Upcoming change to ChromeOS update experience for Chromebox for Meetings devices

In an effort to ensure our customers are getting the best possible experience when using Chromebox for Meetings (CfM), we are revisiting how ChromeOS updates are handled for CfM devices.

Today, CfM admins are able to manage ChromeOS updates by choosing to pin a ChromeOS version and enable/disable ChromeOS updates for their devices. Customers pinning the ChromeOS version or disabling auto-updates may not enjoy the benefits that new ChromeOS versions may bring them, including new features and security updates. This can result in a degraded user experience when using the Hangouts application on CfM devices.

To address this issue, we are rolling out a new feature in the Admin console―planned for October 2016―that will allow the Hangouts application to update in tandem with ChromeOS. This will enable the Hangouts application to directly manage ChromeOS updates to ensure high reliability and stability for CfM devices.

When this feature launches, admins will not be able to configure the auto-update settings when the release channel is set to stable. However, they will still be able to configure the OS update scattering policy.
Screenshot 2016-09-02 at 10.33.24 AM.png
Our goal is to provide a superior experience that will delight your users with minimal admin intervention. We would love to hear your thoughts on this planned change. Please reach out to us at [email protected].

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Launch to both Rapid release and Scheduled release planned for October 2016

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Full rollout (1-3 days for feature visibility)

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