This initial group of apps will also be easily identifiable via an Android icon in the Available on section of their public listings on the Marketplace.

If your organization has Android for Work enabled and you install one of these Available on Android for Work apps for your domain, you’ll be given the option to visit the Play for Work store, where you can approve the corresponding Android app and begin deploying it to your users. This will allow your employees to get started using native mobile apps more quickly and easily.

In conjunction with the changes described above, we’re also making it simpler to identify apps that work with Google Apps in the Play for Work store. Going forward, if you’re logged in as an Apps admin and visit the Play for Work store, select listings for apps that work with Google Apps will be marked Works with Google Apps and link to their Marketplace counterparts. If you have Android for Work enabled and approve one of those apps, you’ll be given the option to navigate directly to that counterpart on the Marketplace and install it for your domain.
In addition, much like on the Marketplace, the Play for Work store will now display a Works with Google Apps section on its homepage. This section will allow you to quickly identify those Play for Work apps that have a Marketplace counterpart.
PfW Homepage.png
Initially, only a small group of apps will be featured in these Available on Android for Work and Works with Google Apps sections, though we’re looking to add more apps in the future.

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