What’s new with Chrome devices for meetings?

With the recent release of Chrome OS 52 stable, the Chrome for Work team is excited to announce the following updates:

Timed reboot 
We have improved the scheduled reboot feature in the Admin console to allow domain administrators to set a more specific schedule for rebooting their devices. Until now it was only possible to apply a general schedule that allowed you to specify the number of days before a reboot.

Promoting the present short link feature on CfM home screen 
Presenting wirelessly without a cable is a great Hangouts feature, but many users are not aware that it exists. We are featuring a promotion that highlights the g.co/present short link functionality on the home screen of Chrome devices for meetings.

Device location reporting 
Once a device is enrolled, it can end up being relocated to another office, misplaced, or even stolen. In order to help you locate your devices, we added a feature that provides the geolocation of your device, down to the country and city level.

The rollout of this feature will happen gradually, so if you do not see this feature in the device details section of your Admin console, you will see it soon.

Launch Details 
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All features launched to both Rapid release and Scheduled release

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Note: all launches are applicable to all Google Apps editions unless otherwise noted

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