Ending support for iOS 5 in the IMA SDK

On February 18, 2014, we will stop providing forum support or bug fixes for iOS IMA SDK issues specifically related to iOS 5. This applies to the current beta of the iOS IMA SDK as well as all future releases.

What does this mean if an app is currently targeting iOS 5?

  • There will be no specific SDK change on February 18th that will break compatibility, so the iOS IMA SDK should continue to work with iOS 5 in the short term. However, after that date, the SDK won't be guaranteed to work for iOS 5 apps. 
  • Bugs that only affect iOS 5 will no longer be prioritized. 
  • If a specific iOS IMA SDK release significantly breaks functionality in iOS 5, it will be documented in the release notes
  • This support change will not require you to make any changes to your app specific to the iOS IMA SDK, but you may have to make some changes to your app to set its Deployment Target to iOS 6+. 

What about other iOS versions?

We periodically stop supporting older iOS versions when adoption levels fall below a small threshold. Any time we are preparing to end support for a major iOS release, we will make an early announcement on our blog and release notes page.

If you need any help with iOS IMA SDK issues encountered when targeting your application for iOS 6, or about the iOS IMA SDK in general, let us know on the IMA SDK forum or check out the IMA SDK iOS Quick Start Guide. Follow our Google+ page for other announcements and updates.