Announcing Upgraded URLs for the AdWords API

Today we’re rolling out access to Upgraded URLs for all AdWords API users. Upgraded URLs provide an easier and faster way to manage and track important information about each click on your AdWords ads. This new feature lets you enter the landing page portion of your URL and your tracking information separately in AdWords. Now you have the option to update your tracking information at your account, campaign or ad group without having to reset your ad stats.

For more information, please check out the AdWords blog. We've also put together a guide on how to set up Upgraded URLs via the AdWords API, which includes examples in each of our client libraries.

One final note: Upgraded URLs are intended to replace the old destination URL field in all relevant ad types. We have built tools to help you update your URLs to the new system, and you have a few different upgrade options, depending on your current URL structure. For more information on the sunset timeline and your options for upgrading, see our getting started guide.

If you have any questions or comments about this new feature, please contact us on the forum or via our Google+ page.