AdsPyGoogle Sunset on January, 5 2015

As an avid reader of this blog, you have undoubtedly already seen the announcement that our dear old friend, the client library known as ‘AdsPyGoogle,’ will be sunset on January 5, 2015. Yes—we too at Google are very sad about this.

Fret not! In its place, we have a more than capable replacement in the form of our new GoogleAds Python client library which is more lightweight, has far fewer dependencies, boasts improved utilities and functionality, and perhaps most importantly, supports Python 2.7 as well as 3.x.

If you need a starting point on how to perform this switch, we have a blog post detailing the differences between the two, as well as a nifty migration guide on Github.

As usual, if you have any questions, feedback, or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out on the DFP or AdWords forums.