Upcoming change to Google Calendar URL: www.google.com/calendar

In an effort to further increase security, in the coming weeks we’ll be changing the main Google Calendar URL from 'www.google.com/calendar' to 'calendar.google.com.'

Following the launch, the old Calendar url will simply redirect to the new one, so the overall impact of this change on Google Apps customers should be minimal. A few things of note:

  1. Some Chrome extensions that depend on the old Calendar url may stop functioning properly if not appropriately updated by their developers. We have reached out to developers to ensure they have enough time to make any required changes to third party extensions before the URL change. However, if you notice any issues, please check the extension for an update or contact the extension’s developer. Any internal browser extensions should be updated as well.
  2. People using Calendar who get gentle notifications will need to grant Calendar permission again for this feature to work. A web browser prompt will automatically ask users to allow calendar.google.com to post notifications. This may look different depending on the specific browser.
  3. Apps customers parsing the old Calendar URL structure for any custom tools, etc are advised to update them to also reference the new URL structure.

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Launching to Rapid release in late-September, with Scheduled release coming two weeks later (monitor the launch calendar for specific dates)

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Full rollout (1-3 days for feature visibility)

All end users

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