Changes Required for Creating New Campaigns in the AdWords API v201402

With v201402 of the AdWords API, it is now necessary to set the advertisingChannelType when you create a new Campaign. As part of this change, the networkSetting attribute is now used to define in more detail where you want your ads to appear.

All newly created campaigns, or campaigns that are switched into targeting both Search and Display using v201402, will automatically be SNDS campaigns. This behavior is the same as you will see in the AdWords User Interface, bringing that and the API into closer alignment. Existing applications are unaffected. As we continue to invest in Search Network with Display Select (SNDS) and see strong adoption from advertisers, we will over time be upgrading Search & Display Network campaigns to Search Network with Display Select.

With the introduction of both SNDS and Shopping campaigns, the new advertisingChannelType field allows you to state which kind of Campaign you're building. The field is an enumeration, which can be set to:
  • SEARCH, for the Search Network, including (for campaigns created with older API releases) Search and Display hybrids, and now SNDS campaigns;
  • DISPLAY, for the Google Display Network only;
  • SHOPPING, for Shopping campaigns serving Product Listing Ads on Google and Google Shopping.
Note that an UNKNOWN value can be returned if the value set isn't supported by the called version of the API. This covers situations where new options are added in newer releases.

This table specifies the only valid combinations of parameters for newly created campaigns on the networks that you intend to target.

Networks Targeted by the settings on the right
Enabled networkSettings
Search Network
Search Networks only
Search Network with Display Select
true or unspecified
Search & Content networks
Display only
false or unspecified
Content Network only
Shopping only
false or unspecified
Search Network only

Any parameter combination other than the above when creating a new campaign or making targeting changes to existing campaigns will be rejected with an OPERATION_NOT_PERMITTED_FOR_CAMPAIGN_TYPE error.

While you can no longer create Search & Display Network campaigns, existing campaigns of this type will remain unchanged. You can identify them by their displaySelect attribute being false, while both the Search and Content Networks are enabled. These campaigns should be migrated to SNDS by setting displaySelect to true.

The advertiserChannelType and isDisplaySelect fields are also present in reporting, so you can see how your Campaigns are configured.

If you have any questions about this change or the AdWords API in general, you can post them on our developer forum. You can also follow our Google+ page for updates about the AdWords API.