Work with billions of rows of BigQuery data with connected sheets, launching in beta

This announcement was made at Google Cloud Next ‘19 in San Francisco. Check out Next OnAir to tune into the livestream or watch session recordings following the event.

What’s changing 

We’re introducing connected sheets in beta (coming soon). This new type of spreadsheet activates when using the Sheets data connector and will allow users to access, analyze, visualize, and collaborate on up to 10 billion rows of BigQuery data without the need for SQL scripts.

With connected sheets, it’s easier for users to surface insights in Sheets and make sense of that data using tools and features already familiar to them — like formulas, Explore, pivot tables, and charts. 

Admins can learn more about the beta here.

Who’s impacted 


Why you’d use it 

Connected sheets makes it easier to do the following:

  • Access and refresh large volumes of connected data without CSVs or SQL scripts 
  • Streamline reporting workflows and easily build data driven reports 
  • Simplify collaboration with other analysts and stakeholders. 

How to get started 

  • Admins: To learn more and apply to the connected sheets beta, see here
  • End users: No action required. 

Additional details 

Users can refresh their data which in turn will refresh any associated data within a chart, pivot table, function or table.

Data can also be set to refresh automatically, making it even easier to stay up to date on the latest and greatest data.

Helpful links 

To learn more about connected sheets, see here. 
To apply for the connected sheets beta, see here. 


G Suite editions 

  • Available to G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise, G Suite for Education, G Suite Enterprise for Education, and G Suite for Nonprofits 
  • Not available to G Suite Basic.

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