Use the Cloud Search Stats API to keep track of billable usage

Quick summary 

Google Cloud Search customers can now use the Cloud Search Stats APIs to surface and track billable usage, such as: 
  • Billable indexed documents 
  • Billable queries 
  • Billable search applications 

We hope that by making this information easily accessible to Admins, customers can keep track of their Cloud Search usage for more informed budget planning, cost management and forecasting. Visit the Help Center for more details on how overages are calculated. 

Usage data is updated daily and is accrued for a given month. Additionally, you can specify a date range and view usage from previous months or within a specific time frame.

Getting started

  • Admins and developers: This feature is ON by default and can be configured at the domain-level. For more information, refer to the stats resource documentation
  • End users: No end user impact.

Rollout pace

  • This feature is available now for all users.


  • Available to Google Cloud Search customers