What’s new with IMA iOS SDK Beta 15?

Last week, we released beta version 15 of the IMA SDK for iOS. This release includes two new features:

  • Ad buffer events via IMAAdsManager delegates
  • Debugging mode

Ad buffer events

We’re providing more information on ad buffering by introducing new buffering events via the following optional IMAAdsManagerDelegate methods:

  • adsManagerAdPlaybackReady:
  • adsManagerAdDidStartBuffering:
  • adsManager:adDidBufferToMediaTime:

Collectively, these delegate methods provide more transparency into buffer events, giving you more control over the user’s ad experience. For more detailed information on these new methods, take a look at the reference documentation.

Debugging mode

We’ve introduced a new debugging mode setting to allow for more verbose logging to the console. You can now set IMASettings.enableDebugMode to YES to enable debug mode. This should not be used in production, as it will show a watermark on the ad player.

A note about CocoaPods

If you’re using CocoaPods with the IMA SDK, please make sure to use at least version 0.38.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the support forum.