A Look Back at LA #TechWeek OneGoogle Panel: Building a Startup Using Generative AI

Posted by Alexandra Dumas, Head of VC & Startup Partnerships, West Coast, Google

Earlier this month, LA TechWeek hosted an array of thought leaders and innovative minds in the tech industry. As the Head of VC & Startup Partnerships West Coast at Google, I had the privilege of curating and facilitating an insightful panel event, supported by Google Cloud for Startups, on the topic of "Building with Generative AI" with representatives from:

Google Venice Tech Week Panel

Our conversation was as rich in depth as it was in diversity; heightening the LA community's collective excitement for the future of generative AI, and underscoring Google's vision of harnessing the power of collaboration to ignite innovation in the tech startup space. The collaborative event was a unique platform that bridged the gap between startups, venture capitalists, and major players in the tech industry. It was the embodiment of Google's commitment to driving transformative change by fostering robust partnerships with VC firms and startups: We understand that the success of startups is crucial to our communities, economies, and indeed, to Google itself.

Josh Gwyther, Generative AI Global Lead for Google Cloud, kicked things off by tracing Google's impressive journey in AI, shedding light on how we've pioneered in creating transformative AI models, a journey that started back in 2017 with the landmark Transformer whitepaper.

From X, Clarence Wooten elevated our perception of AI's potential, painting an exciting picture of AI as a startup's virtual "co-founder." He powerfully encapsulated AI's role in amplifying, not replacing, human potential, a testament to Google's commitment to AI and its impact.

Venturing into the world of gaming, Andreessen Horowitz's Andrew Chen predicted a revolution in game development driven by generative AI. He saw a future where indie game developers thrived, game types evolved, and the entire gaming landscape shifted, all propelled by generative AI's transformative power.

On the investment side of things, Darian Shirazi from Gradient Ventures shared insights on what makes an excellent AI founder, emphasizing trustworthiness, self-learning, and resilience as critical traits.

Google Venice Tech Week Panel

The panel discussion concluded with a deep dive into the intricacies of integrating AI and scalability, the challenges of GPUs/TPUs, and the delicate balance between innovation and proprietary data concerns.

Founders were also left with actionable information around the Google for Cloud Startups Program, which provides startup experts, cloud credits, and technical training to begin their journey on Google Cloud cost-free, with their focus squarely on innovation and growth. We invite all eligible startups to apply as we continue this journey together.

As the curtains fell on LA TechWeek, we were left with more than just a feeling of optimism about the future of generative AI. We walked away with new connections, fresh perspectives, and a renewed conviction that Google, along with startups, investors, and partners, can lead the transformative change that the future beckons. The main takeaway: The AI revolution isn't coming; it's here. And Google, with its deep expertise and unwavering dedication to innovation, is committed to moving forward boldly, responsibly, and in partnership with others.

Google Venice Tech Week Audience

As we navigate this thrilling journey, I look forward to continuing to collaborate with startups, investors, and partners, leveraging the vast potential of AI to unlock a future where technology serves us all in unimaginable ways.