Expanding the Inbox by Gmail early adopter program for work

Earlier today, we announced that Inbox by Gmail is now open to all consumers—no invitation required. We also announced several new features for Inbox like undo send and signatures. In addition, while we’re still in the early stages of bringing Inbox to work, we’ve expanded the Inbox early adopter program—announced earlier this year—so any Google Apps for Work customer who wants to join can do so.

We want to build an Inbox that changes the way people get things done at work by collaborating with Apps for Work customers to bring Inbox to work, and we encourage Apps for Work customers interested in the early adopter program to get involved by joining the Inbox early adopter community


  • If you use Vault, you should carefully evaluate how existing domain rules work with Inbox before enabling Inbox for your domain.
  • The early adopter program is currently not available for Google Apps for Education or Google Apps for Government customers. 

Check out the Help Center for more details on the Inbox early adopter program.

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