#YouTubeRewind 2015: Canada’s top trending videos

The awakening of the Force after 10 long years, a much-anticipated Hello from an old musical friend, and the question on everyone’s mind -- these were some of the YouTube moments that captivated Canadians in 2015. We laughed, we cried and we did our best Whip/Nae Nae a bajillion times. Oh - and we celebrated a very important 10th birthday!

But before we call it a wrap on the year in YouTube, let’s take a look at the videos Canadians shared, liked, parodied and talked about in 2015.

Top Trending Videos in Canada

The Top Trending Videos shot to the top of the “must-watch” list as Canadians shared, liked and watched again and again. YouTube is the white hot centre of pop culture, where fans, pranksters, tiny tots and scientists can share their voice and talent no matter where they are from or what their age or point of view.

Top Trending Music Videos in Canada for 2015

It's a fact that music videos are the one of, if not the, most viewed and searched for online video content. 2015 saw artists turn to music videos to tell stories with longer narratives, revive the classic ‘dance’ video, and to show off their star-studded squad. 2015’s top 10 music videos were collectively played over 6.8 billion times from channels with 73+ million subscribers.

2015 Canadian Year-end YouTube Ads Leaderboard

Since YouTube launched skippable ads five years ago, ads have gone from something you fast forward to something you choose to watch. This year’s top trending ads demonstrate that brands are now developing ads that are meant to entertain and inspire, not just persuade.

Top Trending Trailer Videos in Canada for 2015

Before millions of people go to the movies, they turn to YouTube. When it comes to highly anticipated films, like the new Star Wars or latest Avengers installment, trailers have become more than just a fun way to hook audiences on the story, they have become an essential tool to engage a loyal fan base.

And that’s just what made it to the top of Canada’s list - you can check out which videos made the global list of top trending videos at www.youtube.ca/rewind.

Posted by Jenn Kaiser, Communications Manager, YouTube Canada.