Better preservation in Google Apps Vault

Creating a hold in Google Apps Vault allows you to preserve your employees’ Gmail messages indefinitely, in order to meet legal or preservation obligations. Today, we’re introducing several improvements to the existing holds system that will help you better meet those obligations. The key enhancements include:
  • Create and manage holds for organizational units (OUs) - Previously, you could create holds for specific users or entire domains. With this launch, you can create holds for specific OUs. In addition, delegated admins can create and manage holds for those OUs (or the individual employees within those OUs) that they have delegated administration over.
  • More intuitive hold functionality - Prior to this launch, when no users were specified for a hold, Vault would default to holding all users in that domain. That meant that if all users in a user-specific hold were removed, that hold would suddenly apply to all users in the associated domain. With this launch, that hold will apply to no users, as is likely the intention.
  • Enhanced user interface - The language and interface for applying holds has been improved and is now more similar to the recently updated retention flow.

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