Updated AdWords API Terms and Conditions and New Policy Center

If you’re using the AdWords API, you’ve agreed to our Terms and Conditions. These are important so we have a common understanding of basic areas like policy, dispute resolution, and liability.

To help streamline things, we’ve shortened the Terms and Conditions and moved some of the detail to a new Policy Center. We’ve also updated some of the provisions in the terms to better unify the language across different countries’ legal frameworks.

What’s New

The updated Terms and Conditions and the new Policy Center are designed to be a more concise and better organized way for you to understand what’s required of you as a user of the AdWords API. We’ve also tried to clarify which policies apply to you and which ones don’t. For example, we’ve included new language and graphics to explain which types of API tools are covered by Required Minimum Functionality and which are not.

Important Action Needed

In the coming weeks you’ll receive an email (sent to the developer contact listed in the AdWords API Center of your MCC) from the AdWords API team with instructions on how to accept the new Terms and Conditions. Once you receive this email, you’ll be asked to log into the AdWords MCC account associated with your API developer token, navigate to the AdWords API Center, and then follow the prompts to review and accept the new terms and conditions.

We’ll also provide alerts in your account and send you email reminders as needed. Please note that if you haven’t accepted the terms within 45 days of receiving our first email, we’ll consider you to have accepted the terms based on your continued use of your developer token.

Not seeing the new terms when you sign into your account?

Don’t worry! If you’re not seeing the new terms when you sign into your account, there’s nothing more for you to do right now. Because we’re updating the new terms on a rolling basis across all countries, you may be scheduled for a later time. Or your terms may already have been accepted by someone you’ve authorized to act on your behalf (for example, an advertising agency, or someone you’ve authorized to be legally or financially responsible for your accounts).

More Information

We encourage you to read through the updated terms and the Policy Center carefully. For more information about the updated Terms and Conditions and the new Policy Center, including a complete list of countries and territories where these changes apply, please visit this Help Article.